Zenon: Lady Of The 21st Century

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Zenon: Lady of the 21st Century could also be a enjoyable ’90s Disney Channel film, however a few of its futuristic sci-fi expertise matches 21st-century life.

In 1999, the Disney Channel launched a “stellar” unique film referred to as Zenon: Lady of the 21st Century. Zenon Kar and her household stay in an area station that orbits Earth within the 12 months 2049. Zenon moved to the station from Earth in order that her scientist dad and mom might proceed their analysis in anti-gravity. Her house is in area and she or he has solely heard dangerous issues about Earth. However when bother strikes with an investor, Zenon’s dad and mom ship her to Earth to maintain her out of bother.

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Whereas on Earth, Zenon tells her new buddies what life is like within the “future.” Humorous sufficient, now that it has been 21 years since its launch, Disney predicted just a few objects and points which can be completely according to 21st-century residing.

10 FaceTime

zenons facetiming- Zenon Girl Of The 21st Century

In 1999, chatting with family members by means of a video program was exceptional. Skype wasn’t invented till 2003 and FaceTime wasn’t created till 2010. Zenon was in a position to converse to her buddies and fogeys by way of “videograms” and this system was robust sufficient to hold a sign from Earth to area! On the finish of the film when Zenon saved the area station, she videograms Greg in order that he might watch Proto Zoa’s live performance stay.

9 Everybody Depends On Computer systems

computers in Zenon Girl Of The 21st Century

In most ’90s motion pictures and TV exhibits that happen in faculties, a lot of the characters are taking notes with pen and paper. It was uncommon if somebody apart from the trainer had a laptop computer available. However within the Zenon’s classroom, everybody took notes on their very own private pc. That is clearly one thing that is finished recurrently right this moment.

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Seeing Zenon and Nebula working and researching with computer systems impressed youngsters (on the time) to be as futuristic as they had been. It was a hopeful a part of childhood.

8 Life On Earth

zenon looking at earth - zenon girl of the 21st century

Zenon moved to the area station when she was 5 years previous. There’s not a lot about her childhood on Earth that she remembered moreover summer season rainstorms. Her dad and mom stuffed her head with horrific tales about their expertise. From earthquakes to mugging, all of it appeared so scary. Zenon and her buddies agreed that in 2049, these on Earth are solely motivated by “cash and self-defense.” Earth is crammed with germs, dashing vans, and pure disasters, in line with Zenon. She’s not completely fallacious.

7 Holograms Are As Actual As It Will get

a hologram teacher in zenon girls on the 21st century

Holograms are the fascinating manner folks can watch or study from an individual that’s not technically there. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools, there are methods to carry again those that have died within the type of holograms.

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There’s been a Tupac live performance by way of hologram. There’s additionally been a Whitney Houston hologram. Much more just lately, Kanye West gifted Kim Kardashian West a hologram of her father for her birthday. The trainer in Zenon educating by way of hologram was iconic and undoubtedly made it one of many coolest elements of the film.

6 Teen Jargon

teen jargon in zenon girl of the 21st century

To show that Zenon and her buddies within the area station had been really out of this world, Disney exaggerated the variations between life on Earth and area. Zenon and her buddies wore futuristic clothes and distinctive hairstyles and ven used totally different verbiage than teenagers on Earth.

Nevertheless, teenagers nowadays even have a language all on their very own. There are many abbreviations and shortened phrases that the youth say right this moment that adults are nonetheless scratching their heads over.

5 Parental Controls

Parental Controls in zenon girl on the 21st century

When Zenon is distributed to Earth to stick with her aunt, she tries video calling her greatest pal Nebula to catch up and vent. The one downside is that her pill isn’t connecting to the area station. A program popped up on Zenon’s pill that warned her that the one calls she was in a position to make had been to her dad and mom.

This was primarily a parental management that children right this moment are all too acquainted with. Whether or not it’s an app or web site, dad and mom are in a position to arrange controls in order that their youngsters can solely do or see particular issues.

4 Stress Helmets & Stress Chambers

zenons moms stress helmet - Zenon Girl Of The 21st Century

When Zenon stresses her mom out, she places on this odd cap referred to as a “stress helmet” and walks away to chill down. Zenon’s dad warned Zenon that her mom has been counting on the stress helmet and stress chambers too ceaselessly due to her habits.

Whereas our stress helmets aren’t helmets per se, we do have loads of equipment and devices that may assist de-stress us when wanted. 

3 Tablets

zenon on her ipad - disney

When Zenon is video-calling her family and friends, it’s not finished on a cellphone however on a pill. Tablets didn’t come out till 2o00, which suggests Zenon and her area station had been past their years. In a single scene, she’s even utilizing the pill to observe the press convention with the area station’s commander. So, not solely is her pill able to calling folks, nevertheless it’s additionally in a position to choose up stay feeds. It is an underrated characteristic within the film.

2 The Battle On Preservatives

zenon girl on the 21st century - eating scenes

What do folks in area eat? Zenon tells her aunt and buddies that they’ll solely eat what they’ll domesticate. She’s by no means had a pizza or hamburger earlier than. Meals on Earth was utterly international to her. She mentioned up in area there’s no grime and no preservatives. Preservative discuss wasn’t essentially fashionable in 1999 however in 2020 it’s an enormous matter of debate.

1 Laptop Viruses & Password Safety

password protected - zenon

One downside that Zenon continues to have whereas in area and on Earth are password-protected devices and pc viruses. On the area station, most rooms and necessary capabilities are protected by safety doorways and passcodes. When she tried to interrupt into the disc that she stole from Mr. Lutz, it gave a virus to poor Andrew’s pc.

Right this moment, many labs and necessary rooms are guarded by passcodes and locks. Computer systems and packages work the identical manner. In truth, due to all of the password-protected data, hackers are solely getting brighter to allow them to higher infiltrate methods.

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