Why Clarke Is The Foremost Character (& Why It is Octavia)

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Viewers had been launched to Clarke Griffin earlier than anybody else on The 100. On the time, her voiceover defined the apocalypse as she sat in solitary drawing on the ground. Over time, Clarke was on the heart of almost each occasion. Though Clarke has executed good and dangerous issues, she was checked out to take advantage of distinguished decisions for humanity.

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Nonetheless, certainly one of her most important rivals for the principle character is Octavia Blake. Whereas this is probably not straightforward to see within the first season, collectively, Octavia grew a lot from the collection premiere to the finale. Crushed, bruised, and got here out the opposite aspect, Octavia has handled many emotional and bodily storylines. Whereas Octavia might not have at all times made the very best choices, she did have her moments of realizing the fitting factor to do.

10 Clarke: Commander Of Loss of life

Clarke didn’t take down the Mountain Males alone. Monty allowed irradiating Mount Climate to be doable, and Bellamy pulled the lever with Clarke. But, Bellamy and Monty’s components of the occasion are ignored by the vast majority of the inhabitants.

As an alternative, Clarke will get all of the credit score for taking down the mountain and earned the title “Wanheda.” Even when others assist Clarke, she appears to tackle the majority of the duty and aftermath of what occurred as the focus of the present.

9 Octavia: Bigger Character Arc

The 100 Season 2 Octavia and Season 7 Octavia

Octavia’s arc takes her from the woman underneath the ground to the savior of the human race. It’s not a straight path for Octavia as she goes by way of loads of various things earlier than discovering who she is and needs to be. Her journey as a fighter begins in season two when she trains with Lincoln and Indra.

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Octavia is a special individual almost each season as she continues to evolve and discover the place she matches within the grand scheme of issues. She goes from harmless to warrior to ruthless and finally to somebody who helped save everybody.

8 Clarke: Mount Climate

The 100 Jasper and Clarke

After Charlotte’s loss of life, Clarke and Bellamy determine to work collectively to maintain the delinquents alive. With that alternative, Clarke turns into extra concerned in how their camp is run, and in a while, she and Bellamy make many monumental decisions collectively.

When Clarke and the others find yourself in Mount Climate, Clarke is straight away suspicious. She spends a while within the mountain gathering data earlier than escaping with Anya. Clarke spends the remainder of the season tirelessly dedicated to rescuing the remainder of the delinquents from the Mountain Males.

7 Octavia: Conclave

The 100 Octavia Conclave

When Roan and Indra agreed on a remaining Conclave to find out who would survive within the bunker, Skaikru’s solely actual probability was Octavia, who fortunately arrived simply in time. Mixing her expertise because the woman underneath the ground with the lady she had turn into, often known as “Skairipa,” Octavia fought and hid her manner by way of the Conclave till she beat Luna.

Then, Octavia opened the bunker as much as everybody moderately than simply Skaikru. Octavia’s determination would place her in an influence place for the six years Wonkru spent within the bunker.

6 Clarke: Josephine

The 100 Clarke and Josephine

Season six briefly killed Clarke Griffin for a number of episodes, leaving Josephine Prime strolling round in Clarke’s physique. The 100 has killed quite a few characters, and all of them (apart from Emori’s resurrection within the finale) have remained useless. Clarke Griffin is positioned within the backseat of her thoughts, preventing her internal demons and for management of her physique.

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This arc lets Clarke discover her personal struggles whereas additionally understanding her enemy in a really intimate manner. No different character has been in the sort of place. A relationship between a protagonist and antagonist has by no means been explored in the identical depth as between Clarke and Josephine.

5 Octavia: Darkish Facet

The 100 Octavia

If any foremost character took a detour to the darkish aspect, it was Octavia. Most notably throughout the Darkish 12 months and all through the conflict for Eden, Octavia is harmful. She had turn into “Blodreina,” displaying how harmful and much Octavia was prepared to go to maintain humanity alive.

The preventing pits had been meant to make sure folks adopted the principles and finally grew to become a supply of protein. She burned the hydro-farm to provide Wonkru an incentive to comply with her lead towards a harmful battle. She was ruthless however like Clarke, confirmed that she could lead on.

4 Clarke: Relationships With Different Characters

The 100 Raven and Clarke, Clarke and Murphy

All through the collection, Clarke is closely concerned with almost each character. Good or dangerous, Clarke has clear relationships with Bellamy, Octavia, Raven, Murphy, and a number of other others. She spends time creating relationships with lots of the present’s most important characters.

Sadly, Octavia doesn’t. Octavia spends time with Bellamy, Clarke, and Indra and had extra direct friendships with Jasper and Monty in the beginning. Though Octavia did seem in huge group battles, she didn’t have as a lot to do with the likes of Raven or Murphy.

3 Octavia: Facet Quests

The 100 Hope, Octavia, and Disciples

Octavia spends loads of time separated from the remainder of her folks. A majority of season six finds Octavia away from everybody else and in shut quarters with Diyoza and Gabriel. Their storyline, whereas a subplot of season six, is important to understanding season seven. Octavia’s time spent away from Skaikru is documented and exhibits how she is altering or coping with life.

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When Clarke left on the finish of season two, a time leap confirmed Clarke towards the top of three months away and didn’t commit time to displaying how she had dealt along with her earlier decisions.

2 Clarke: Self-Sacrifice

Octavia does get a number of self-sacrifice moments, however that is an space that Clarke spends extra time with. Clarke sacrifices herself numerous occasions, together with ensuring her associates had an area station to achieve because the loss of life wave arrived.

In different conditions, it was extra about sacrificing her soul than her physique. Clarke made quite a few decisions in order that her associates did not should. Clarke bore the duty and guarded her associates from what such a call felt like.

1 Octavia: Season 7

Out of everybody, Octavia is the evident foremost character in season seven. Bellamy is absent for many of the season, and Clarke’s story appears to maneuver ahead or stagnate at numerous cut-off dates. Octavia, alternatively, is extra constant as soon as the timeline will get her extra concerned.

She goes from residing peacefully on Sky Ring to flashing by way of her time on Bardo. In the long run, it’s Octavia who’s liable for saving humanity, convincing everybody to place their weapons down.

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