Why Agatha Wished Imaginative and prescient To Escape The Hex

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WandaVision revealed that Agatha was behind all the pieces all alongside. Agatha’s plans included Imaginative and prescient’s exit from the hex and we break down her causes.

Agatha could have wished Imaginative and prescient to flee the hex all alongside. Agatha started WandaVision as Agnes, Scarlet Witch and Imaginative and prescient’s nosy neighbor in Westview. However, after seven episodes of unusual occurrences, increasing hexes, and a puzzled Imaginative and prescient, Agnes lastly revealed to Wanda that she was Agatha Harkness, the witch in charge of the alternate TV-sitcom actuality (cue her catchy theme music, “Agatha All Alongside”). Whereas the remainder of the city’s residents remained underneath Agatha’s spell, Imaginative and prescient’s rising suspicions concerning what he believed have been Wanda’s actions led him to depart the hex altogether. In a city the place nobody has been allowed to depart or enter, it’s curious that Imaginative and prescient was in a position to escape in any respect and retained his reminiscences as soon as he was again inside. 

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Imaginative and prescient’s journey to the outskirts of city discovered him confronting a seemingly frozen Agnes. After alerting him to the truth that he had died in the true world, Agnes sufficiently created much more doubt for the perennially unsure android. It’s doable that, already realizing that he was uncertain of Wanda and the unusual happenings round Westview, Agatha wished to do away with him in order that she may lastly get Wanda alone. In any case, Imaginative and prescient was clearly onto one thing and by providing up the details about his loss of life, Agatha was basically sending him to his doom as soon as extra. 

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There’s an opportunity she wished to kill him once more as a result of any additional investigations would reveal the reality and she or he couldn’t have him getting in the way in which of her completely laid plans. Imaginative and prescient was possible changing into far too self-aware for Agatha to proceed stifling any of his suspicions, particularly when he actively began snooping and briefly breaking the spell trapping the minds of Westview’s residents to acquire extra info. Maybe Agatha lastly noticed her opening: kick Imaginative and prescient out of the hex in order that she may lastly reveal the reality to Wanda. WandaVision has proven that the Scarlet Witch finds any line of questioning concerning the state of Westview and the true world insufferable. 

WandaVision Agatha All Along

Whereas Wanda firmly said that she didn’t understand how she and Imaginative and prescient obtained to Westview, she’s at the least in charge of sure facets. When Pietro brings up the opportunity of Imaginative and prescient dying once more within the sixth episode, titled “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!,” Wanda turns into indignant and expands the boundaries of the hex. When Monica Rambeau (as Geraldine) brings up Pietro’s loss of life by the hands of Ultron, Wanda additionally turns into livid and launches her out of the hex. It’s additionally doable that Agatha knew Imaginative and prescient would die exterior of the hex and wished Wanda to change into emotionally unhinged after shedding him as soon as extra. 

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Wanda is normally at her strongest when her emotions aren’t underneath management. Plus, it was far too straightforward for Imaginative and prescient to make his solution to the sting of city. Agatha possible wished him to go there and even nudged him alongside by making her witchy look within the automobile in WandaVision’s sixth episode. It’s nonetheless unclear what she desires from Wanda; it appears the Westview hex is merely there to punish her for some cause. Nevertheless, with Imaginative and prescient gone, Agatha may lastly take over in the way in which that she deliberate, possible making an attempt to harm Wanda with out interference. 

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