Who Was The Higher Character?

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Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are each beloved aspect characters within the Harry Potter sequence. This is how they examine to at least one one other.

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are each aspect characters within the Harry Potter sequence, and whereas there are tons of characters, a lot of whom are extra vital than them, they’re fan-favorites. As members of the Marauders with fascinating backstories, followers have all the time needed to know extra about them and have been upset by their tragic deaths.

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Whereas each of those characters have their strengths and weaknesses, it’s laborious to say who was the higher character total, however we’ll take a look at the issues that made them each nice.

10 Lupin: He was extra calm and down to earth

Sirius and James have been identified for being reckless and wild, and so they cherished to interrupt the foundations at Hogwarts similar to Fred and George Weasley.

Whereas Lupin went together with them considerably, he additionally supplied extra of a stability. He was much less conceited and reckless and extra calm and logical total. Whereas being courageous is an effective factor, Sirius might undoubtedly take issues too far.

9 Sirius: His backstory is fascinating

Sirius Black has one of the vital fascinating tales in your complete sequence. When he’s first launched, everybody thinks he’s a horrible villain and right-hand man to Voldemort who betrayed his finest associates.

Then, all of us study that he was truly framed and compelled to be in Azkaban for years as an harmless man. His life story is actually tragic, and it made him fascinating.

8 Lupin: He was a tremendous professor

Among the finest issues about Remus Lupin was how he acted as a Protection Towards the Darkish Arts professor. He was by far the very best professor of this topic that Harry ever had.

Not solely did he truly know what he was doing and have a whole lot of expertise, however he was total a really variety professor who helped his college students thrive by exhibiting compassion and engagement, not like many different Hogwarts professors who bullied their college students.

7 Sirius: His persona is extra charismatic and fascinating

Lupin total is the extra subdued character of the 2 and extra introverted. Now, this is not’ a nasty factor per se, and who your favourite of the 2 is probably going is determined by private desire. Nevertheless, as Sirius was extra outgoing and dramatic, he could possibly be extra partaking to examine.

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Sirius was described as being fairly good-looking and haughty, and he undoubtedly had charisma and bluntness that made him interesting to many followers.

6 Lupin: He was in a position to overcome a whole lot of prejudice

All the Marauders had relatively tragic lives that ended a lot too quickly. Whereas Sirius was framed and despatched to jail, Lupin confronted prejudice and hatred all his life as a result of he was a werewolf.

This story can also be a captivating however unhappy one, and lots of followers want they may have discovered extra about what life was like for Lupin. He clearly was a really robust particular person to have the ability to deal with all of this.

5 Sirius: He didn’t ever attempt to abandon his pregnant spouse

Whereas Lupin total is probably the most logical and fewer self-absorbed of the 2, he does make one fairly massive mistake.

His sense of guilt over being with Tonks and getting her pregnant makes him attempt to abandon them each pondering that they’d be higher off with out him. It’s some fairly screwed up logic, and it was a alternative that made each Harry and readers really feel dissatisfied in Lupin.

4 Lupin: He helped Harry loads

When Lupin begins educating at Hogwarts, he shortly turns into a mentor determine to Harry. He’s there to supply recommendation and assist Harry study extra about his mother and father, and he additionally teaches him the way to produce a Patronus.

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He was a stabilizing pressure in Harry’s life on the time, however the one draw back is that he didn’t appear to stay concerned very a lot as soon as he stopped educating.

3 Sirius: He did every part he might to assist Harry beneath the circumstances

Sirius was Harry’s godfather, however he wasn’t in a position to be there for him for many of his life on condition that he was imprisoned. Nevertheless, as quickly as he escaped, he needed to test on Harry as shortly as doable.

Then, he helped Harry with the Triwizard Event as a lot as he might. He did make some errors as a mentor to Harry, nevertheless it’s clear that he cared about him loads and needed to be the very best godfather he might.

2 Lupin: As a result of he was extra constant than Sirius

Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies

Sirius might be the extra dynamic and intense of the 2 which will be very interesting. He has a little bit of a nasty boy ingredient to him, and his dramatic nature and tragic backstory are like catnip to many followers.

Nevertheless, Lupin deserves a whole lot of credit score for being a powerful, silent particular person within the background. He won’t be as flashy as Sirius or James, however he was good and hardworking, and constant.

1 Sirius: He was in a position to overcome the horrible household he was born into

One of many nice issues about Sirius that doesn’t get talked about sufficient is how he grew up in a household that was sympathetic to Voldemort and his teachings.

They have been bigoted and terrible individuals, however Sirius wasn’t like them in any respect. He noticed the error of their methods when he was only a younger teenager, and he discovered the braveness to depart their residence perpetually.

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