Which Star Trek DS9 Character Is Your Soulmate, Primarily based On Your Zodiac?

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Out of the numerous TV reveals which can be a part of the huge Star Trek franchise, no different one has the identical crossover energy as Deep Area 9. This sequence has a repute for being darker than others, however what warms viewers’ hearts is seeing characters from all around the universe seem right here, particularly these with connections to different Star Trek reveals. Even again within the 1990s, that was lots.

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Given the spectacular and assorted inhabitants of DS9 compared to different TV reveals, it is not a shock that followers preserve coming again, and an enormous draw is the big selection of characters. For these lonely or curious individuals who search love in astrology, it may be attention-grabbing to know which denizen of DS9 you want to essentially the most based on your zodiac signal.

12 Aquarius, Julian Bashir

The Aquarius particular person at all times sympathizes with somebody who has a darkish secret, and Julian Bashir has a extremely attention-grabbing one. He looks as if a gruff everyman sort, however his genetic modifications truly join him to the infamous Kahn of TOS fame.

Being an excellent listener who prefers an mental dialog versus an alternate of candy nothings, Aquarius would positively discover a kindred spirit within the house station’s Chief Medical Officer.

11 Pisces, Joseph Sisko

It is not simply the restaurant with the every day seafood plate that the Pisces loves, though that is excessive on the checklist. This deeply intuitive signal gravitates in direction of knowledge and compassion, fastidiously selecting which private secrets and techniques to confide in whom and the place.

Joseph Sisko embodies many of those traits, which is why he was such a memorable character despite the fact that he did not seem fairly often, and it is also why a Pisces would love him a lot.

10 Aries, Worf

Worf DS9

Everybody has that buddy who owns a number of large canine, loves journey sports activities like mountaineering, and is at all times on the lookout for the subsequent bodily and psychological problem. That particular person might be an Aries and their good match can be probably the most iconic characters in all the Star Trek franchise, Worf.

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Aries will not thoughts Worf’s impulsive, even aggressive disposition. In actual fact, an Aries additionally has a powerful persona they usually may truly prefer it. He is as sincere as he’s passionate, one other factor that this fiery signal enjoys.

9 Taurus, Kira Nerys

It’s important to be robust and cussed to outlive a childhood in a labor camp and a insurgent power as an adolescent to start with, and a Taurus understands that sort of private willpower.

A Taurus may also respect Nerys’ deeply held non secular convictions and can determine strongly together with her struggles to stability her religion and her work since that is the signal that grapples with custom and protocol greater than others.

8 Gemini, Jadzia Dax

Star Trek DS9 Jadzia Dax

A Gemini particular person is fascinated by change and reminiscence, which is why they’d fall in love with each Jadzia and the symbiote Dax. The Gemini is extremely curious and clever, and they’re going to by no means tire of speaking with Jadzia Dax about their collective background and studying the whole lot that they will from them.

Jadzia Dax will not be postpone by Gemini’s twin nature both, because it’s one thing they perceive.

7 Most cancers, Benjamin Sisko

Avery Brooks as Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Because the caretaker of the entire station, the Most cancers would search the safety provided by Benjamin Sisko instantly. Their deep sentiment for this quiet and tragic character would seal the deal, binding the moody Most cancers to Benjamin without end.

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The character of Benjamin Sisko has a whole lot of household historical past, along with his son as a daily character on this present and his father as a preferred recurring character. Most cancers can also be the kind to interrupt out the household photograph albums, and they might love to listen to all of the tales about Sisko Senior’s creole cooking.

6 Leo, Leeta

Leeta from DS9

The Leo appreciates magnificence, grace, and poise, which is why they’d love Leeta. She was probably the most standard recurring characters on the present and was positively an individual to be admired, which is what Leo likes to do.

The 2 of them additionally share a love of luxurious and enjoyable, surrounding themselves with cheerful folks and delightful issues. Leeta is at the moment the spouse of Rom and the First Woman of Ferenginar, nevertheless, so it is powerful for even Leo to finish.

5 Virgo, Miles O’Brien

The Virgo is the signal to note the small particulars, which is a part of O’Brien’s job because the Chief of Operations on Deep Area 9. His character truly began on The Subsequent Era and made the leap to DS9. 

That is nice for a Virgo, who likes to expertise outdated issues in a brand new method. Because the sequence progressed, O’Brien truly did not see a whole lot of character improvement within the sequence previous his job, one thing the all-work and no-play Virgo understands.

4 Libra, Quark

It is all about stability, solely with the quirky Quark, and never simply in a budgetary sense. This intelligent and resourceful Ferengi needed to discover a method to make peace with Benjamin Sisko and assist his nephew Nog, and the result’s his enterprise on the house station.

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Quark has a number of different traits that Libra’s like and admire. His skill to keep away from confrontation and act with a specific amount of decorum and diplomacy when required are prime examples. That is simply superb with Libra, who seeks stability in all issues.

3 Scorpio, Dukat

The Scorpio is at all times drawn to the person with the plan, even when it is a nefarious one, which is why they’d find yourself sleeping with the enemy on this case.

Some of the infamous and terrifying antagonists within the Star Trek franchise, Dukat, possesses a chilling honesty and highly effective mates, traits that might draw within the passionate Scorpio. Then again, Dukat himself can belief the loyal Scorpio to maintain all of his secrets and techniques.

2 Sagittarius, Elim Garak

Sagittarius will gravitate in direction of the creative and charismatic Elim Garak instantly. They each love artwork and literature once they’re at residence and have a tendency to maintain darkish secrets and techniques hidden behind artwork, music, and different types of human ingenuity.

Obsessive about private freedom and mental dialog, a Sagittarius particular person and Elim would spend hours collectively within the library studying poetry, adopted by some deep philosophical dialogue concerning the morality and ethics of conflict, spies, and subterfuge.

1 Capricorn, Odo

Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Odo

A Capricorn will sympathize with Odo’s gruff demeanor, and respect his accountability and self-discipline able that offers him a ridiculous quantity of energy. Not solely is Odo the Chief of Safety for all the house station, however he is additionally a Changeling and may take any form he desires.

Which means he is not likely a humanoid, however he is been compelled to take a humanoid type, and his resentment of this has made him moderately bitter. A Capricorn, who appears to be irritated with the whole lot ultimately, would positively really feel a deep reference to Odo.

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