What The Batman ’89 Comedian Ebook Would possibly Imply For The Flash Film

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The reveal of the comedian sequel to Tim Burton’s Batman 1989 was met with acclaim from followers, however what does it imply for the upcoming Flash film?

When DC revealed that Tim Burton’s genre-defining movie was getting a comic book sequel with Batman ’89, it was met with a storm of help from followers. Although the movie had three sequels, every one deviated additional and farther from the 1989 unique, that means that there is at all times been demand for a real follow-up. Nevertheless, nothing exists in a vacuum anymore, and that is very true for the multimedia empires surrounding superheroes. With Michael Keaton’s Batman set to additionally return to the display screen sooner or later Flash film, is it potential that Batman ’89 be greater than a sequel to Batman but in addition a prequel to The Flash?

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The brand new comedian from Batman screenwriter Sam Hamm and artist Joe Quinones is described as a real followup to Time Burton’s 1989 traditional. Not solely will followers lastly get to see Billy Dee William’s Harvey Dent grow to be Two-Face, however the comedian can even discover Catwoman’s unresolved plot from Batman Returns in addition to introducing a brand new Robin, distinct from the Chris O’Donnell model first seen in Batman Without end. However does any of that go away room for a connection to The Flash, and why would there be a connection within the first place?

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Whereas the majority of the collection will clearly deal with resolving the handful of dangling plot-threads left by Burton, that does not imply it will not have any connection to The Flash. The DCEU’s Flash may simply make a cameo look on the collection’ finish, enlisting assistance from Michael Keaton’s Batman. It might sound far-fetched for a comic book sequel to a 1989 film to tie-in to an ultra-high finances blockbuster, however current traits have proven that something’s potential. The film Flash met T.V. Flash within the Arrowverse’s current Disaster On Infinite Earths occasion. Wanting on the competitors, it turns into much more seemingly. If Disney can reveal essential plot particulars about Star Wars: Episode IX in Fortnite, then DC should not have an issue placing a teaser for The Flash on the finish of Batman ’89.

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Whereas meaning it is potential for there to be a connection between Batman ’89 and The Flash, is it seemingly? That is a way more tough query to reply, however there’s some circumstantial proof to recommend so. This isn’t the primary try at reviving Tim Burton’s Batman universe in comedian e book type. Batman ’89 artist Joe Quinones had initially labored on a sequel to Batman Returns together with author/artist Kate Leth, however that fell by means of for causes unknown. With followers questioning why the e book was canceled, it is evident that there was a requirement for it. It is potential that it wasn’t canceled due to lack of curiosity, however as an alternative as a result of it interfered with DC’s broader plans for the world of Tim Burton’s Batman.

What is much extra ambiguous although is the timing of all the pieces. Batman ’89 is about to launch on July 27th 2021, virtually a 12 months and a half earlier than The Flash’s November 4th 2022. It might be that DC is taking part in the lengthy recreation with Keaton’s Batman and that any references to The Flash will come in a while, nevertheless it’s nonetheless unclear what number of points Batman ’89 shall be. In fact, there’s additionally the likelihood that Batman ’89 shall be completely its personal factor. It was introduced proper alongside Superman ’78 which has no apparent tie-ins to DC’s broader media empire. Nonetheless, eagle-eyed followers needs to be looking out for any references to The Flash when Batman ’89 releases digitally.

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