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Recreation of Thrones and Pokemon Go really feel like worlds aside, but when the Starks, Targaryens, or Lannisters performed, what would their playstyle be?

Within the widespread cell sport Pokemon Go, there are a pair completely different playstyles that dominate nearly all of gamers. Usually, gamers are of the attacking model, stalling model, balanced model, searching model, or coaching model. They’re all fairly self-explanatory, however they may also be explored a bit extra right here.

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So, if every of the principle characters from Recreation of Thrones lived in a world that contained Pokemon Go, what would their playstyle be? Clearly, some Thrones characters would have apparent kinds, however in Westeros, everybody has a special technique. Now, if solely the world may see how they’d act with a Pokeball.

10 Jon Snow: Balanced

Jon Snow would undoubtedly be a balanced participant. Balanced gamers in Pokemon Go by no means teeter too far into engaged on the offensive or on the defensive. They perceive the good thing about either side working in concord.

Jon Snow was a succesful fighter, however he by no means went on the assault until he needed to. He most well-liked to barter and dealer peace with opposing events. He’d be a balanced participant in Pokemon Go, for positive.

9 Daenerys Targaryen: Coaching

For almost all of Recreation of Thrones‘ run, Daenerys Targaryen spent her time faraway from the dueling factions of Westeros and as an alternative developed her personal staff and technique.

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She freed the Unsullied, rallied the Dothraki, grew to become the mom of dragons, and extra. Daenerys completely ready for her reclamation of the throne in Westeros and spent nearly all of her time on the present coaching. In Pokemon Go, she’d make use of an identical curiosity in apply.

8 Tyrion Lannister: Stalling

Tyrion Lannister would later change into a vital ally on Daenerys’ facet, however his playstyle would undoubtedly differ from Dany’s. She most well-liked to coach, however Tyrion was far more of a “staller” kind, as a result of that is how he needed to be his complete life.

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In Pokemon Go, stalling is when a participant focuses on deteriorating the stamina of others. Succinctly, stalling playstyles permit gamers to take issues sluggish and plan their methods extra soundly. Tyrion is the kind who lets others defeat themselves. He’d undoubtedly embrace stalling.

7 Cersei Lannister: Attacking

Stalling shouldn’t be a playstyle that runs within the Lannister household, nonetheless. Cersei, Tyrion’s sister, could be far more aligned with the attacking facet of Pokemon Go. In that sport, attacking is a playstyle that sees gamers totally on the offensive.

This was all the time Cersei. Sure, she would often bide her time, however she was all the time transferring chess items. And when she had the power to strike an assault, she did not hesitate for a second.

6 Jaime Lannister: Searching

The third of the first Lannister siblings, Jaime, additionally differs from his brother and his sister. If he performed Pokemon Go, he’d be extra of the technique of searching than of stalling or attacking. Within the sport, searching is a extra relaxed playstyle that revolves principally across the particular person’s development than across the duels and battles.

Sure, Jaime may spend time on the offensive facet of issues. However for probably the most half, he solely struck to kill if he completely needed to. In any other case, he took a extra methodical strategy to his function in Westeros and punctiliously thought out nearly all of his actions, utilizing crafty instinct over brute energy by the tip.

5 Arya Stark: Coaching

Clearly, Arya Stark would embody an identical Pokemon Go technique to Daenerys. Arya’s complete character arc is constructed round coaching to change into one of many prime fighters in all of Westeros!

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By the tip of Recreation of Thrones, Arya is impressively expert and harmful. It is as a result of she devoted her youth to coaching and getting higher at her craft. She’d like to spend nearly all of her time in Pokemon Go coaching her little creatures.

4 Sansa Stark: Balanced

Like her brother Jon, Sansa Stark would make use of a balanced playstyle if she had entry to the Pokemon Go app. The entire playstyles within the sport are rolled into one for the character of Sansa.

She grows a eager consciousness of her environment for searching. She trains to change into a strong liar to those that want her hurt. She’s an professional at stalling her enemies from nefarious habits. And when she has to, Sansa can go on the offensive. Sansa is balanced as a result of each Pokemon Go playstyle lives inside her.

3 Bran Stark: Coaching

Like his sister Arya, Bran spends nearly all of the collection rising and coaching to change into the perfect model of himself/Three-Eyed Raven. He spends his character arc coaching his thoughts to be taught in regards to the historical past and way forward for his world.

Bran is clearly a affected person character who would in all probability have a good time coaching in Pokemon Go. Granted, it’d make him a bit creepy and obscure, however not everybody trains to change into an murderer.

2 Brienne Of Tarth: Searching

Brienne of Tarth would undoubtedly embrace the searching playstyle in Pokemon Go. She is extraordinarily loyal and sometimes has mettle examined by being despatched out on expeditions to retrieve family members or transport prisoners.

Due to this, her observational intelligence and robust monitoring talents make her an apparent hunter in Pokemon Go. She would love nothing greater than wandering round Winterfell and looking for Pokemon.

1 The Hound: Attacking

Lastly, Sandor “The Hound” Clegane would completely embrace the playstyle of attacking in Pokemon Go. He is a ruthless, blood-thirsty fighter who solely possesses a comfortable spot for only a few characters.

His first intuition is all the time to battle and assault others round him. For The Hound, Pokemon Go could be all in regards to the battles. Thankfully, Recreation of Thrones, as an entire, was extra balanced than this.

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