The Mandalorian Chapter 13 Has a Shocking Bruce Lee Connection

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For the longest time, Star Wars followers have day-dreamed about Bruce Lee turning into part of a galaxy far far-off. Simply kind the title of the fighter together with Star Wars and Google will serve you an amazing record of fan movies that includes Lee dispensing some severely dope motion whereas wielding a lightsaber. However apparently, this is not that a lot of a distant dream as the most recent episode of The Mandalorian goes for a refined Bruce Lee Easter egg that too on a really big day.

[Spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5, “The Jedi”]

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This week’s episode of The Mandalorian, titled “The Jedi,” is palms down an absolute deal with. Not solely does it lastly introduce Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano via a kickass introduction scene, nevertheless it additionally units the stage for future live-action debuts of extra Star Wars animated characters. We get to know The Kid’s actual title (although followers will most likely keep on with calling him Child Yoda), his historical past, his true age, and far more as the previous Jedi interacts with him telepathically.

But it surely additionally introduces a brand new character– Morgan Elsbeth, the ruthless Justice of the Peace of town of Calodan on the planet of Corvus, who shouldn’t be solely related to Ahsoka’s previous but additionally to the legendary Bruce Lee.

Who’s Morgan Elsbeth?

The episode deviates from The Mandalorian‘s standard opening model i.e., that includes Mando and The Youngster, to introduce Ahsoka Tano, who as Bo-Katan knowledgeable, is on the forest planet of Corvus. She is searching somebody and Morgan Elsbeth, protected by her legion of scout guards and Calodan metropolis’s excessive partitions, is the one with the solutions. Morgan is working for the Empire, underneath which she is plundering sprawling planets and stripping them of their pure assets to rebuild the Imperial Starfleet.

Given the state of Corvus, it’s evident that it has met an identical destiny and now its residents are pressured to reside in slum-like circumstances underneath Morgan’s merciless dictatorship. Seeing Ahsoka’s capacity to dispatch dozens of her armed scout guards with ease, Morgan tries to enlist Mando as a employed murderer to finish Ahsoka however he strikes a cope with her and frees town. 

Ahsoka’s manages to nook Morgan and asks her a million-dollar (er, Beskar?) question– that successfully units the stage for extra acquainted Jedi faces and one other Star Wars villain. Whereas it is not shared whether or not Morgan coughs up any essential data or not or what’s her remaining destiny after Ahsoka is finished together with her, anybody who had hassle recognizing the actress enjoying the Justice of the Peace has their doubts confirmed after the stellar lightsaber-vs-Beskar-staff duel between the 2 warriors– it is Diana Lee Inosanto.

However who’s Diana Lee Inosanto?

Diana Lee Inosanto is the daughter of well-known martial arts teacher, Dan Inosanto and Sue Ann Reveal and in addition recognized for being the godchild of Bruce Lee. Her father is finest often known as the coaching accomplice of Lee, whom he additionally taught the artwork of wielding nunchaku, a conventional Okinawan martial arts weapon. He appeared in small roles in lots of movies starring Lee, up till his remaining movie, Recreation of Demise. Dan was a continuing companion of Lee all through the 1960s, accompanying him on TV exhibits and film units. 

Diana continues her household’s legacy as a stuntwoman and a world-class martial artist other than being an actress, author, and director. She additionally took to Instagram to excitedly gush about her cameo as Morgan Elsbeth.

“What a galaxy of change! I am wowed how the planets and the celebs aligned and I obtained this chance to specific myself as an actor…as an artist. I am simply so excited by this significant episode. (It was the toughest and most wonderful secret I needed to maintain for therefore lengthy). I am extraordinarily grateful & deeply humbled at this second. (It is overwhelming! I am so honored to have labored with this superb solid and crew.) As a lifelong #StarWars ‘fan woman’, I’ve cried me an ocean of pleasure (possibly even the dimensions of the planet Kamino) And to have my childhood dream fulfilled! I am feeling the true essence of gratitude. Mabuhay! Might the Drive be with You!”

Whereas Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka is, undoubtedly, an absolute deal with, Diana as Morgan Elsbeth proves to at par as a worthy adversary and in addition to a villain that manages to strike concern with a single chilling look. And provided that her destiny is not revealed on the finish of the episode, we could haven’t seen the final of her on The Mandalorian

Surprisingly, the airing date of “The Jedi,” i.e., November 27, additionally coincides with the late actor’s 80th birthday. Coincident? Most likely not, which makes the episode much more particular. You may try the most recent episode of The Mandalorian, now streaming on Disney+.

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