Star Wars Reveals New Methods Jedi Use Their Lightsabers

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Star Wars films have proven the Jedi and their lightsabers extensively, however Star Wars: The Excessive Republic gives a number of new methods of utilizing them.

Whereas the varied Star Wars films and reveals have proven the Jedi and their lightsabers extensively, Star Wars: The Excessive Republic gives a number of new methods of utilizing them. The principle weapon of the Jedi Order, lightsabers have been described by Obi-Wan Kenobi as being from a “extra civilized age.” Such an age is now being explored in The Excessive Republic, a transmedia initiative set 200 years earlier than Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, some extent within the timeline when the Jedi Order was at its peak.

The primary e book within the sequence, Charles Soule’s Gentle of the Jedi, actually delivers on this entrance. This can be a model of the galaxy crammed with Jedi, all of whom are able to unimaginable Pressure powers that surpass these seen from the Jedi within the prequels, they usually’re additionally characters who encourage quite a lot of hope. This distinction extends to the lightsabers, too: as is to be anticipated from a narrative with so many Jedi, there’s loads of scope to discover their belief weapons, giving new methods and causes they use them.

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The brand new use of a lightsaber primarily comes from Avar Kriss, one of many Jedi Masters through the Excessive Republic, and the central determine of Gentle of the Jedi. The green-bladed lightsaber, which has a crossguard hilt (however not one that’s really a part of the blade, like Kylo Ren’s), is not only her weapon, however, as described in her personal ideas, “an instrument” that she makes use of to attach with the Pressure. Avar is adept at seeing the pure bonds within the Pressure, which she hears as a music, connecting with different Jedi and with the ability to focus in on sure features. She makes use of the Pressure to make her lightsaber spin within the air, and in flip the noise it produces because it strikes sooner and sooner turns into the music of the Pressure. As described in Gentle of the Jedi:

The weapon started to rotate, slowly, just like the blade of a windwill. It made a sound because it moved by way of the air, a low, droning hum. Avar breathed – in, out – and the blade slowly sped up. The tone of its passage by way of the air modified, now not a low drone however the next pitch, a beautiful spherical notice. The lightsaber moved sooner, its blade now too quick to see; a inexperienced circle of sunshine with a shining metallic middle. It was lovely, however Avar closed her eyes. She didn’t must see. She wanted to listen to. Her lightsaber was not only a weapon. Right here, now… it was an instrument.”

High Republic

Jedi have lengthy had a connection to the lightsabers past them simply being weapons – every Jedi bonds with the kyber crystal inside, which is what offers a lightsaber its shade, particularly becoming the person – however this “sabersong” makes that a lot deeper, presenting a Jedi who is much extra attuned to her lightsaber. Avar and her saber come along with the Pressure, all three working collectively in excellent concord.

The Excessive Republic additionally introduces different methods for the Jedi to make use of their lightsabers. The Knights and Masters of the period fly starships known as Vectors, which want a “lightsaber key” with a purpose to work. Which means that they’ll solely be piloted by a Jedi, who has to make use of their lightsaber to get it working, nevertheless it’s additionally designed to make sure that they themselves respect the Vectors and are thought of when flying them. They need to use the ship’s weapons system with the identical self-discipline they’d their lightsabers, which in flip additional reveals simply how a lot care and thought they want for even wielding their sabers within the first place.

Gentle of the Jedi is not the one story in The Excessive Republic so as to add new layers to Jedi and their lightsabers in Star Wars. Justina Eire’s novel A Take a look at of Braveness additionally brings again the lightsaber whip, which was a part of the previous Expanded Universe (now Legends). The lightwhip is way because it sounds – like a lightsaber besides, as an alternative of a straight blade, it is versatile and can be utilized like, nicely, a whip. In Legends, lightwhips have been their very own particular weapon, separate from lightsabers, however The Excessive Republic provides a brand new twist: now, a daily lightsaber may be modified to be made right into a lightsaber whip, switching from sword to whip and again with a swap.

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Whereas current within the Excessive Republic, such weapons weren’t widespread among the many Jedi, which maybe explains why they don’t seem to be seen in any of the Star Wars films. They’re additionally extra generally utilized by the Nightsisters of Dathomir, which means they are a weapon with extra darkish facet hyperlinks, which might once more clarify why the Jedi do not use them, alongside the very fact the blades aren’t as sturdy as that of a daily lightsaber. The Excessive Republic additionally contains one other extra darkish facet weapon: a Sith lightsaber, known as a lightspear. from which the Jedi Jora Malli takes a kyber crystal for her lightsaber. With new strategies, Pressure connections, and much more hyperlinks to the darkish facet, Star Wars continues to be discovering new, fascinating methods of exploring the Jedi and their lightsabers.

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