Star Wars: 10 Weirdest Meals In The Galaxy

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The Star Wars lore is legendary for its odd but nonetheless acquainted aliens gallery. Lots of them converse are humanoid and exhibit the identical traits and feelings as people. For that matter, their tradition can also be oddly acquainted— a few of their meals appears to be like derived from on a regular basis staple diets that a lot of the followers are accustomed to.

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That is not to say they’re appetizing, after all. Most of their elements are alien and even when they’re the often recognizable grub resembling milk, stew, or bread, they’re about as bizarre because the individuals who eat and love them. Surprisingly sufficient, there are “common” meals within the Star Wars universe resembling wine, ice cream, and cake however these alien cuisines managed to make it into the highlight higher regardless of the much less interesting look.

10 Colo Claw Fish

Han Solo’s first, properly, solo outing within the Star Wars universe was an opportunity for the franchise to discover different facades of its universe, resembling poverty and the legal underbelly of the galaxies. Fortunately, it did so and even launched the proper meals to showcase the disparity between the elite and the road urchins of Star Wars: caviar.

Nicely, not precisely caviar however fairly its supposed equal within the franchise, Colo Claw Fish. Dryden Vos serves this beautiful and costly delicacy to Han and Qi’ra for a job properly finished. It is a uncommon sighting of meals in Solo: A Star Wars Story and one which is not an affordable weight-reduction plan too.

9 Thala-Siren Milk

Star Wars The Last Jedi Luke Milks Thala Siren

That uninviting inexperienced milk that Luke Skywalker unapologetically gulped down in The Final Jedi? That will be none aside from Thala-Siren milk. Thala-Sirens are, in flip, these lazy-looking manatee aliens that Luke Skywalker pastures round within the seaside cliffs of Ahch-To.

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The factor is, a inexperienced tint in a beverage is just not precisely mouthwatering so many followers have been grossed out by Luke’s lack of consuming etiquette as he messily guzzled down this milk recent from the teats of the Thala-Siren. Seeing because it was Luke’s selection of breakfast, although, maybe it was extremely nutritious?

8 Bantha Milk

Star Wars Blue Milk Easter Egg

One good motive why Luke in all probability did not thoughts rainbow-colored milk is that he was raised in Tatooine and spent variety of many years there consuming Aunt Beru’s blue-colored milk. These issues are fairly the standout in A New Hope in the course of the establishing sequences for Luke’s improvement.

Seems these have been really Bantha milk. They’re the cows of Tatooine and supply sustenance for settlers and bandits alike. As such, blue Bantha milk is among the most out there meals within the Outer Rim a part of the galaxy. It is loads much less disgusting than inexperienced milk, on the very least.

7 Portion Bread

Bread wasn’t precisely proven prominently in Star Wars. But when there’s milk, then the existence of bread is not unlikely. The Pressure Awakens determined to showcase the everyday pastry in poor desert planets and they seem like much more sensible than milk-based bread although much less grand.

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Such pastry gave the impression to be the lifelong weight-reduction plan of none aside from Rey “Skywalker.” It is her traditional reward for promoting scraps— a notion that’s fairly destitute in itself since portion bread is definitely a army ration, which is why it may be made immediately. That goes to indicate how determined Rey’s scenario could be earlier than she turned a Jedi.

6 Unfertilized Frog Eggs

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Eat Eggs

Oh cease grimacing, that is meals. Uncooked eggs are literally a delicacy in different cultures— moreover, people eat hen eggs anyway. Unfertilized frog eggs are simply among the many newest meals to be added within the Star Wars mythos courtesy of the perpetually hungry Child Yoda.

It is exhausting to think about what these style like but when a Pressure-sensitive little one treats it prefer it’s filet mignon, then possibly it is extra scrumptious than something he is eaten to this point? He did preserve coming again to it regardless of a number of warnings from his dad. In any case, it should not be exhausting to duplicate this stuff for a geeky Thanksgiving dinner, they solely appear to be odd egg yolks.

5 Tatooine Road Meals


Once more from Tatooine is a avenue delicacy generally discovered within the tough grime roads of Mos Espa, the place Anakin Skywalker and his mom used to reside. These are the road meals strewn out in racks in bazaars, baking within the scorching solar, ready to get eaten by impolite Gungans.

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They principally look like frog creatures which might be edible with out being cooked. Jar-Jar Binks actually had no bother devouring one complete. In the meantime, Jabba the Hutt additionally has his personal serving of froggy meals in his palace besides he likes them uncooked and wriggling, alive moments earlier than consumption.

4 Yoda’s Rootleaf Stew


Seems Yoda’s species additionally has style and sophistication since Yoda was in a position to cook dinner and make one thing edible within the putrid swamps of Dagobah. Though, it is not precisely an inviting meal. Yoda needed to do with what the swamp planet had and since he cannot serve uncooked frog to Luke Skywalker, he cooked him up some stew.

To be extra particular, Rootleaf stew produced from boiling swamp weed and roots for ten minutes. Luke Skywalker was hesitant about consuming it and was disgusted by the Jedi Grandmaster’s selection of soup. Nevertheless, Rootleaf stew was Yoda’s favourite meals in Dagobah throughout his years of exile and doubtless stored him alive lengthy sufficient to coach one final Jedi.

3 Dex’s Diner Sandwich

Dex’s Diner is sort of a memorable place in Assault of the Clones primarily as a result of it was a change of surroundings from all of the high-society sheen of Coruscant. Obi-Wan went there for a little bit of street-level data however refused meal, particularly Shawda Membership Sandwich.

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It seems to be a two-layer steak sandwich that’s in all probability inconceivable to eat by hand and requires utensils. The elements are unknown however what seems to be cheese is a well-known sight in addition to a ridiculously huge slab of beef. Not like a lot of the featured meals in Star Wars, this one seems to be made for people.

2 Roasted Porg

Porgs look cute however that does not take them off the menu for a hungry Wookie. That is why Chewbacca made a roasted Porg in The Final Jedi and admittedly, it was a sumptuous-looking meal as soon as the beholder will get previous the truth that it was once a pygmy puffin-seal hybrid alien.

In truth, the roasted Porg may even be probably the most normal-looking alien meals in Star Wars. They give the impression of being identical to common hen or pigeon when roasted, in all probability style the identical too. Many species even contemplate Porgs as tasty, together with the resident sentient aliens of Ahch-To and naturally, guests.

1 Jawa Juice

obi and dex

Feels like this one should not exist in any respect however don’t be concerned, it is not a smoothy produced from the stays of Jawas vaporized utilizing Disruptor Rifles. The Jawa Juice is simply referred to as as such as a result of Jawas adore it, not as a result of they comprise the beverage. It is often known as Ardees.

Therefore, this drink additionally originated from Tatooine and was made utilizing fermented grains mashed with bantha disguise. Relying on which model of the lore, Jawa Juice is both alcoholic or not however regardless, Obi-Wan Kenobi appeared to get pleasure from it and possibly even prefers it to Qui-Gon’s gin.

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