Star Trek: Voyager Sequence Ending Defined

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Star Trek: Voyager ran for seven seasons earlier than delivering its final episode, “Endgame” as a two-part particular on Might 23rd, 2001, making for an ending that noticed the crew get dwelling and encompassed most of the present’s core themes. Voyager tells the story of the crew of the united statesVoyager underneath the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway, and their journey to seek out their means again to the Alpha Quadrant after they’re unintentionally thrown into the Delta Quadrant, 70,000 lightyears from their dwelling.

This premise presents a novel perspective on the Star Trek universe, permitting the present to introduce each unexplored sci-fi ideas and new alien races on a a lot bigger scale than different exhibits within the franchise had been capable of do. The crew should additionally discover ways to stay and work collectively, as quite a lot of them are former Maquis, members of an anti-Federation resistance drive who Voyager was despatched to trace down. Via the seven seasons, the crew of the ship goes from cautious allies to a cohesive crew and, lastly, to a household, as shut relationships type, and bonds are solid by being so distant from dwelling.

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Not all of the challenges the crew confronted have been overseas, nevertheless. One of many greatest enemies handled in later seasons was the Borg, the well-known cybernetically enhanced hive-mind race that had been terrorizing the crews of assorted Star Trek exhibits since The Subsequent Era. The Borg play a big function in over half of the present’s run, particularly with the addition of Seven of 9, a former Borg drone rescued by the crew. One other widespread Star Trek plot system that confirmed up throughout Voyager’s run was the concept of time journey. The Borg and the idea of time journey function the principle plot drivers for “Endgame”, and are in the end the 2 causes the crew are capable of accomplish what they’ve been trying to do all collection: get dwelling.

What Occurs In Voyager’s Ending?

“Endgame” begins 26 years sooner or later, a future the place Voyager and her crew have made it dwelling, though not with out penalties. These penalties weigh closely on the conscience of the now Admiral Kathryn Janeway, who decides to make use of a tool referred to as a chrono deflector stolen from a Klingon named Korath to create a temporal wormhole and return to the 12 months 2378. She finds Voyager and convinces her youthful self, the still-Captain Janeway, and her crew that she may also help them get dwelling. She directs them again to a community of wormholes in a nebula they initially prevented due to a large Borg presence and gives them with know-how together with shipwide armor and transphasic torpedos, to guard towards Borg assault. The crew adapts the know-how to the ship and makes their means again to the nebula, solely to seek out that the wormholes are a part of a large transwarp hub that if destroyed will deal a crippling blow to the Borg. Destroying it, nevertheless, will imply the crew will lose their likelihood of getting dwelling. The Borg Queen communicates to Seven of 9 that, if Voyager makes an attempt to make use of or destroy the hub, she is going to retaliate with lethal drive.

Captain Janeway is livid together with her older self for not telling her concerning the hub, and the 2 argue about the fitting factor to do earlier than Admiral Janeway breaks her promise to not inform Captain Janeway something concerning the future, and informs her of the horrors that will likely be wrought on her crew if the Captain doesn’t take this chance; Tuvok will develop into mentally unstable, unable to get the remedy in time for the neurological illness he has begun to endure from. Seven of 9 will die on an away mission within the Delta Quadrant and her husband Chakotay will likely be so grief-stricken that he won’t ever recuperate and die someday later of an implied damaged coronary heart after Voyager will get dwelling.

Shaken by this information, Captain Janeway tells her crew that they will not undergo with the plan to destroy the hub except everybody agrees to do it, however the crew agrees regardless of the dangers. Touched by the crew’s loyalty and love of one another, Admiral Janeway admits she was flawed for mendacity concerning the hub and agrees to assist. Captain Janeway convinces her that there’s a solution to each destroy the hub and get Voyager dwelling. Whereas the Admiral distracts the Borg Queen, Voyager enters the hub and units its destruction in movement, driving the shockwave from the explosions alongside a conduit the Alpha Quadrant. On the final minute, and ship is pursued by a Borg Sphere however is ready to tackle the Sphere and destroy it as soon as they attain the Alpha Quadrant. The final shot of Star Trek: Voyager is the titular vessel triumphantly flying in the direction of Earth, surrounded by Federation ships.

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How Did The Two Janeways Idiot The Borg Queen?

Star Trek Voyager Janeway Borg Queen Endgame

Getting Voyager dwelling depends fully on the Janeways’ plan to trick the Borg Queen within the Star Trek: Voyager collection finale. This hinges on Admiral Janeway pulling off some sleight of hand. When the Admiral first seems to the Borg Queen, it appears as if she had turned on the Voyager crew once more. Speaking to the Queen in her thoughts utilizing a tool that enables her to pilot her ship through a neural hyperlink, the Admiral insists that she is going to give the Queen the data on the way to cease Voyager from destroying the hub if the Queen will ship a Borg ship to tow Voyager safely dwelling. The Queen agrees to assist however then activates Admiral Janeway as soon as she has discovered the bodily location of her shuttle and physique. She begins to assimilate Janeway, and it appears as if the Admiral has been outsmarted, till it’s revealed that earlier than leaving Voyager, she was intentionally contaminated with a neurolytic pathogen that begins to work on the Queen instantly, severing her connection from the remainder of the collective and starting to destroy her physique as effectively.

With out their Queen, the Borg haven’t any steering, and Voyager is ready to perform its mission to destroy the hub. The Queen makes one final valiant stand by sending the final ship at her disposal after Voyager, however by a trick of flying, Voyager manages to fly within the ship, experience in it the remainder of the best way by way of the transwarp conduit to the Alpha Quadrant, after which detonate the ship from the within out. As soon as the ship is destroyed, they fly out to satisfy the Federation ships ready for them.

Due to the pathogen, The Unicomplex housing the Queen explodes, killing her and Admiral Janeway. The Borg Queen is defiant to the final, satisfied that the ship she despatched after Voyager will destroy Captain Janeway and crew and that Admiral Janeway will stop to exist because of this. Voyager destroys the ship, nevertheless, and ultimately, the Queen is barely proper in her prediction that Admiral Janeway will even stop to exist. Admiral Janeway chooses the destiny of assimilation and sure dying, figuring out that if the plan works, she is going to die anyway because the future will likely be rewritten by her actions. She has identified this from the start of the episode, telling the long run Harry Kim that she is conscious her mission is a “one-way journey”.

Time Journey And Altering The Future

Star Trek Voyager Admiral Janeway

As beforehand said, time journey performs an enormous function in Star Trek: Voyager. In truth, there may be even a precedent for a member of the crew getting back from the long run to forestall dire occasions from occurring to the crew. The season 5 episode “Timeless” offers with a future Harry Kim and Chakotay trying to get a message again in time from a bleak future the place the remainder of the Voyager crew was killed in an accident whereas making an attempt to get dwelling. They in the end cease the crew from trying the maneuver, and rewrite the long run, simply as Admiral Janeway does in “Endgame”. In addition to “Timeless”, there are a variety of vital episodes that cope with time journey, equivalent to “Future’s Finish”, “Yr of Hell”, and “Relativity”.

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The truth that time journey is a well-used plot system doesn’t take away from how jarring it’s to set “Endgame” 26 years in a future that the viewers is aware of nothing about. From the start, it’s a shock to see the ship secure on Earth, and the crew aged and moved on with their lives. The soar to the long run is used not solely as a way to a story finish, however as a solution to shock and draw within the viewers to the remainder of the story.

Seven of 9 and Chakotay

Star Trek Seven of Nine and Chakotay in Voyager

Whereas the connection between Seven of 9 and Chakotay had been evolving into one thing extra intimate during the last eight episodes of Star Trek: Voyager‘s ultimate season, it isn’t till “Endgame” that audiences see it attain its fullest potential. It’s revealed early on within the episode that the 2 have begun relationship in earnest, and they’re proven to develop into nearer all through the episode, sharing their first kiss and a number of other tender moments because the plot progresses. The most important plot twist is the reveal that the 2 have been married in Admiral Janeway’s timeline, proving that their nascent relationship has the potential to develop into one thing extra severe.

Seven of 9 and Chakotay’s relationship was a shock to many followers, because it had solely been arrange to be romantic late within the season. The truth that they appear to be in it for the lengthy haul by the tip of the ultimate episode is a twist that followers would have been hard-pressed to see coming. Equally, their deaths sooner or later serve to shock the viewers and make Admiral Janeway’s motivation for getting the crew dwelling sooner much more clear.

The Significance Of Household

Star Trek Voyager Finale Endgame

Voyager, greater than another Star Trek collection, is at its core a couple of household, one thing that’s no higher demonstrated than within the case of major characters Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres. Tom and B’Elanna begin off as grudging allies who’re reluctant to work collectively. By the tip of the ultimate season although, the 2 are married and anticipating a toddler, a child woman born within the ultimate moments of “Endgame”. Household, notably a household of selection, is a core theme all through Voyager and one thing that makes the present particular to followers, the shut character relationships serving because the driving drive that makes the plot extra participating.

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It actually isn’t any shock then that love for her Voyager household is what makes Admiral Janeway do what she does in “Endgame”, or that it’s the factor that convinces her ultimately that there’s a solution to each destroy the hub and get Voyager dwelling. A lot of “Endgame” is centered on the relationships between the crew; the love they’ve developed for one another over time is palpable all through the episode. Likewise, whether or not it’s Tom and B’Elanna’s comfortable marriage, or Seven and Chakotay’s budding romance, Star Trek: Voyager‘s “Endgame” makes the purpose that this love, this household, goes to final, even after the present is over.

The Actual Which means Of Voyager’s Ending

Star Trek Voyager Ending Series Finale Endgame

All through Star Trek: Voyager‘s run, it was by no means made explicitly clear that the crew could be making it dwelling. Even up till the final 5 minutes of the episode, it was unclear whether or not or not the crew’s plan would come to fruition. The artistic crew behind the present may have made the selection to finish “Endgame” with the ship within the Delta Quadrant, with their fates unsure. As an alternative, “Endgame” makes it clear as soon as once more that not solely does each single member of the Voyager crew should survive, however that their means seven years in the past to place apart their variations, work collectively, and in the end come to like one another like household is the singular factor that helped them accomplish their purpose. “Endgame” proves that love actually does conquer all, and that, within the phrases of Harry Kim, “Possibly it is not the vacation spot that issues. Possibly it is the journey.”

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