Star Trek: TNG 10 Instances The Present Tackled Deep Points

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Star Trek has by no means been a present to draw back from necessary points. From ethical quandaries, the rights of people or aliens, and even private and existential issues, Star Trek has at all times been there with a sensible, intrinsically human reply. And why Star Trek is so cherished and revered is due to the way it tackles these points.

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The energy of the present and its characters comes from a shared ethical code, their promise to do no hurt, to assist others in want, and to discover however not intervene. Members of Enterprise are bonded by a drive that all of them imagine in, a drive of excellent. This challenges them to make robust selections and sort out deep points involving themselves, the folks they meet, and life in far-off reaches of the galaxy.

10 Concern

Dr. Crusher in Star Trek TNG

It have to be scary being on a starship generally, hurtling by way of the sky into the good unknown. They’ve a ship counselor for a cause. Whereas Enterprise is thrust into horrifying conditions typically, some occasions will shake the crew to their core. When Dr. Crusher, who’s frightened of solitude, finds herself fully alone on Enterprise, it is a horrifying jolt to beat.

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After an experiment gone improper, Dr. Crusher notices the crew disappear one after the other till she is totally alone. Scared at first, Crusher exhibits actual energy and perseverance in a time of maximum loneliness and worry, in an effort to escape being swallowed up into the unknown.

9 Anxiousness

Reginald Barclay in Star Trek TNG

Lt. Reginald Barclay is a nervous and anxious engineer that’s getting ready to being transferred off the ship. His anxiousness causes him to stutter and carry out underwhelmingly, though he’s a gifted engineer. With a insecurity, he hides within the holodeck to really feel superior, and to dwell out his fantasies with out his regular nervousness. The crew makes enjoyable of him behind his again, however when the Captain realizes this drawback and sees how gifted Barclay may be, he and the crew make efforts to befriend Barclay and make him really feel extra comfy on the Enterprise. This exhibits how compassion with out judgment may also help somebody escape of their shell and succeed.

8 Love And Relationships

Discovering love in house have to be a troublesome job for any Starfleet member. Even on a ship full of individuals, it is nonetheless straightforward to really feel lonely. And each relationship comes with its personal challenges, as viewers have seen in quite a few TNG episodesFrom Geordi falling in love with a holodeck program to the turbulent however joyful relationship of Miles and Keiko, life and love aboard Enterprise may be troublesome.

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Even Captain Picard and Beverly as soon as had a relationship, which remains to be a sensitive topic for each of them years after the actual fact. It simply goes to indicate that love and relationships are nonetheless onerous to determine within the 24th Century (apart from possibly Will Riker).

7 Grief

Tasha Yar in Star Trek TNG

The loss of life of a cherished one or crew member is rarely a straightforward factor to recover from, as a lot of the Enterprise crew finds out all through the sequence. It is simple to move over the loss of life of unnamed crew members on away missions, however when it’s a core member of the crew, and somebody cherished by many, that’s one thing that can take extra time to course of. The loss of life of Tasha Yar on the finish of Season 1 hit Knowledge the toughest, as they’d an in depth, and even intimate relationship prior to now. Knowledge doesn’t precisely have “emotions” as people do, however viewers can see that he does present a form of unhappiness and grief, particularly after it’s revealed in later seasons that he retains a holo-image of her in his room.

6 Sentience

Data in Star Trek TNG

Lieutenant Knowledge, some of the beloved characters in all of Star Trek, is in fact an android, who isn’t able to human emotion. However as a core member of the Enterprise, and pal to many, it comes as a shock to everybody when Starfleet desires to take Knowledge away for research and disassembly. Captain Picard should then show that Knowledge is actually a sentient life kind, able to as a lot or much more than a human is, in an effort to hold him alive and aboard Enterprise. What follows is an impassioned trial the place Picard proves that Knowledge is extra human than folks suppose, able to love, self-importance, and friendship, who’s free to make his personal selections as a sentient being.

5 Humanity

Borg in Star Trek TNG

When does a human cease being human? This can be a query that’s posed by members of the crew after discovering a Borg drone that has been severed from the collective hive thoughts. Whereas Picard and the crew harbor hateful emotions in the direction of the Borg, particularly after what was achieved to them, they’ve an ethical quandary that have to be thought out earlier than they take motion. The borg drone is slowly turning into a person once more, however can nonetheless be harmful. Crew members have the concept of planting a virus inside the drone, so when he goes again to the collective he infects the entire community. However because it turns into extra obvious that this borg, who’s now named Hugh, is turning into an increasing number of human every day, they have to let him determine for himself what he ought to do.

4 Household

Preventing and arguing with household is one thing that every one people can relate to, in addition to the deep love and affection that may come from sturdy familial bonds. TNG explores household points all through the present, with characters like Crusher having to cope with her personal son as a crew member, Worf who has his younger son thrust upon him, and Picard who’s anxious about returning residence to his household.

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Each character offers with their household points in another way, and every involves phrases with their relationships in separate methods. However this exploration of those points exhibits that everybody has completely different relationships with household, and that is okay.

3 When To Lend A Hand

The starship Enterprise has at all times been prepared to assist assist to these in want. They routinely reply misery calls and assist these much less lucky than them. However relating to species and civilizations which might be much less developed, the Starfleet Prime Directive comes into play. For instance, within the Season 1 episode “Symbiosis”, Cpt. Picard will get in the midst of a deal between two rival species, the Onarans, and the Brekkians. However after discovering out that the Brekkians are exploiting the Onarans by getting them hooked on substances that solely they’ve, Picard should determine whether or not or to not break the Prime Directive to assist an exploited species or to not intervene and abandon them to a lifetime of dependancy.

2 Capitalism

Star trek TNG Ferangi with Riker

Earth within the 24th Century is a socialist utopia, the place they’ve managed to eradicate starvation and wish. The whole lot is offered for the folks of Earth, with assist from replication know-how, and warfare has ceased to exist on the planet. All through the present, there’s numerous commentary and critiques on Capitalism itself, particularly when the lives of people are juxtaposed with that of Ferengi, a society solely primarily based on buying revenue, an apparent jab at human society within the current. Star Trek has and at all times will present the brilliant way forward for humanity, however provided that we’re to repair the issues of present-day Earth, and the underlying causes of them, similar to Capitalism itself.

1 Are People Worthy Of Existence At All?

Star Trek TNG crew

This can be a query posed by the very first episode of The Subsequent Era, when a god-like entity, “Q”, involves put humanity itself on trial. Q argues that people are a savage, inferior species, that has killed, pillaged, and sucked the Earth of its pure assets. Whereas these are largely true statements, Picard argues that every one of that’s prior to now, that people have progressed previous warfare and starvation, and have come out as a peaceable, developed species now centered on exploration and enchancment. Amongst these arguments are sure critiques of the human situation as it’s now, in addition to the issues that have to be achieved sooner or later to make sure humanity’s progress.

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