Sport Of Thrones: 5 Greatest Maesters Ranked (& 5 Worst)

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The maesters, aka The Knights of the Thoughts, had been crucial class of individuals after Kings and Queens in Sport of Thrones, however they had been not often credited for his or her position in shaping the present. Maester Aemon Targaryen, along with his “Love is the dying of obligation” recommendation, ended up figuring out the destiny of Daenerys Targaryen when Jon Snow selected the realm over love.

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Aemon was the oldest Targaryen we ever met on the present, devoted to all his oaths as a maester and a brother of The Evening’s Watch. Whereas Aemon’s knowledge and delicate coronary heart impressed Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly, the identical can’t be mentioned for different maesters. From the likes of Pycelle, who solely cared about energy, to Qyburn, who was obsessive about bizarre experiments, some maesters had been simply too crooked.

10 Better of the Greatest: Aemon Targaryen

Born Prince Aemon Targaryen and technically, the rightful inheritor to the Iron Throne, Aemon Targaryen was one of many present’s best mysteries. He gave up all of the glory of King’s Touchdown and retired to The Wall to function the maester, turning into one in every of Joer Mormont’s closest advisors. He noticed The Evening’s Watch by means of its best days whereas his complete home bought worn out.

He was the very best maester the Evening’s Watch might ever hope for and the very best advisor John Snow ever met. He allowed Samwell Tarly to fell in love and nonetheless turn out to be a maester, and impressed Jon Snow to beat his weaknesses and turn out to be the nice Lord Commander the Evening’s Watch desperately wanted because the white walkers marched south.

9 Greatest: Samwell Tarly

Samwel Tarly Becoming The Grand Maester

Samwell Tarly broke the vows of being a Maester earlier than he even turned one when he bought married to poor Gilly, to not point out breaking the oath of a brother of The Evening’s Watch whereas at it. He nonetheless wished to be a maester after receiving inspiration from Maester Aemon. Identical to Qyburn, Tarly was bold, however he was extra moral and clearly eager about saving the dwelling.

His assist was priceless in defeating the Evening King and serving to Jon Snow uncover his true identification as a Targaryen. Samwell Tarly was the very best of the Maesters as he represented how the sons might save the realm with books if the sword wasn’t an possibility. Tarly, identical to Jon Snow, was solely loyal to the realm, which is why he ended the present because the Grand Maester.

8 Greatest: Luwin


Bran Stark knew a lot due to the nice academics he had in his life, and Maester Luwin was the very best of all of them. Luwin was so loyal to Home Stark that he gave up his Maesterly duties to Theon Greyjoy and died to avoid wasting Bran and Rikon. He was a father determine that understood Winterfell so nicely that his notes on get by means of a tricky winter had been utilized by Wolkan within the seventh season.

He was the primary trainer that Bran Stark had, and regardless of Bran’s stubbornness, he managed to show him loads to assist him survive and turn out to be an incredible chief. He was additionally the performing Lord of Winterfell after Eddard and Rob’s dying and in some way managed to maintain all the things collectively till Theon misplaced himself and destroyed all the things.

7 Greatest: Cressen

Melisandre and Cressen in got

Stannis Baratheon’s fall began the day Maester Cressen died. Top-of-the-line issues Samwell Tarly did in Sport of Thrones was therapeutic Jorah Mormont of his Greyscale, which the Archmaester had dismissed as too superior to be cured. Sam used the notes from Maester Cressen, who cured Shireen Baratheon of the illness years again.

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Cressen was the one person who appeared to note the hazard of Melisandre’s affect on Stannis Baratheon. He tried to kill Melisandre utilizing poisoned wine however underestimated the ability of her darkish magic resulting in his dying whereas Melisandre continued to wreak havoc.

6 Greatest: The Citadel Maester

Samwel Tarley and the Citadel Maester encounter

Samwell Tarly’s days on the Citadel had been amongst his worst, plus those he spent at his father’s home, however the Citadel Maester was extra understanding. Sam did not have the correct papers from the Evening’s Look ahead to his coaching as Maester and was accompanied by a girl and a child, which had been clearly forbidden from the Citadel.

The Citadel Maester was understanding sufficient to permit the confused Sam in and possibly helped Gilly and little Sam get a spot to sleep. He was the one understanding particular person Sam met on the Citadel, though he did not get a lot display time.

5 Worst: Caleotte

Maester Caleotte and Doran Martell

Maesters weren’t imagined to be fighters, however they had been supposed to grasp the politics of the home they served. Caleotte was the harmless maester who served Home Martell, who did not discover because the Sands plotted their coup. Tyene killed him after he delivered the scroll with information of Myrcella’s dying to Doran Martell. He was clueless about all the things and solely selected to run as a substitute of fixing allegiance to the brand new rulers because the Maesters’ Code required him to.

4 Worst: Ebrose

Aebros as Archmaester of the Citadel in Game of Thrones

The coaching and, in fact, the effectiveness of maesters relied on the Archmaester on the Citadel, however Ebrose was most likely the worst of all of them. Archmaester Ebrose was the precise reverse of Maester Aemon, as he was too rooted up to now to see the unfolding modifications.

He would not enable Sam to learn in regards to the White Walkers and, worst of all, would not let him heal Jorah Mormont. He hated ambition and was extra eager about hiding behind historical past than getting concerned in saving the realm – though he did have good intentions behind his fears. The one factor he was good at was doing autopsies and giving tales of how the frequent people had been all the time afraid of the top and all the time improper.

3 Worst: Pycelle

Grandmaester Pycell in GOT

The Lannister legacy would not have been doable with out Grandmaester Pycelle. He was extra concerned within the politics of King’s Touchdown than his roles because the Grandmaester. Pycelle additionally supported the assassination of younger Daenerys within the identify of averting a future disaster.

Pycelle might have poisoned John Aryn and was undoubtedly concerned within the homicide of Eddard Stark and, later, the framing of Tyrion Lannister for Joffrey’s homicide. Pycelle additionally stopped protecting the oath of the maesters as he slept round with whores however in some way managed to maintain up his previous frail innocent man look in public.

2 Worst: Wolkan

Richard Rycroft as Wolkan in GOT

Ramsay Bolton was an animal, however a lot of the harm he precipitated might have been stopped if somebody stood as much as him. Wolkan clearly knew Ramsay as a result of he had been the maester of Home Bolton for years. When he noticed Ramsay kill his father and stepmother in chilly blood, Wolkan bought frightened and did nothing in regards to the cruelty. He additionally did nothing when Ramsay tortured Sansa and later captured and killed Rikon.

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Wolkan simply watched as all the things fell aside within the identify of observing his Maesters’ vows of being loyal to the lord of the fortress, whoever that could be. If he ever stood up like Luwin and sought assist, Ramsay Bolton would have been defeated earlier than inflicting the harm he did. He was merely the maester that did nothing.

1 Worst of the Worst: Qyburn

Anton Lesser as Qyburn in Game of Thrones

Qyburn did not put on the Maesters’ chain as a result of he was stripped of the title by the citadel, however that did not cease him from turning into one of many least appreciated characters in Sport of Thrones. Qyburn was an incredible healer and clearly extra reliable than Pycelle, however that did not make him a very good maester. He was expelled from the Citadel by the Archmaester for vivisecting individuals in his quest to realize superior medical data. His unethical experiments additionally created the monster-like Gregor Clegane that solely helped to make Cersei a monster.

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