Spider-Man Has Secretly Been Host To TWO Symbiotes

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Marvel has simply rewritten Spider-Man’s historical past – the wall-crawler has really been bonded with TWO symbiotes, not only one!

This text comprises spoilers for King in Black #four by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman.

Spider-Man has really been host to 2 symbiotes – the Venom symbiote and the Enigma Power. Marvel’s present King in Black saga has seen Knull, the god of the symbiote, conquer the whole planet Earth – though now the heroes are lastly placing up a battle. Given the size of this epic, it is easy to overlook it began when Peter Parker tried on an alien costume.

In fact, Peter had no thought he was carrying a symbiote. Marvel’s most unfortunate superhero had suffered one thing of a trend catastrophe when his costume was shredded whereas he was on an artificially-created planet referred to as Battleworld, and he unwisely headed to an alien gadget to whip him up a brand new outfit. He was quickly donning a darkish, skintight costume dominated by a white arachnid on the chest, and he saved the brand new look when he returned to Earth – solely ditching it when he realized simply what he was actually coping with.

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But it surely seems that is not the solely symbiote Peter Parker has bonded with. King in Black #four reveals a cosmic energy referred to as the Enigma Power, which transforms its bearers into Captain Universe, is the yin to Knull’s yang – a symbiote that stands for mild and life somewhat than darkness and demise. And Peter Parker is one in every of a handful of human beings to bond with the Enigma Power, wielding its infinite energy for a quick time towards the horrible risk of the Tri-Sentinel. Which means Spider-Man has really been bonded to not one symbiote, however two.

This will likely really not be a coincidence; it is fascinating to notice that King in Black #four has seen the Enigma Power select one other who has famously been bonded to one in every of Knull’s symbiotes, Eddie Brock, aka Venom. It is attainable the Enigma Power intentionally selected heroes who had been aware of the expertise of being host to a symbiote, as a result of their minds would be capable of deal with the strain slightly higher because of their prior expertise. Alternatively, it may be the Enigma Power is conscious of some lasting taint upon the soul attributable to bonding with one in every of Knull’s symbiotes for a time, and is consciously selecting to undo that.

Nonetheless, this does imply Spider-Man‘s historical past books will have to be revised after King in Black. Technically he hasn’t starred in only one “Symbiote Saga” any extra, however with two – embracing the second when he grew to become Captain Universe for an admittedly temporary time.

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