Sokka’s 15 Most Hilarious Quotes In Avatar: The Final Airbender

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With Avatar: The Final Airbender nonetheless fascinating audiences internationally, and The Legend of Korra displaying lots of followers’ favourite characters again in motion, followers of the collection are attending to benefit from the tales as soon as once more whereas new followers are discovering their love. And one factor that made The Final Airbender so nice was the fascinating, distinctive characters particularly these in Group Avatar.

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Sokka is well-loved by many followers due to his humor, practicality, and willpower. Whereas he may not be a bender, he makes up for that in some ways, however a few of his most memorable strains and moments from the collection facilities round his comedic genius.

Up to date on November 21st, 2020 by Theo Kogod: Regardless of having no powers, Sokka recurrently holds his personal towards Benders, even defeating the dreaded Combustion Man (ie., Spark Spark Increase Man), and has captured many followers’ hearts. With the Netflix improvement of a brand new live-action Avatar adaptation, it looks like a good time to mirror on much more of Sokka’s finest strains.

15 “Oh nice and highly effective sea serpent, please settle for this tasty providing.”

Sokka Momo Avatar: The Last Airbender

When Aang leads Group Avatar and a gaggle of refugees by way of the Serpent’s Go to get to Ba Sing Se, they’re attacked by an enormous sea serpent…as a result of that’s what occurs in a spot referred to as Serpent’s Go.

The ocean monster looms above the group, apparently about to eat them. Brandishing Momo, Sokka tries to appease the large water snake. In any case, Sokka understands the delight of some recent meat.*

14 “Hey! We’re in enemy territory. These are enemy birds.”

Because the group infiltrates the Fireplace Nation in Season 3, they’re cautious to not reveal their identities to anybody round them. If something they are saying is overheard, it might betray Aang’s identification because the Avatar and put all of them in danger (particularly since their best tactical benefit is that the Fireplace Nation doesn’t know Aang is alive).

That stated, Sokka might need probably taken this warning a bit too far when cautioning his associates to not converse in entrance of the birds.

13 “What’s occurring? Did we get captured once more?”

Sokka Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sokka says this as he’s woken from slumber. Critically. Simply take into consideration that. He wakes with a begin within the evening and his first response is to curiously marvel by way of his yawning whether or not he has been kidnapped…once more!

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This unconcerned response speaks volumes concerning the kind of life he and the remainder of Group Avatar have lived.

12 “All proper, Group Avatar is again! Air. Water. Earth. Fireplace. Fan and sword.”

Sokka and Suki Training on Kyoshi Island, Avatar

It is a nice little little bit of dialogue for 2 causes. First, Sokka invokes the outdated Captain Planet cartoon from the 80s (certainly one of a number of cultural references peppered all through the collection).

However the different cause is that he and Suki are standing alongside 4 Benders. Sokka has a sharp iron blade and Suki has a struggle fan, however these two are anticipated to maintain up with elemental sorcerers. It’s patently ridiculous, and but they nonetheless pull it off.

11 “Bye, house sword.”

Sokka Swordsman

After buying a brand new sword solid from the ore of a fallen meteor, Sokka proves himself fairly a succesful warrior. In reality, his arc all through the collection is certainly one of rising from a buffoonish meat-loving loud-mouth into a reliable army commander.

Within the remaining battle with the Fireplace Nation, he scales certainly one of their flying ships, however whereas clinging to the surface of the vessel, drops his sword. It plummets by way of the sky, falling to the Earth beneath.

10 “Aang, that is my pal, Foofoocuddlypoops.”

Whereas at first Sokka is set to hunt and kill the infant saber-toothed moose lion for meals, issues don’t go based on plan when he will get caught within the earth.

Nonetheless, in typical Sokka trend, whereas at first he’s considerably abrasive and acts like he doesn’t care, he grows to get a bit bit connected to the infant animal giving it this hilarious and memorable title.

9 “I’d prefer to spend my trip… on the library!”

Throughout season two of the collection, the Gaang decides they’re all going to take mini-vacations to go to fascinating locations across the Earth Kingdom.

So, when Sokka decides he desires to go to Wan Shi Tong’s library, he doesn’t simply say it calmly. He says so very exuberantly, and this can be a brief line that has been quoted by followers many occasions.

8 “Just a few indignant freak with a ponytail who’s tracked us all around the world.”

avatar zuko hitting sokka

This hilarious line is one thing that Sokka says when requested about who Zuko is. Whereas finally Zuko does get a redemption arc and joins up with the workforce, for a very long time he’s certainly one of their essential enemies.

So, when Sokka says this succinct however correct description of Zuko, it’s fairly humorous.

7 “You already know what I really like about Appa probably the most? His humorousness.”

Sokka is somebody who spends lots of the primary couple of seasons making an attempt his finest to appear powerful and never too connected to something. It’s nice to see his journey as he turns into extra assured in himself and extra open and in contact along with his emotional sides.

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Nonetheless, it’s all the time entertaining when he does not fairly get together with Appa and Momo. Whereas he particularly has it out for Momo at occasions, he additionally teases Appa fairly continuously, and this good-natured joke is fairly endearing.

6 “It is a big mushroom! Possibly it’s pleasant!

Katara Struggles To Get Her Friends Through The Desert In Avatar The Last Airbender

In all probability probably the most memorable episodes on the subject of Sokka is the one the place the Gaang is misplaced within the desert after App has been kidnapped by sand benders.

He unintentionally will get excessive on cactus juice, and he spends the remainder of the episode saying some fairly hilarious issues. His overreaction to the large cloud of sound is certainly one of his most quoted strains.

5 “Sparky sparky increase man.”

Sokka is all the time making an attempt to be humorous and joke round, however many of the precise jokes he makes aren’t that nice. He typically tries too onerous, and his jokes make folks groan greater than snigger.

Nonetheless, followers discover this trait lovely, and a few of his unhealthy jokes truly make for excellent quotable strains. This title he offers to the Combustion Man is perhaps ridiculous, however it’s humorous.

4 “If I can simply get out of this example alive, I’ll surrender meat… and sarcasm. Okay? That’s all I acquired.”

sokka last airbender

This quote is alleged in the identical episode because the Foofoocuddlypoops line. When Sokka is trapped within the earth, he makes some fairly hilarious guarantees that he undoubtedly by no means had any intention of conserving.

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He says that he’ll surrender his two best loves in life, meat, and sarcasm if he manages to outlive. What’s even funnier, nevertheless, is that he alters his thoughts instantly after Aang rescues him.

3 “Boomerang! You do all the time come again!”

Whereas meat-eating and sarcasm is perhaps two of Sokka’s favourite issues, his third favourite he is in all probability his trusted boomerang.

This weapon turns out to be useful many occasions and saves Sokka’s life typically. As somebody who isn’t a bender, he will get actually connected to his weapons as he depends on them. So, his love for boomerang is each comedic and likewise type of cute.

2 “My first girlfriend was the moon.”

zuko avatar

This line that Sokka says to Zuko whereas they’re on their approach to the Boiling Rock is perhaps probably the most, if not probably the most, well-known strains from the complete Avatar: The Final Airbender collection.

The way in which Sokka says that is each matter of reality and a bit unhappy, and the comedic timing is simply good.

1 “Drink cactus juice! It will quench ya! Nothing’s quenchier, it is the quenchiest!”

Whereas Sokka says and does lots of humorous issues over the course of the present, this quote is perhaps the most effective. After consuming the cactus juice, which clearly has some hallucinogenic results, Sokka begins appearing each weirder and funnier than regular.

It is also a very easy line to recollect.

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