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The Mandalorian season 2, episode 3, “The Heiress” opened up lots of new questions and potentialities for the present going ahead. The adventures of Din Djarin and Child Yoda are beginning to hook up with the larger Star Wars universe in main methods, and it is going to be attention-grabbing to see what turns the remainder of the season takes.

The Mandalorian season 2, episode Three sees Mando safely delivering his passenger – the unnamed Frog Girl – to the watery moon of Trask. Mando connects with a bunch of native fishermen who promise to ship him to different Mandalorians, solely to double-cross him in an try to steal his beskar armor. Din and the Baby are rescued nonetheless by a trio of fellow Mandalorians, led by fan-favorite and former Mandalore (the title for the chief of Mandalore), Bo-Katan Kryze. Mando helps Bo-Katan and her squad steal an Imperial cruiser stuffed with weapons, which she intends to make use of in an eventual mission to retake Mandalore. In trade, she tells Din the place he can discover a Jedi – particularly, Ahsoka Tano.

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The Mandalorian season 2, episode Three packs a ton of story and lore growth into a comparatively quick runtime, and it ends with lots of potential instructions for the remainder of the season. Particulars on the Imperial remnant and the cut up tradition of various Mandalorian sects could possibly be organising some fascinating encounters in a while. However even with a lot revealed, “The Heiress” left extra questions than solutions.

The place Is Sabine Wren?

Star Wars Rebels Sabine Wren and The Mandalorian

Followers of Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels must be thrilled by the return of Bo-Katan, however she’s not the one daughter of Mandalore rumored to return in reside motion. Sabine Wren, a key participant in Rebels, might additionally make a comeback given the path the present’s story is heading, however as of proper now her whereabouts are unknown. Hypothesis that WWE star Sasha Banks could be taking part in Sabine in season 2 have been additionally confirmed unfaithful in “The Heiress”, as Banks ended up taking part in a distinct Mandalorian at Bo-Katan’s facet.

So the place’s Sabine? She was final seen in canon heading off to the Unknown Areas with Ahsoka looking for the vanished Ezra Bridger. Ahsoka has apparently returned from that journey, in accordance with Bo-Katan, however Sabine hasn’t but been talked about. The most probably state of affairs is that Sabine is working with Bo-Katan within the mission to retake Mandalore, and is solely stationed elsewhere within the galaxy with a distinct group. The 2 have allied earlier than, and Bo-Katan’s obvious correspondence with Ahsoka suggests she would keep in touch with Sabine as nicely.

Ezra’s whereabouts are much less sure, nonetheless. Ahsoka’s return means that her mission to seek out him was both a conclusive success or failure. If she and Sabine didn’t find him within the uncharted areas of house, there’s no telling whether or not or not he’ll return, or when. In the event that they discovered him although, which means there’s one other Jedi in hiding someplace within the galaxy – somebody Ahsoka is aware of who might assist with Child Yoda, and within the battle in opposition to Gideon and the Imperial remnant.

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How Many Mandalorians Are In Bo-Katan’s Faction?

Bo-Katan and her two Mandalorian comrades appear greater than able to dealing with bands of pirates and particular person squads of Stormtroopers, however they received’t be sufficient to tackle the total power of Gideon’s fleet. Given the Mandalorians’ secrecy, it might make sense if quite a few different coverts loyal to Bo Katan existed throughout the galaxy, all gathering energy. However what number of are there?

Mandalore has at all times been a robust world, however current historical past has seen their army may scattered quite a few instances. The variations between Mando and Dying Watch’s code and that of Bo-Katan’s clan (like whether or not or to not take away their helmets) spotlight the divisions that exist inside the tradition itself. If she efficiently reclaims the Darksaber and reestablishes herself as Mandalore, she might pull extra coverts out of hiding to her trigger. However how shut she is to attaining the required energy is unclear.

How Robust Is Moff Gideon’s Imperial Fleet?

Giancarlo Esposito gideon Star wars the mandalorian

The Mandalorian season 2, episode Three featured the primary look of Giancarlo Esposito’s Moff Gideon in season 2, albeit solely through hologram. The captain of the Imperial cruiser attacked by the Mandalorians sought assist from Gideon’s fleet, implying that they’re each assembled close by and of notably larger energy than beforehand proven. So many ships and Stormtroopers have they got?

It is unclear , but it surely appears seemingly we’ll all discover out quickly sufficient. Gideon and Bo Katan are clearly shifting in the direction of a duel for the Darksaber, and the New Republic could possibly be concerned too. Gideon’s obsession with Child Yoda means he and Din are prone to be caught proper within the center. Given current rumors that Gideon might also have a Star Destroyer-level ship on the head of his power, it’ll take greater than 4 fighters in beskar to take him down.

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The place Was Ahsoka Throughout The Authentic Trilogy?

Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano is alive and again from the Unknown Areas – a minimum of, in accordance with Bo-Katan. Her look within the collection has been closely rumored for months and hoped for by followers even longer. To say the least, her live-action debut can’t get right here quickly sufficient.

Clearly there are lots of questions surrounding Ahsoka, however the largest may merely be, the place has she been? It hasn’t been revealed precisely when she bought again from her journey to seek out Ezra, so it’s potential she solely returned after the tip of Return of the Jedi. Nonetheless, her presence resurrects an unlucky plot gap – the place was Ahsoka through the unique trilogy? Going off into deep house looking for her buddy was a handy and comparatively plausible strategy to write her out of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, A New Hope, and past, but it surely nonetheless appears extremely questionable that she would have missed each Dying Stars, Luke Skywalker’s coaching, Darth Vader’s redemption, and every part else.

Ahsoka has at all times been a maverick. She divorced herself from the Jedi even earlier than the Republic fell, and there are many methods her extended absence might be higher justified as soon as she returns. As of now although, little or no is thought. Why hasn’t she rejoined her pals within the New Republic, and what’s she as much as? With luck, it received’t be lengthy earlier than all is revealed.

How Will Ahsoka Assist Mando And Child Yoda?

The Mandalorian - Ahsoka Tano and Baby Yoda

One other main query surrounds Ahsoka’s position in The Mandalorian’s story. Din’s seek for the Jedi is motivated by a obscure sense of responsibility, however he doesn’t actually perceive what the Baby is or the facility he holds. Ahsoka will certainly have the ability to present solutions, however that will not be all.

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The pure assumption is that she might practice Child Yoda as a Jedi, however there are a couple of kinks in that concept. First, the Baby appears far too younger to start any correct instruction, and it’s unclear how shortly that can change. Secondly, in any case they’ve been by way of, it might take rather a lot for Din to give up the Baby to anybody who doesn’t absolutely belief. And naturally, it’s potential that Ahsoka might need little interest in coaching the Baby in any respect. Till Din finds her, Ahsoka’s position will stay a thriller.

Who Will Wield The Darksaber?

Bo-Katan needs to reunite the clans of Mandalore, and she or he wants the Darksaber to do it. That implies that ultimately, she’ll must face off in opposition to Gideon straight. Nonetheless, it’s not a assure that one or the opposite will find yourself with the weapon. In truth, there are a selection of different characters who might wield the Darksaber.

Ahsoka is among the clearest potentialities given her Pressure sensitivity and ability with the weapon, however so long as she nonetheless has her Star Wars Rebels blades, she doesn’t have a lot of a motive to make use of it. Child Yoda is technically a Mandalorian now, and a promising Pressure consumer, however he’s additionally too younger to make a lot use of a lightsaber in the intervening time. Mando is feasible, however his exterior position within the Mandalorian hierarchy makes that uncertain as nicely. In fact, if Disney loves enjoyable, they may at all times simply give it to Boba Fett.

How Will Boba Fett Match In With The Different Mandalorians?

Talking of Boba Fett, the bounty hunter’s position in The Mandalorian might need gotten extra sophisticated by the reveal of Bo-Katan’s faction. Will he be part of the hassle in opposition to Gideon? Might he as soon as once more develop into an ally to the Empire?

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It’s onerous to say, particularly as a result of it’s nonetheless unknown what Boba Fett truly needs. He’s remained in hiding since his presumed loss of life and hasn’t made a transfer to retake his armor, but he appeared significantly fascinated by Mando on Tatooine. It’s additionally essential to say that Boba Fett’s personal Mandalorian heritage is disputed at finest. Jango Fett claimed heritage from Harmony Daybreak – a planet traditionally below Mandalorian rule – however officers of Mandalore disputed this declare through the Clone Wars. Boba Fett will stay an odd man out till extra of his intentions develop into clear.

Will Din Djarin Stick To The Dying Watch Code?

The Mandalorian Season 1 and 2 Din Djarin Helmet

“The Heiress” lastly answered certainly one of The Mandalorian’s largest lingering questions – why do Din and his unique covert maintain their helmets on when that was by no means a longtime rule in Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels? Bo-Katan reveals that the don’t-remove-your-helmet rule, and probably different parts of Din’s code, have been included after the Purge by teams affiliated with Dying Watch. Dying Watch is a distinguished faction in Mandalorian society within the animated exhibits, and it is sensible that their guidelines would differ from a bunch like Bo-Katan’s.

So now that query turns into, will Mando abandon the Dying Watch code? By the tip of “The Heiress”, he appears to have accepted Bo-Katan Kryze and her group as true Mandalorians, however that doesn’t imply he’ll undertake their methods and stroll round together with his masks off. No matter path he chooses, it must be attention-grabbing to see Din’s personal private arc evolve as turns into uncovered to increasingly more parts of his tradition by way of the remainder of The Mandalorian.

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