Kraken & 9 Different Horrifying Issues Gamers Can Encounter In The Ocean

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Hit-open world pirate recreation, Sea of Thieves, takes gamers on a whirlwind of journey as they get to sail the open seas, seek for treasure, and develop into the pirates they all the time needed to be after they had been youngsters. The sport has a bunch of various seasonal and world occasions that maintain gamers enthralled with the magic that’s the recreation.

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Sea of Thieves has a bunch of various horrors to come across when out at sea, a few of which spawn randomly in just one server, and others are set in designated areas. Kraken and the entire different creatures, ships, and pirate-y happenings that gamers can encounter out at sea are fairly horrifying.

10 Kraken

Sea of Thieves Kraken

The Kraken is totally horrifying. The Kraken spawns like another world occasion, however can solely seem when no different world occasion is occurring. There’s a rumor that the Kraken will spawn beneath the ship with probably the most loot, because it typically spawns each time all the opposite occasions are full.

It additionally will assault the primary ship to hit the open ocean after all of the occasions are accomplished. Whereas the Kraken would not have an enormous cloud, like the opposite occasion indicators, gamers will know that they’re being focused by the black ink that surrounds their boat and the eerie music.

9 Sunken Ships

Sea of Thieves Sunken Ship

Sunken ships aren’t innately horrifying as they normally include some loot (generally even holding the Reaper’s Chest). Nonetheless, the look of them is fairly terrifying. Whether or not the participant has a worry of the open ocean or not, the sport manages to intensify this as a result of depth-perception.

Relying on how deep the ship is, the gamers might not even be capable of see the ocean flooring as they swim into the ship and journey via every flooring. There additionally is not any music underwater, simply the sound of silence.

8 Sharks

Sea of Thieves Shark

What makes sunken ships even scarier is that they’re hotspots for sharks. The sharks on this recreation are fairly spooky, whether or not you discover them scary or not. As a result of the sport is in first-person, they’re usually straightforward to overlook whereas swimming and completely sneak up on gamers.

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Getting attacked by sharks can be horrifying, as they slowly swim in direction of the gamers, simply earlier than lunging and taking a chunk. It is like the sport needs gamers to listen to the Jaws theme each time they see them.

7 Skeleton Ships

Sea of Thieves Skeleton Ship

Skeleton ships are throughout the ocean, crusing in a spread of various sizes. The skeleton ships spawn randomly and search for participant ships to assault. They are often discerned by their ragged hulls, tattered sails, and shiny glowing lights throughout the deck that normally shine a mixture of inexperienced, white, purple, or blue. Seeing skeleton ships on the horizon can generally be horrifying as many gamers might mistake it for an additional participant ship.

The skeleton ships additionally spawn throughout one of many phrase occasions the place waves and waves come crashing in to assault. Skeleton ships pack a punch, however will not chase gamers too lengthy. If a participant decides to assault again and combat the skeleton ships to smithereens, then there will probably be some loot in retailer for the victor.

6 Fort Of The Damned

Sea of Thieves Fort of the Damned

Fort of the Damned is one other world occasion that must be activated by a participant. Just about this is sort of a skeleton fort, the place waves of enemies will come to assault the gamers who started the trial. There normally can be an enormous boss for the gamers to assault. The Fort of the Damned additionally notifies everybody on the server that it has been began.

Because of this different gamers may resolve to come back and assist, or most of the time, come and plunder their booty.

5 Storms

Sea of Thieves Storm

Storms are fairly freaky within the recreation, however usually gamers will know the place they’re at all through the sport primarily based on the large gray clouds within the sky. However storms embody giant areas, and can normally be wanted to sail via to go from island to island.

The storms rock the ship, making it more durable to navigate and damaging the hull. Additionally they add water to the bottom deck so somebody must always be bucketing it out. And may trigger lightning to strike the ship, beginning fires and surprising gamers. A participant can be struck by lightning extra regularly and severely if they’ve their sword out.

4 Ghost Ships

Sea of Thieves Ghost Ship

The Flameheart occasion is extremely enjoyable, however gamers undoubtedly have to know what they’re getting themselves into earlier than agreeing to do that world occasion. The ghostly head of Captain Flameheart spawns randomly on the map, normally set between two islands.

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Flameheart’s gaze follows gamers throughout the map in a brilliant eerie trend and can start talking to the gamers in the event that they get too near his occasion. If the participant is in his space for too lengthy, and journey throughout the center, the ghost ships will start to assault in huge waves however will drop a ton of loot on the finish.

3 Fog

Sea of Thieves Fog

Fog seems randomly on the map and may make for some fairly spooky crusing as gamers will not be capable of see different islands or ships as simply. This sort of can act as a double-edged sword, nevertheless, as gamers can escape within the fog if they’re being chased by enemy ships and may’t/do not need to have interaction in fight.

One of the best factor to do when the fog seems is to have one participant on the entrance of the ship telling the driving force the place they should go.

2 Megalodon

Sea of Thieves Megalodon

Megalodons are in all probability the third scariest factor that gamers can encounter in Sea of Thieves. These huge sharks are available in quite a lot of colours, every usually which means a special factor, corresponding to habits, and totally different ranges of rarity.

The megalodons seem solely within the open ocean and usually spawn behind participant ships as they start their chase. They’ve their very own theme music that can start the second the chase begins and may solely be killed by cannons.

1 Different Gamers

Sea of Thieves PvP

The scariest factor gamers can encounter in Sea of Thieves are merely different gamers. The neighborhood for the sport is not the best and may begin some fairly poisonous encounters as everybody simply needs to be a pirate, and steal and homicide one another.

Nonetheless, this can be extremely enjoyable (and is). PvP is likely one of the highlights of the sport. There is a proximity voice chat that gamers use the communication with each other, generally for good and generally for dangerous. It additionally completely retains gamers on their toes as there may all the time be one other enemy participant ship simply past the horizon.

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