How WandaVision Can Nonetheless Use Mephisto

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The true villain in Westview has been revealed in Agatha Harkness, however Mephisto may nonetheless be lurking within the background of WandaVision.

WandaVision lastly has a confirmed villain in Agatha Harkness, however that doesn’t imply the present is not going to embrace Mephisto as followers have theorized from the start. With many questions nonetheless swirling concerning the creation of Westview, Wanda’s magic, and the approaching fracturing of the multiverse, there are a number of openings for Marvel’s satan to make his debut. Agatha is probably not the ultimate villain to return out of Wanda’s break with actuality.

The idea of Mephisto’s involvement comes immediately from the comics, the place he was chargeable for driving Wanda into madness. Scarlet Witch unknowingly used items of his soul to create her twins, and he killed Billy and Tommy when he reabsorbed them. Mephisto is linked to Agatha Harkness on this story as a result of the witch eliminated Wanda’s reminiscences of the twins after she misplaced them. Nonetheless, the MCU is making many adjustments to the plotline from the comics already, so Mephisto’s connection may very well be very completely different in WandaVision.

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In her theme tune “Agatha All Alongside,” Agatha Harkness revealed she has been messing with Wanda behind the scenes. Nonetheless, she doesn’t appear to be the final word supply of Westview’s issues, solely an antagonist turning the scenario in her favor. She walked into Wanda’s tv world after it was already created, leaving a variety of blanks about Wanda’s scenario.

Since WandaVision is organising the Multiverse of Insanity for the following Physician Unusual film, it is smart that there’s a much bigger energy than Agatha working behind the scenes. If Mephisto remains to be to return in WandaVision’s twisting story, there are a number of potential twists that would reveal the satan within the particulars.

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Agatha Is In League With Mephisto

WandaVision Mephisto and Agnes

For the reason that MCU has turned Agatha Harkness right into a full-scale villain as an alternative of the extra ambiguous place she occupied within the comics, she may very well be Mephisto’s ally in any nefarious plans he has for Wanda. Mephisto’s aim has all the time been to enslave human souls, which is a perfect villainous use for Wanda’s newfound reality-shaping powers.

Each Agatha and Mephisto is perhaps planning to utilize Wanda being a Nexus Being, because the unusual Nexus industrial hinted. Nexus Beings are keystones to the multiverse, and Scarlet Witch was a Nexus Being within the comics. If Mephisto has plans for multiverse, they’re prone to revolve round Wanda, however Agatha wanted to position herself within the neighborhood to maintain a more in-depth eye on the occasions of Westview, whereas Mephisto operates from the background or from his dwelling pocket dimension of Hell.

Mephisto Is The Supply Of Wanda’s Magic

Billy and Tommy in WandaVision and Mephisto in Marvel Comics

Even Wanda doesn’t appear to have all of the solutions about how her tv world was created. She doesn’t management Imaginative and prescient or her twins. She can’t deliver folks again from the useless, however mysteriously did this with Imaginative and prescient. It’s unlikely she has the power to magically create two complete folks like Billy and Tommy. As within the comics, Wanda might have been drawing on Mephisto’s energy all alongside,  which is why the twins vanished when Agatha’s plan was revealed. If she is a Nexus Being, she may very well be sourcing this magic that’s extra highly effective than she has displayed earlier than from a special dimension – or an extradimensional being like Mephisto.

The Break In The Multiverse Frees Mephisto

Doctor Strange and Mephisto

All the pieces is lining up in WandaVision to elucidate how the Multiverse of Insanity will come to be. Wanda’s energy over actuality set the stage, and now as a Nexus Being, she can be a key to the soundness of the multiverse. If something occurred to her, both from Agatha’s machinations or her personal breakdown, she may trigger the interdimensional chaos Physician Unusual will quickly encounter. Whether or not or not Mephisto has a hand in Wanda’s troubles in Westview, the fracturing of the multiverse may deliver Mephisto into play as the main villain of Section 4.

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Mephisto has by no means appeared within the MCU, regardless of the likes of Dormammu making it clear he’d match within the universe. His powers and skills will virtually actually differ from his comedian counterpart, so he might not have a solution to get to the MCU’s Earth proper now, however all that would change by the top of WandaVision. If he’s trapped in his Hell dimension or locked out of that Earth, the Multiverse of Insanity Wanda is heading towards may launch him upon the world.

Mephisto Is Nonetheless In The City

Dottie in WandaVision and Mephisto

Agatha isn’t essentially the one villain on the town. Even when he’s not working with Agnes, Mephisto could also be sustaining his personal presence within the neighborhood, performing on his personal agenda. Not each Westview resident has been recognized. Neighborhood queen bee Dottie stays suspiciously mysterious, indicating Dottie may very well be Mephisto in disguise, although there are different attainable candidates for his Westview face as much as and together with Agnes’ pet rabbit Señor Scratchy. If Mephisto is working individually from Agnes, he’s hiding in plain sight, someplace he can regulate Wanda and act when he’s prepared.

Mephisto Is Manipulating Occasions From  S.W.O.R.D.

WandaVision Episode 5 - Director Hayward

It’s attainable Mephisto’s plan just isn’t finest served from inside Westview, however outdoors. If he’s sustaining a presence round Wanda, he may simply as simply be hiding inside S.W.O.R.D. His true targets could also be higher reached by controlling how the true world reacts to Wanda’s actuality in Westview than controlling her actuality itself. Agatha would be capable of act as his agent inside if they’re aligned, avoiding the necessity for his bodily presence within the neighborhood. As an alternative, he manipulates S.W.O.R.D.’s response to make sure their interference doesn’t change his supposed end result.

Although the various hints about Mephisto may very well be purple herrings, Wanda’s present stays an ideal alternative to introduce a serious villain to trigger issues via this section of the MCU. There are solely two episodes left to reply overflowing questions, however the present may nonetheless reveal Mephisto’s affect or go away it open as a tantalizing chance for upcoming tales to substantiate. WandaVision is primed to vary the course of actuality, and Mephisto can nonetheless be a part of its unimaginable kickoff to Section 4.

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