How one can Get “Useless Man’s Story” Unique Scout Rifle in Future 2

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The brand new unique scout rifle, Useless Man’s Story, in Future 2 takes a bit of labor to amass, however it’s well worth the trouble, particularly with a god roll.

Week Two of Future 2’s Season of the Chosen kicked off on February 16, 2021, introducing the brand new unique quest for the Useless Man’s Story scout rifle and one other week of seasonal challenges. An homage to leverage-action Winchesters made well-known in Western movies, Useless Man’s Story sports activities low recoil and a perk that will increase harm with every precision hit. The scout rifle is nice for annihilating minor and main combatants and might even be a contender for boss harm if Guardians discover themselves out of particular and heavy ammo.

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The Future 2 neighborhood assumed the mysterious ship launched in screenshots revealed previous to Season of the Chosen’s launch was the placement for an unique quest. That assumption was revealed to be true as of February 16, 2021. As a part of the search to acquire Useless Man’s Story, Guardians will board that mysterious ship and struggle by Scorn enemies and deal with some attention-grabbing puzzles as they navigate the derelict vessel.

How one can Get “Useless Man’s Story” Unique Scout Rifle in Future 2

Buying the Useless Man’s Story unique scout rifle in Future 2 requires a number of steps. Step one gamers ought to take is to load into the Arms Seller strike on the EDZ. As soon as there, Guardians must kill all of the enemies within the first room. After carrying out that, as a substitute of deploying their Ghost and continuing by the strike, players will discover some doorways open on the suitable facet of the room. Undergo these doorways and struggle by the enemies past till reaching a few platforms outdoors.

Defeat the minor boss situated there and journey to the furthermost platform on the suitable. Inside an open container gamers will discover a scannable merchandise. Scan the merchandise and return to Zavala within the Tower, who will give Guardians a quest known as “The Voice on the Different Facet,” which unlocks “The Presage” unique quest on the Tangled Shore. Opening the Tangled Shore on the map will enable gamers to see the icon for the search within the higher left nook of the map.

Launch the search and gamers will load right into a cutscene and start their journey to navigating the mysterious ship. On the touchdown pad, followers will discover they can’t open the entrance bay door into the ship. As an alternative, they need to flip left (if going through the door) and leap onto some platforms far off the ramp’s edge towards the ship’s exterior hull.

Hold platforming round a nook that juts to the suitable and proceed upward and ahead. Ultimately, gamers will come throughout a gap on the suitable after they attain the ultimate platform. Journeying by that door will lead Guardians by some twists and turns in what appears like a air flow system. Shoot some steel grates to disclose extra pathways and finally leap right down to the ground under. That is the place followers will come throughout a few of the quest’s major mechanics to resolve some puzzles: Levers and Spores.

Levers open doorways that sometimes present entry to Spores or Electrical Cores gamers might want to destroy to both open one other door or disable {an electrical} discipline. Spores grant a buff known as the Egregore Hyperlink when gamers stand subsequent to them and shoot them. With the buff, Guardians can cross by sure fields which can be in any other case protected by a lethal substance that can slowly kill gamers who attempt to enter the pathway with out the Egregore Hyperlink buff.

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Navigating the ship is comparatively simple. Gamers will spend a while pulling levers, capturing spores, passing by protected fields, and destroying energy cores to close down electrical fields or open doorways. Discover each room to find the hidden levers, spores, and electrical cores. Ultimately, gamers will drop down onto a platform that can rotate as their Guardian will get near create a floor on which to face. Seeking to the suitable will reveal a small chute into which players should drop, resulting in a trash compactor space the place the partitions will shut in (after pulling a lever) till gamers turn out to be squished.

To flee, followers should shoot the steel grates on the bottom to disclose energy cores beneath. Shoot all the facility cores (three whole) to make the partitions pause and retract. One of many grates can have a trapdoor beneath that can fall away after the partitions stop transferring. Guardians will then drop down the opening and proceed making their manner by the ship. The subsequent huge room gamers come throughout will spawn waves of Scorn. These enemies are robust and having the ability to destroy all three elemental defend varieties will probably be a plus within the subsequent couple rooms.

Struggle by the waves of enemies in these two rooms, the latter of which is a hangar space. As soon as all enemies are defeated, depart the hangar by heading left from the room’s entrance, leaving outdoors by the big bay doorways and platforming across the ship’s exterior once more. Platforming will lead gamers to a different hangar bay, the place they might want to leap upward to search out one other pathway. Proceed ahead, finishing extra puzzles using levers, spores, and vitality cores whereas combating off Scorn enemies. Ultimately, players will come to a boss room. The boss shouldn’t be too troublesome however does require some agility to keep away from his devastating melee assaults or fireplace streaks. In the course of the struggle, the boss will leap down onto one other flooring under the place the struggle begins. This second space causes burn harm. So, gamers might want to activate three levers on the highest flooring, considered one of which is in a room that additionally causes burn harm. For solo gamers, save this swap for final.

Activating all three levers extinguishes the burn harm on the underside flooring and followers can now take the struggle to the boss once more. Nevertheless, after depleting sufficient of his well being, the burn harm will reactivate, and Guardians might want to hit the three levers on the highest flooring once more. Throughout this time, enemies will spawn, and gamers ought to dispatch them earlier than specializing in the levers and returning to the boss (photo voltaic harm is really useful for shields, although, stasis can be good for space management).

For gamers tackling the mission solo, the boss struggle is greater than doable. After leaping right down to struggle the boss when the burn harm has been deactivated, stand on one finish of the room and deal harm. The boss will shut the gap. When he does, leap as much as the highest flooring, run to the opposite finish, and drop again right down to deal extra harm. Repeat the method till the burn harm comes again and it’s time to pull the levers and kill provides once more.

As soon as the boss is defeated, an indicator will seem on the map gamers ought to observe. It would lead them down one other slim path and open into an space the place the Guardian who put out the misery sign is situated. He’s tremendous useless, however that is the place players get their prize: The Useless Man’s Story unique scout rifle. Nevertheless, followers mustn’t freak out if the weapon doesn’t seem of their stock straight away, as they must revisit Zavala to formally unlock it and have it of their possession. From there, gamers can repeat the Presage mission to get the random rolls for The Useless Man’s Story.

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Future 2 is out there on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Collection X/S.

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