How Nightwing Was A Higher Father Determine To Robin Than Batman

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Robin and his father are having some severe household points resulting from Batman’s nature, proving Nightwing was a a lot better father determine to Damian.

The journey of DC Comics’ Damian Wayne is one which is stuffed with battle and turmoil. Continually battling with an interior darkness due to his equally darkish upbringing, Damian has lastly reached his breaking level and has decided to go down darkish paths, distancing himself from his position as Robin in addition to his father Batman. A lot of this has to do with Batman’s lack of emotional vary to be as out there as a father ought to be. Whereas Batman himself has admitted his failings to his son, it appears as if it is too little too late. Nevertheless, when Nightwing was companions with Robin, he served as extra of a optimistic father determine than Bruce Wayne had ever been, particularly in current comics.

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The son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, Damian Wayne had no selection however to develop up quick below the tutelage of his grandfather Ra’s al Ghul and his League of Assassins. By the age of ten, Damian had already develop into one of many deadliest killers on the earth, and the supposed new Inheritor to the Demon. Batman did not even know of his son’s existence till this level, however shortly took him in and skilled him additional to restrain his killer instincts and develop into the following Robin. Nevertheless, after Batman’s supposed demise and the Battle For The Cowl storyline, Nightwing took Bruce’s place as Batman, and Damian labored by his facet as his Robin. Dick Grayson would show essential in serving to mould Damian’s new life and position in Gotham, tempering all that he had discovered with the League and reshaping these expertise into being a drive for justice and good, with out the necessity for deadly ways. Grayson additionally expressed loads of love and optimistic self-discipline in the direction of the younger hero, simply as a father would, and on a deeper degree than Bruce ever had.

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Whereas Damian would nonetheless be prideful, snobbish, and boastful, he is all the time had a kinship and particular bond with Nightwing consequently. Lately, within the DC Rebirth period, Robin and Nightwing talked concerning the good outdated days throughout Grant Morrison’s run on the brand new Dynamic Duo, and Nightwing even revealed that he had thought of holding Damian as his accomplice even after Bruce got here again.

Regardless of Nightwing’s fears that he would not be capable to deal with the accountability of caring for Damian like a “father,” it turns into fairly evident that he in all probability would’ve accomplished a greater job than Bruce has, particularly contemplating current occasions like the demise of Alfred, who was killed by Bane proper in entrance of Damian. In Teen Titans Annual #2 it was confirmed that Batman was not there for his son, as a substitute selecting to take care of his personal grief and struggling, throwing himself into his work at Batman and leaving Robin by himself. That is what has result in Damain in search of deadly justice on criminals. He needs somebody to punish. If not for Batman and the Teen Titans, Damian would have undoubtedly killed KGBeast, who was chargeable for capturing Nightwing within the head and nearly killing him. Nonetheless, Damian has now deserted his position as Robin and has run away from his father in favor of taking down criminals nevertheless he so chooses, even by deadly means.

Whereas Nightwing may need been nervous about whether or not or not he might have dealt with caring for Robin, it is clear that he would’ve accomplished miles higher than Batman. Sadly, Batman had expressed only a few moments of care and affection to his son, regardless of that indisputable fact that he does certainly love Damian. Batman cares and loves all of these inside his Bat Household, he is simply horrible at exhibiting it. His availability is missing, particularly when it is wanted most, as seen in current points. Hopefully Batman can develop into higher and attain out to his son on a deeper degree like he all the time ought to have. For now, followers of the Batman mythos can look again on the more healthy relationship between Nightwing and Robin, and picture what might have been had it continued.

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