Flash’s Best Enemy Thought He May Make Marvel Lady A Higher Hero

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When Marvel Lady confronted the Reverse Flash, he tried to enhance her, however he solely succeeded in highlighting what’s so spectacular about Diana.

The Flash’s biggest enemy, Hunter Zolomon AKA the Reverse Flash, as soon as tried to make Marvel Lady into a greater hero! In a two-part crossover happening in The Flash #219 and Marvel Lady #214, by writers Geoff Johns and Greg Rucka and artists Justiano and Drew Johnson, Zoom and Cheetah (one among Marvel Lady’s most deadly foes) be a part of forces, and through the course of battle, he notices Marvel Lady. In Zolomon’s twisted thoughts, he exists to make the Flash a greater hero, and now he applies that very same logic to Marvel Lady.

There have been quite a lot of characters who’ve used the Reverse Flash title, Hunter Zolomon amongst them. On the time, Zolomon was in contrast to different speedsters, utilizing time manipulation to simulate the looks of tremendous velocity fairly than tapping into the Pace Power. He exists outdoors of the time stream, which distorts his speech and provides him an otherworldly aura. What actually makes Zolomon a risk is his motivation: he feels an excellent private tragedy is what makes a hero; and he’s obsessive about Barry Allen’s profession because the Flash. Deciding such a tragedy was missing within the lifetime of Wally West, who was at that time DC’s Flash, he got down to kill West’s pregnant spouse Linda. Zolomon’s distinctive powers and twisted motivation make him one of many Flash’s strongest villains; throughout this crossover, he decides Marvel Lady may benefit from his “assist” as effectively.

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The Cheetah and Zolomon staff up, with Cheetah asking Zolomon to offer her the ability of tremendous velocity to really reside as much as her namesake. He does this, and the 2 go on a criminal offense spree, which naturally attracts the eye of Marvel Lady and the Flash. After revealing to Marvel Lady that he enhanced the Cheetah, he declares he’s now going to do the identical for her… simply not in the identical method. Clearly, Marvel Lady doesn’t need his assist, saying she was made by gods and is uncertain Zolomon may enhance on the design.

Zolomon Cheetah

Marvel Lady’s refusal enrages Zolomon, who takes the combat to Themyscira. He assaults Carisa, one among Marvel Lady’s fellow Amazons, punching her 200 occasions in lower than a minute. Angered over this mindless act of violence, Marvel Lady unleashes her fury on Zolomon, rapidly overpowering him. As she ties him up in her lasso, she will get one final jab in at Zolomon, questioning his standing as a “hero.” She returns to America and the Flash, who has simply defeated Cheetah. Sadly, she and Zolomon are capable of escape, and the crossover ends with Zolomon being accepted into the Society of Tremendous Villains.

What’s fascinating about this story is the way it expands on the core concepts of each Reverse Flash and Marvel Lady. Whereas Zolomon has all the time been deranged, it is solely in arising towards an icon like Marvel Lady that he seems so silly. The key of the Reverse Flash is that in a comic-book universe, he is proper – tragedy does often make heroes extra fascinating to followers. However in encountering Marvel Lady, he comes up towards a hero who is larger than that, an thought made flesh, and his worldview fails in response. Likewise, the story explores how completely different Marvel Lady truly is to different heroes. There is not any single love curiosity that Zolomon can goal to redefine her character; her worth lies in who she is and what she represents, not in what she’s misplaced. Reverse Flash might enhance his popularity within the DC Comics world by escaping Marvel Lady, however for readers, she’s the one left standing tall on the finish of the story.

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