Edward vs. Jacob: Who Was The Higher Character?

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Edward Cullen and Jacob Black fought for Bella’s love within the Twilight sequence. They have been each complicated characters, this is how they examine.

One of many greatest questions that followers had on their minds when studying the Twilight saga was if Bella would find yourself with Edward or Jacob. Whereas it appeared pretty apparent that Edward and Bella have been the endgame couple, many followers rooted exhausting for Bella and Jacob.

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The ship conflict even spawned the Group Edward and Group Jacob phenomenon. However, the actual query is which of those two was the higher character general.

10 Jacob: He began off as a sweetheart

Jacob Black is launched within the sequence as a younger teen who’s general fairly light and sort. He actually is sort of the lover, and he’s good friend to Bella. He completely looks like the kind of teen you’d need to be associates with whereas in highschool, and whereas he nonetheless had some rising as much as do, he was very endearing.

It’s unlucky, nonetheless, that he sort of turned extra of a jerk in a while.

9 Edward: He did every little thing he might to maintain Bella protected

Edward has lots of his personal flaws, and one of many worst is that he could be susceptible to self-loathing. He didn’t need Beall to change into a vampire as a result of he thought it might rattling her soul, and he additionally apprehensive about her bodily security due to being in such shut proximity to vampires.

Whereas he in all probability ought to have stepped again and let her make her personal selections, he did need to hold her protected.

8 Jacob: His household and cultural historical past was actually attention-grabbing

Jacob and Billy Black Twilight

The mythology of the shapeshifters is actually reasonably attention-grabbing, and most of the Quileute tribe deserve extra focus within the books than they obtained.

Jacob’s connection to the unique shapeshifters by way of his household historical past was an attention-grabbing hyperlink, and there have been a number of actually cool parts there that might have been checked out much more totally than they have been.

7 Edward: He was extra mysterious

Seeing as how Twilight is a romance sequence at its core, the romantic lead must be intriguing and alluring. Whereas Jacob turns into extra engaging as he will get slightly older and turns into a supernatural creature himself, Edward begins off having the mysterious factor down.

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Plus, vampires are supposed to be extraordinarily engaging and compelling to people as a result of it’s a part of the way in which they’re able to lure their human prey.

6 Jacob: He was usually extra relatable

Jacob Black in Twilight

Edward might need been thrilling as a vampire character with a number of traditional romance tropes of the brooding, mysterious man, however Jacob was extra relatable.

He was simply a young person that lived a reasonably regular life, had a caring father, and frolicked together with his associates. In New Moon, he was good friend to Bella, and he struggled to deal with studying he was a werewolf.

5 Edward: He didn’t imprint on a toddler

Jacob actually didn’t get the very best character arc within the sequence, and seeing as how he’s fictional, we’ve to do not forget that these have been selections made by the creator. Jacob might have been a way more attention-grabbing and lovable character if he had stayed extra like he was within the first two books.

The entire imprinting factor was simply unusual and pointless, and plenty of followers want it by no means occurred.

4 Jacob: He was there for Bella when Edward left

When Edward broke up with Bella, he was making an attempt to do what he thought was finest after seeing how simply Bella might be injured and even killed by different vampires. Nevertheless, he actually devastated Bella when he left.

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Jacob was there for Bella when she was going by way of a extremely exhausting time. He was prepared to place up together with her intense feelings and despair, and it’s a disgrace that he began to develop resentful.

3 Edward: He was extra constant

Edward positively has flaws and a few destructive character traits, however he does keep fairly constant all through the sequence. He typically needs to ensure Bella is protected, and he worries about her having the ability to make the alternatives which might be finest for her.

Jacob has moments the place he looks like a greater individual than Edward, however then he ruins all of it by being fully scary in a while.

2 Jacob: Edward was too controlling

Twilight Bella Edward bed

The largest black mark in opposition to Edward was his tendency to be manner too controlling.

Attempting to maintain somebody protected is an effective factor, nevertheless it’s not okay to make use of that as an excuse to manage one other individual. One of many worst issues he did was to destroy Bella’s truck to maintain her from going to see Jacob. That’s abusive conduct for positive.

1 Edward: Jacob assaulted Bella

Edward was within the fallacious when he was controlling, however Jacob was no saint. One of the upsetting scenes within the books is when Jacob kisses Bella in Eclipse.

She tells him no, and she or he even pushes him away forcefully, however he retains kissing her anyway. He very clearly assaulted her, however this will get considerably dismissed, besides by Edward who’s upset by it. It’s exhausting to be on Jacob’s facet after this.

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