Each Star Wars Easter Egg In The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer

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The Mandalorian season 2 trailer is packed stuffed with Star Wars Easter eggs and references. The primary season of The Mandalorian was primarily the Disney+ flagship present, and it proved an absolute hit, releasing to in style and demanding acclaim. Season 2 was in a position to end manufacturing earlier than the coronavirus pandemic, and Disney has confirmed episodes will start popping out on Disney+ on October 30.

Casting choices have raised some concern that The Mandalorian season 2 might be preoccupied with putting the Lucasfilm live-action tv collection in its context within the Star Wars galaxy, and that this may result in season 2 shedding its personal sense of distinctive id. Fortuitously, The Mandalorian season 2 trailer appears designed to assuage these fears, reassuring viewers that that is the continuation of the story begun in season 1. The Mandalorian himself and Child Yoda are on the middle of the trailer, reassuring audiences that they will not be overshadowed by the likes of Boba Fett or Ahsoka Tano.

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Like all trailers, The Mandalorian season 2’s trailer is designed to hide as a lot as to disclose, whetting followers’ urge for food to see what actually does occur. Nonetheless, it options plenty of essential Easter eggs that trace at a extra serialized method to storytelling, with the Mandalorian now on a quest to find the Jedi. Let’s study all of the Easter eggs.

21. A Mysterious Fuel Big and a Moon

The Mandalorian Gas Giant

It is a large galaxy, and all one of the best Star Wars movies and TV collection broaden it. Lucasfilm Tv’s dedication to doing simply that was demonstrated in The Mandalorian season 1, which launched an entire host of latest planets to the galaxy. The trailer for The Mandalorian season 2 opens with a promise that it’ll proceed so as to add new worlds to the galaxy, with a gap shot that includes an unknown fuel large. One of many moons orbiting the fuel large is clearly inhabitable, and Mando and Child Yoda are heading there. No context is offered for this new world, so it could be a significant location, or alternatively it may simply be a stopping-off level.

20. The Razor Crest Is Broken

The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer Razor Crest

The Razor Crest flies into view, heading in the direction of the unknown moon. Mando’s ship has clearly taken a battering, and observe the touchdown ramp is down for some purpose. That does not imply the Razor Crest’s inside is uncovered to hoover, although, as a result of within the Star Wars galaxy most ships have force-fields as a secondary safety within the occasion one thing occurs like this. Nonetheless, there’s clearly a narrative behind this, maybe suggesting Mando has barely survived a starfight of some variety, and is now headed for sanctuary on this thriller moon. A later shot exhibits the Razor Crest burning up in an environment, its flight clearly barely managed; given the harm the Razor Crest has sustained, that probably continues from right here. The music in The Mandalorian season 2’s trailer is a riff on the primary season, slowed down and made extra contemplative. It offers the trailer a extra nuanced, confident really feel – however there’s nonetheless plenty of motion to observe.

19. The Mandalorian & The Baby

The Mandalorian and Child

The Mandalorian season 2 trailer strikes on to point out its starring characters, Mando – or Din Djarin, as he was lastly named in season 1 – and Child Yoda. The bond between the 2 appears to have grown nearer for the reason that first season, suggesting there’s been some passage of time. The trailer makes use of dialogue from the Armorer in season 1, wherein she requested to see the one who had been value a lot disruption to the final remnants of Mandalorian civilization, and gave Din Djarin a mission. It is a sensible transfer on Lucasfilm’s half, as a result of it emphasizes season 2 as a continuation of that story. It is inconceivable to say what world Mando and Child Yoda are on at this level, as a result of it is solely seen whenever you alter the colour distinction. They’re arriving in the dark, which can or is probably not deliberate; it is simpler to slide right into a city unnoticed when plenty of the inhabitants are asleep.

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18. A Mysterious Metropolis Location – With Curious Graffiti

The Mandalorian Season 2 City

It appears Mando and Child Yoda are strolling into an unknown metropolis. The architectural type is unfamiliar, so this can be one other model new location. Adjusting the colour distinction reveals the partitions are lined with graffiti, and there is some dialogue the paintings is harking back to Sabine Wren’s in Star Wars RebelsThe Mandalorian season 2 has forged Rosario Dawson as a live-action Ahsoka Tano, and he or she was final seen touring into the Unknown Areas with Sabine, so it would not be a shock to see references to Sabine as effectively. It is too quickly to say for sure, nonetheless, as a result of extra (and clearer) samples of the paintings shall be wanted. A later shot exhibits Mando hanging a sufferer by the toes right here, so he could also be on a bounty.

17. Return To Tatooine

The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer Tatooine Tusken Raider

The Mandalorian season 2 returns to Tatooine, as evidenced by pictures just like the one above, exhibiting a Tusken Raider using a bantha, with the Razor’s Crest within the distance. This return is sensible, as season 1 left plenty of free ends on Luke Skywalker’s homeworld. There have been hints the final remnants of the Empire had retained some kind of presence on Tatooine, and the natives did not precisely welcome them with open arms; when Mando walked by Mos Eisley he noticed Stormtrooper helmets on pikes, a transparent warning to another Imperials who’d be tempted to go there. Whereas he was on Tatooine in season 1, Mando encountered Imperial murderer Fennec Shand, who claimed to be making an attempt to make a rendezvous at Mos Espa. Observe that Mos Espa does not have a spaceport, so whoever Shand was trying to fulfill is probably going based mostly on Tatooine.

Temuera Morrison has been forged as Boba Fett in The Mandalorian season 2, and it is usually believed he was arrange on Tatooine in season 1, episode 5. Within the closing scenes, the unconscious Shand was approached by an unseen character, whose boots made a clinking sound as he walked. Star Wars has related these sort of spurs with Boba Fett. This may occasionally, in fact, merely be sensible misdirection on Lucasfilm’s half.

16. The Mandalorian Could Be Visiting Ilum

The Mandalorian Season 2 Ice Planet Ilum

Various scenes in The Mandalorian season 2 trailer present Mando and Child Yoda heading to an icy world, one which visually corresponds to the planet Ilum. This was one of many holy websites of the Jedi Order, a planet wealthy in kyber crystals. Inside a yr of his rise to energy in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine started the method of Terraforming Ilum, reworking it into Starkiller Base. This course of was nonetheless in its early phases when Cal Kestis visited Ilum in Jedi: Fallen Order, and the aesthetics there have been similar to this frigid world. By the point of The Mandalorian, 5 years after the Battle of Endor, it will likely be in its closing phases.

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15. The Mandalorian Investigates A Crashed Ship

The Mandalorian Crashed Ship

There’s one other shot of this thriller ice planet, exhibiting Mando and Child Yoda investigating a crashed ship. It seems to be fairly a small vessel, and it does not look to have been there for too lengthy; discover that it hasn’t been buried by the snow. Child Yoda is unusually reserved and contemplative on this shot, which can effectively match with the idea that is Ilum; the ache of the kyber crystals would resonate within the Power, and Child Yoda would sense that.

14. A Quarren Market – Suggesting A Go to To Mon Cala?

The subsequent shot strikes to some kind of market at a fishing city. The bleached colour scheme is harking back to Corellia in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but it surely’s value noting the general public at this market are members of an aquatic race referred to as the Quarren. They’re one of many two races who dwell on the planet Mon Cala, in an usually tense relationship with the Mon Calamari (essentially the most notable instance of which is Admiral Ackbar). Mon Cala performed a key position within the Galactic Civil Battle, as a result of its in depth shipyards produced a number of the Insurgent Alliance’s most essential capital ships. If that is Mon Cala, it is the primary trace Mando and Child Yoda are scouting out Republic worlds.

13. Mandalore Versus The Jedi

The Armorer’s dialogue from The Mandalorian season 1 has been persevering with within the background all by this sequence, and it’s lastly constructing to a climax. The Armorer tells Din Djarin of the legends of the Jedi, a race who fought towards the Mandalorians eons in the past. She is recounting the legend of Mandalore the Nice, the Mandalorian who turned a Jedi Knight however left them; and, in fact, she can be hinting on the origin of the Darksaber. The one identified black lightsaber in existence, that is nearly sacred to the Mandalorians, and is historically wielded by their chief.

Moff Gideon was revealed to have acquired it on the finish of The Mandalorian season 1, and attentive viewers will observe the sound of the Darksaber’s being activated within the background because the Armorer discusses the historical past between the Jedi and the Mandalorians. In accordance with Giancarlo Esposito, who performs Moff Gideon, “[The Darksaber] is a key to Moff Gideon’s previous, which presumably has so much to do with the place he comes from and his want to construct a planet and produce it again collectively.

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12. Season 2’s Mission: Delivering Child Yoda To The Jedi

Din Djarin and Baby Yoda in Mandalorian season 2

The Mandalorian season 1 was primarily a collection of one-shot adventures, however season 2 feels to have extra of a conventional serialized method. In accordance with The Mandalorian season 2’s trailer, the overarching plot is the mission Din Djarin was given by the Armorer; to return Child Yoda to his personal variety, believed to be the Jedi. This quest would clarify why he would go to a legendary Jedi world like Ilum, and in addition why he’d head into Republic house, given there can be legends of Luke Skywalker’s victories for the Insurgent Alliance. Mark Hamill is not anticipated to seem, however as a substitute Mando will in the end discover his solution to Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano. Given Ahsoka knew Grasp Yoda personally, she’ll acknowledge Mando’s diminutive sidekick.

11. Introducing Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks in The Mandalorian season 2 cropped

The Mandalorian‘s season 2 trailer strikes on to introduce Sasha Banks’ character, standing in shadows watching Mando and Child Yoda. There’s been some hypothesis Banks has been forged as a live-action Sabine Wren, however frankly that appears unlikely; Banks’ pores and skin colour is totally different, and her face and physique language exhibit none of Sabine’s vitality. The trailer itself seems to be hinting Banks is a Jedi, however that appears distinctly odd, as a result of that is effectively earlier than Luke Skywalker started passing on what he had discovered. It is doable Ahsoka has taken on a Padawan of her personal, although.

10. A Quarren Boat

The Mandalorian Quarren Boat

Crusing has change into all the trend in Star Wars after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and Mando heads out on a Quarren boat. No context is offered for this scene, however it could be a part of his investigations into the Jedi. The Jedi had a presence on Mon Cala even into the Darkish Occasions, with Darth Vader personally main a strike staff towards Order 66 survivors who had taken refuge there.

9. The Razor Crest Flying With Republic X-Wings

The Mandalorian Season 2 Razor's Crest and X-Wings

The Mandalorian season 2 trailer suggests Mando will really kind an alliance with the New Republic, as a result of he is seen flying alongside X-Wings. There are solely a few X-Wings, and so they appear to work with Mando on an assault run. Lucasfilm might want to tread rigorously right here, as a result of Mando already is aware of the Empire are nonetheless much more lively than the New Republic realized. Fortuitously, it should not be too arduous to keep away from main continuity issues; Din Djarin is not precisely talkative, and he’d in all probability solely give away data if he felt there have been credit in it for him.

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8. The Mandalorian On A Speeder Bike (With Boba Fett’s Armor?)

The Mandalorian Tatooine Speeder Bike

The Mandalorian season 2 trailer strikes again to Tatooine once more, with Mando and Child Yoda touring throughout the dunes on a speeder bike. It is an iconic shot, so it isn’t arduous to see simply why that is within the trailer, however there may be completely no context. It is going to be attention-grabbing to see whether or not season 2 has only one episode on Tatooine, or whether or not it stays on Luke Skywalker’s homeworld for an extended time frame. It is easy to overlook, and you do not get a transparent view, however Mando seems to be carrying one thing on the again of the speeder – presumably items of Boba Fett’s armor.

7. Cara Dune and Greef Karga

The Mandalorian Season 2 Greef Karga Cara Dune

Cara Dune and Greef Karga are returning in The Mandalorian season 2, though the trailer suggests they will not play a significant position. This shot is recognizable as Navarro, suggesting Greef Karga has been rebuilding the Bounty Hunters Guild chapter there. It is really fairly amusing to think about Cara Dune now working as Karga’s lieutenant within the Guild, given she was first launched on the run from them in season 1. Presumably her personal bounty has both expired, or been waived.

6. Extra New TIE Fighters At A Mysterious Imperial Outpost

The Mandalorian Outland TIE Fighter

The Mandalorian season 1 launched a brand new TIE Fighter, the so-called “Outland TIE Fighter,” with wings that folded when touchdown. This may occasionally suggest the Outland TIE Fighter is piloted by specialists who’re expert at each aerial and floor fight, as a result of it seems designed to land in even essentially the most inhospitable of terrains. The Outland TIE Fighter makes a return in The Mandalorian season 2 trailer, with a quick glimpse of an Imperial outpost crammed with them. Showrunner Jon Favreau has at all times claimed The Mandalorian will discover the origin of the First Order, revealing how the Imperial Remnant morphed into a brand new kind, and the trailer means that promise shall be fulfiled. This shot is straight away adopted by photographs of Stormtroopers, together with Imperial Scout Troopers, reinforcing the purpose.

5. The Mandalorian Trapped Underwater

The Mandalorian Underwater

There is a temporary shot of the Mandalorian struggling in some kind of underwater lure. It is cheap to imagine that is a part of the episode set on a waterworld, probably Mon Cala. On the similar time, although, Mando’s desperation is relatively odd; you’d count on his armor to have an inner oxygen provide for this type of eventuality. It is doable the rationale for his urgency is that he fears one thing is occurring to Child Yoda.

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4. The Mandalorian’s Jetpack

The Mandalorian Jet Pack (1)

The Mandalorian season 1 noticed Mando lastly purchase a jet pack. He did not have a lot time to coach with it earlier than it sustained some harm through the combat with Moff Gideon, however evidently it is nonetheless practical; there’s one shot of Din Djarin utilizing it to launch himself off a cliffside. That is the one shot of the jet pack in use, suggesting Mando nonetheless hasn’t fairly built-in it together with his traditional fight type. Discover the lighting and colours correspond with the Imperial outpost, suggesting he could also be about to start a strafing run.

3. The Mandalorian Betrayed At A Gamorrean Preventing Match

The Mandalorian Betrayed

The Mandalorian attends a Gamorrean preventing match, apparently to fulfill with an Abyssin named Gore Keresh (in response to the subtitles). Keresh tells Mando that that is no place to deliver a toddler, however Mando insists Child Yoda stays with him always – which prompts an act of betrayal. It is cheap to imagine Keresh is a criminal offense lord of some variety, and this may increasingly effectively point out an escalation of Imperial pursuit; the Bounty Hunters Guild has failed to usher in Mando, so now the Empire is working with criminals as effectively. They do have historical past with this, with even Darth Vader personally assembly Jabba the Hutt now and again.

Hilariously, Child Yoda retracts the protect of his crib, with the fan-favorite character conveying a profound sense of weariness. He is aware of precisely what’s about to occur – and, although the combat itself is blacked out, it is protected to say Mando emerges victorious, and Gore Keresh learns the arduous method why it is a dangerous concept to betray a Mandalorian warrior.

2. “This Is The Means”

The Mandalorian This Is The Way

The blacked-out battle ends, and Mando then kills one of many Gamorreans from the combat membership for good measure. “That is the Means,” he observes, a line that has primarily change into the present’s catchphrase and is thus given prominence within the trailer. Mando is, in fact, referring to the code of honor that he lives by – which could have prompted him to answer Gore Keresh’s treachery in deadly trend.

1. A New Emblem For The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian New Logo

The Mandalorian season 2 trailer ends with the present’s new brand, which exhibits Mando and Child Yoda strolling aspect by aspect on an unknown world. Child Yoda’s existence was intentionally hid in advertising and marketing for season 1, however now he too is a longtime a part of The Mandalorian‘s id as a Star Wars TV collection. The brand new season will start on October 30, with episodes presumably releasing in response to the standard Disney+ weekly schedule.

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