Each Plot Gap Voyager’s Ending Triggered (& How Picard Can Repair)

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The finale of Star Trek: Voyager prompted a number of plot holes that the present by no means had time to handle, however Star Trek: Picard might take the chance to clear up a few of the questions followers nonetheless have. The sequence finale of Voyager, titled “Endgame” noticed the crew of the usVoyager lastly returning residence from their lengthy journey by means of the Delta Quadrant, aided by a future model of their captain, the now-Admiral Kathryn Janeway. “Endgame” managed to tie up plenty of free ends for the sequence, the most important being the crew’s profitable homecoming. Together with this, Admiral Janeway managed to avert a number of cataclysmic occasions that will have befallen the crew, and Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres additionally received a candy conclusion to their love story by means of the beginning of their daughter, a storyline that had been constructing all season.

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“Endgame” might have wrapped some issues up properly, however there have been additionally plenty of plot holes created by the episode. Ending with out exhibiting the majority of Voyager’s homecoming raised a variety of questions on what might have occurred to the crew after they received again to Earth. Due to being stranded within the Delta Quadrant, Voyager’s crew have been capable of break some guidelines they would not have been capable of in any other case. Returning to Federation area nevertheless would imply that such points because the Maquis crewmembers, Seven of 9’s Borg id, and Janeway’s violation of the Temporal Prime Directive would must be addressed, one thing that followers by no means received to see throughout the conclusion of “Endgame”.

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Fortunately, Star Trek: Picard would possibly have the ability to fill a few of these gaps. Picard, which premiered in 2020, takes place simply over twenty years after the tip of Voyager and the 2 exhibits are already linked with Picard bringing again Seven of 9 as a part of the principle forged. Picard has the prospect to handle and clarify the key plot holes that “Endgame” by no means received round to and will go an extended method to giving Voyager followers a greater sense of closure about their favourite sequence.

Captain Janeway Breaks Time Journey Guidelines

Time journey options closely in Star Trek: Voyager, so the truth that the principle storyline in “Endgame” centered round it’s not a shock. In an effort to assist her former crew get residence sooner, Admiral Janeway steals expertise from the Klingons which she makes use of to ship herself again in time and aide Voyager in utilizing a Borg transwarp conduit to get again to the Alpha Quadrant. Her actions are a severe violation of the Temporal Prime Directive, a Starfleet precept that expressly forbids officers from altering the timeline or meddling in occasions each previous and future. By serving to Voyager, Admiral Janeway rewrote the longer term and doomed her personal timeline by no means to exist, that means that something she or anybody else did throughout that timeline would possibly by no means occur, or would possibly occur otherwise if it nonetheless does.

The Admiral broke the directive two-fold when she determined to inform her youthful self about occasions sooner or later, occasions such because the deaths of Seven of 9 and Chakotay and Tuvok’s extreme psychological deterioration attributable to a mind illness. Whereas Voyager’s homecoming helped guarantee these occasions didn’t find yourself occurring, time journey is notoriously tough, and each Janeways’ actions might have had unintended penalties. It’s doable that the deaths and struggling of the crew might nonetheless have taken place, slightly below totally different circumstances.

The convoluted nature of time journey and of the Janeways’ plan is sufficient to create a large plot gap surrounded the timeline in “Endgame”, however one that may be fastened with some explanations in Star Trek: Picard. Whether or not or not Janeway was disciplined for her and the Admiral’s actions, it’s a protected wager that in some unspecified time in the future after returning to Earth, Starfleet must deal with the truth that the timeline was altered considerably by what the 2 of them had executed. Since it’s set 20 years sooner or later, Picard has the power to discover the ripple results of the timeline shift attributable to Voyager, and will even select to pinpoint particular occasions that have been the results of it. The present has already established that Seven of 9 is just not useless within the new model of the longer term, however there has but to be a lot point out of some other members of the Voyager crew, together with Chakotay and Tuvok. Star Trek: Picard might select to nonetheless have them fulfill their tragic destinies, addressing the time journey guidelines damaged in “Endgame” and proving that every one actions have penalties

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The Maquis Crew Are Former Terrorists

One of many greatest ongoing storylines on Star Trek: Voyager handled the combination of the previous Maquis into Voyager’s Starfleet crew. This was of extra significance in early seasons, whereas the 2 crews nonetheless struggled to seek out frequent floor. In the end, by the point “Endgame” aired, each crews had put apart their variations and turn into unified as camaraderie was fostered by their isolation. Whereas circumstances necessitated this out within the Delta Quadrant, the remainder of the Maquis within the Alpha Quadrant weren’t given the prospect to achieve such an amicable decision with the Federation.

Whereas Voyager was within the Delta Quadrant, the Federation was preventing the Dominion Struggle, a battle the would finally show to be the Maquis’ undoing. After agreeing to hitch the Dominion, The Cardassians launched a large offensive in opposition to the Maquis with the assistance of the Jem’Hadar. Sadly for the Maquis, this offensive was devastatingly profitable. Virtually the entire resistance power was killed, and those that weren’t have been imprisoned by the Federation. Whereas it’s true that the Maquis ceased to turn into an issue after they have been decimated, they have been nonetheless thought of a terrorist group, and those that remained at-large would all have needed to face Federation justice finally. This presumably would have included the previous Maquis on Voyager, however as a result of “Endgame” selected to point out hardly any of Voyager’s return to the Alpha Quadrant, the query of what occurred to their Maquis was left unanswered.

Star Trek: Picard might present a number of particulars about what the return of Voyager’s Maquis contingent meant for individuals who have been left after their decimation throughout the Dominion Struggle. It’s established that there have been a number of small pockets of former Maquis after the bloodbath, however one of many largest have been these on Voyager. Picard has the chance to point out whether or not or not any of Voyager’s Maquis crew have been made to face justice for his or her actions, or if the Federation thought of them rehabilitated. “Endgame” by no means addresses if the previous Maquis nonetheless really feel any allegiance to their outdated group or not; the crew is so targeted on getting residence all different involved are pushed apart. However it is rather doable that a few of Voyager’s former Maquis returned to their outdated methods upon getting residence, or extra doubtless that they built-in again into Federation society. By deciding on a solution to those questions, Picard would lastly have the ability to fill some gaps in Star Trek followers’ data.

Seven of 9 Was Borg — Starfleet’s Enemy

tar Trek Picard Seven of Nine Guns

The Borg have at all times been a formidable menace to the Federation, and Star Trek: Voyager had a number of Borg-related storylines throughout its later 4 seasons. The Borg have been the opposite half of the plan to get residence throughout “Endgame”, with the ship making the most of a Borg transwarp conduit whereas Admiral Janeway distracts the Borg Queen from their escape. A big portion of the Borg-related storylines on the present although targeted on Seven of 9.

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Seven of 9 was launched initially of Voyager season four and shortly turned a fan-favorite character. A former Borg drone rescued and rehabilitated by Voyager’s crew, lots of Seven’s storylines revolved round reclaiming her id and humanity, a frightening activity within the face of what had been executed to her by the Collective. Similar to the Maquis and any penalties from altering the timeline although, “Endgame” by no means addressed what Seven’s standing as a former drone meant for her prospects in Federation area, leaving followers to surprise if Starfleet welcomed her with open arms or regarded her as an enemy.

Fortunately, in contrast to the opposite plot holes from “Endgame”, Star Trek: Picard has already offered some element on Seven’s standing and what occurred to her after the tip of Voyager. Considered one of Picard season 1’s most distinguished storylines revolved across the Federation’s ban on artificial life types after a bunch of rogue androids attacked the Romulan rescue fleet convened on Mars. Since Seven’s physique nonetheless incorporates a good quantity of Borg expertise, and since it’s revealed that she has deserted Starfleet by the point of Picard season 1, the implication is that the ban on synthetics compelled Seven out of the Federation. Picard additionally addresses Starfleet’s considerably tenuous relationship with the Borg, exhibiting that extra ex-Borg drones have begun reclaiming their identities, forcing the galaxy to reckon with the truth that drones are as a lot victims of the Borg as everybody else.

By together with Seven in Picard, the sequence has already added info that explains her life after “Endgame”. The present has but to handle Seven’s story absolutely, nevertheless, one thing followers are hopeful it’ll do in season 2. Star Trek: Voyager followers have been left with nearly extra query than solutions from “Endgame”, and if Star Trek: Picard can fill within the holes that the episode left behind, it could be an enormous draw for traditional Star Trek followers who’re probably cautious in regards to the newer exhibits within the franchise.

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