Each Inexperienced Lantern Tease & Easter Egg In The Arrowverse

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Whereas Inexperienced Lantern has but to correctly emerge within the Arrowverse, The CW’s DC TV Universe has teased the Emerald Knights for over 5 years. The franchise has over time launched greater components of the DC Universe, going so far as having icons like Superman round frequently. Even characters like Batman and Surprise Lady exist throughout the Arrowverse. However there are nonetheless main DC gamers which have but to correctly arrive on The CW, and considered one of them is Inexperienced Lantern. On condition that Warner Bros. has had tight grips on sure IPs in order to order them for the big-screen, the notorious Corps hasn’t been capable of be part of TV’s Justice League simply but. Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped the writers behind the varied Arrowverse exhibits from dropping references.

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Throughout Arrow, The Flash, Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Batwoman, there have been a number of events for The CW to make the most of the Inexperienced Lantern mythology. Although the identify “Inexperienced Lantern” has by no means been uttered, that hasn’t prevented the creators to make use of varied characters and even well-known areas associated to the Emerald Knight. The Easter eggs and teases definitely elevated within the later seasons, notably on Arrow. With the character of John Diggle sharing a number of similarities with John Stewart, some of the well-known Inexperienced Lanterns, he turned the supply of many of those connections.

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Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti is at the moment prepping a Inexperienced Lantern collection for HBO Max, which was established to formally exist throughout the new Arrowverse Multiverse. Little remains to be recognized at this level what Berlanti will do with the present. Whereas it stays to be seen if there can be crossovers due to the reveal in Disaster on Infinite Earths, a door has definitely been opened. Whereas we wait to see if the HBO Max drama interacts with The CW’s exhibits, right here is each Inexperienced Lantern tease and Easter egg within the Arrowverse (up to now)

Coast Metropolis

Coast City Billboard in The Arrowverse

In relation to areas within the Inexperienced Lantern lore, Coast Metropolis is a staple component, as it’s the residence of Hal Jordan himself. All through Arrow – but additionally in The Flash and different exhibits – Coast Metropolis has been referenced a number of instances. One of many instances that the situation was really visited was within the Arrow season Four premiere, through flashbacks. Throughout Oliver’s fourth yr in his origin story, the long run vigilante is seen chasing criminals in Coast Metropolis. Apart from these name-drops and transient visits, Coast Metropolis is normally given an Easter egg within the type of billboards. Maybe one of many different Arrowverse exhibits will ultimately revisit Hal’s hometown.

St. Walker’s Hospital


One other location that the Arrowverse has used to tease the Inexperienced Lantern mythology is St. Walker’s Hospital, a psychiatric establishment that has appeared 3 times in Arrow. The hospital was the place Brother Blood’s mom Maya Resik was being handled after being framed for killing her husband. Sebastian was really the one who killed his father, and he ended up murdering Maya after Laurel Lance had gotten solutions about his previous from her. The identify of the hospital is a nod to Saint Walker, who’s a member of the Blue Lantern Corps.

Ferris Air


A main character linked to Hal Jordan is Carol Ferris, his long-time love-interest who has additionally been an enemy to him as Star Sapphire. Whereas Carol hasn’t appeared within the Arrowverse, her firm has been established and featured a number of instances. Ferris Air seems steadily on Arrow, however has additionally been seen in The Flash. In DC Comics lore it started as Ferris Plane earlier than Carol turn into the proprietor and later rebranded it as Ferris Air. If the writers are going by the comics, that may set up Carol as being very far into her profession. Maybe Carol will lastly seem on-screen on any of the exhibits in future seasons now that Ferris Air has been used for over eight years within the Arrowverse.

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Demolition Group


Whereas Arrow tended to be closely grounded in actuality, it ended up introducing considered one of Inexperienced Lantern’s sillier foes again in season 4. Within the episode “Code of Silence,” the Demolition Group is launched to the Arrowverse with Rosie, Hardhat, and Jackhammer working for Damien Darhk. Equally to Arrow, the group did not final very lengthy within the comics. Being centered on destroying buildings, the Demolition Group was undoubtedly not one of many more difficult forces that Group Arrow has gone up in opposition to. Apparently sufficient, Daniel Cudmore, who performed Jackhammer, later appeared in The Flash taking part in the DC villain Gridlock.



One of many villains that The Flash and Inexperienced Lantern share within the comics is Goldface, who has had a couple of appearances on The CW drama throughout the final two seasons. Launched in season 5, Goldface was established as a metahuman gangster with gold-based talents whom Barry needed to tackle within the 13th episode “Goldfaced.” Nonetheless, Keith ended up returning in The Flash season 6 within the 11th episode “Love Is a Battlefield” the place it was revealed that he and Amunet Black was once a pair. Whether or not or not he has had any encounters with a Inexperienced Lantern within the Arrowverse has but to be explored.



Legends of Tomorrow season 2 launched the Arrowverse model of the Justice Society of America. Whereas the enduring league of heroes was solely round for a handful of episodes, a specific Inexperienced Lantern-related character was launched: Todd Rice a.ok.a. Obsidian, who’s the son of the Golden Age Inexperienced Lantern, Alan Scott. Whereas his household linage isn’t explored in-depth, it seems that Alan was really supposed to look in Legends of Tomorrow season 2. Idea artist and costume designer Andy Poon revealed earlier this yr that he had designed a swimsuit for Alan for the second season. However a last-minute choice from DC prompted them to scrap Alan and introduce Hourman as a substitute.

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Susan Williams


Arrow season 5 launched a really shocking character from the Inexperienced Lantern mythology who really is expounded to Hal within the comics. One of many new characters that recurred all through the season was Susan Williams, a reporter for Channel 52 and a critic of Oliver Queen’s mayoral run in Star Metropolis. Susan ended up getting romantically concerned with Oliver all through Arrow season 5. Whereas she’s a minor participant within the comics, Susan is definitely married to Hal’s brother Jim, making her the Inexperienced Lantern’s sister-in-law. Whereas she hasn’t proven up since that season, it would not be shocking if maybe Susan has met Jim off-screen and gotten concerned with him.

Roy Stewart

Arrow season 7 got here with a private story for Diggle when his stepfather was launched for an episode. Issues received much more intriguing when the identify of Ernie Hudson’s character was revealed to be Roy Stewart – creating one other Inexperienced Lantern connection. With followers having speculated that Diggle was a model of John Stewart, the 19th episode “Spartan” opened the door of that presumably now being the case. Within the comics Roy is John Stewart’s grandfather, whereas in Arrow he was Diggle’s stepfather. The episode explores their sophisticated relationship and results in them ultimately making amends on the finish.

Tattooed Man


Black Lightning not too long ago turned a part of the Arrowverse by way of the occasions of Disaster on Infinite Earths. However previous to the crossover, the DC drama had really launched a well-recognized Inexperienced Lantern villain by way of the character of Latavius Johnson a.ok.a. Lala, somewhat than any of the three folks to have used the identify within the comics. Lala, who initially began as a member of The 100 gang, was killed and revived by Tobias Whale throughout the first season. However when Tobias was bringing him again, a sophisticated side-effect got here with his resurrection, as Lala is haunted by the folks he has killed. In addition they turn into tattoos on his physique, which ends up in Tobias dubbing him Tattoo Man – a recurring antagonist in Freeland.

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The Hal Jordan Cameo


Despite the fact that Hal Jordan has by no means appeared on-screen correctly, the Arrow season Four premiere really gave viewers an almost-cameo of the Emerald Knight. The flashback sequences open up with a shot of a person sporting a flight pilot jacket with the identify “Jordan” on it. On condition that this was throughout Oliver’s go to in Coast Metropolis, it is honest to say that this was, no doubt, the primary glimpse of the Arrowverse’s Hal.

Lacking Take a look at Pilot

Whereas Hal’s Arrow cameo was set up to now, The Flash season 1 managed to ascertain his present whereabouts. In episode 22 “Rogue Air”, whereas aiding Barry Allen, Captain Chilly commented on Ferris Air being shut down. As Barry confirmed Snart’s idea, he additionally goes on to say that it received shut down after considered one of their take a look at pilots disappeared. Despite the fact that Hal isn’t talked about by identify, it is apparent that he is the take a look at pilot who went lacking, which explains why he hasn’t been seen for years. His disappearance may very nicely be the start of his origin story to turning into a Inexperienced Lantern.

Earth-2 Hal Jordan


Earth-1 could not have proven Hal having any relationships with the heroes, however on Earth-2, it is a completely different story. In The Flash season 2, Barry visits Earth-2 for the primary time within the episode “Welcome to Earth-2,” the place he discovers that his doppelganger has a really completely different life. When visiting the West-Allen resident, Barry sees a telephone with a number of pace dial buttons listed with varied names. Whereas fellow Justice League members like Diana and Bruce are proven, Hal can also be a pal of Iris and Barry on this universe. What their dynamic was like hasn’t been revealed and doubtless by no means can be, for the reason that unique Earth-2 was destroyed.

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Earth-90 John Diggle


The Elseworlds crossover turned an enormous second for followers who’ve subscribed to the idea of Diggle turning into Inexperienced Lantern within the Arrowverse. When The Flash of Earth-90 lastly manages to succeed in the heroes of Earth-1, he dropped a bomb on followers. When Earth-90 Barry sees Diggle amongst the heroes, he greets him and notices that he is not sporting a hoop, earlier than realizing that issues are completely different on this Earth. That was so far as Barry went with teasing what Earth-90’s Diggle is all about. This turned a significant milestone for followers of Diggle as his future as a possible Emerald Knight now appeared much more attainable.

John Diggle’s Alien Reward

Arrow Fadeout John Diggle finds Green Lantern Ring

Main as much as the Arrow collection finale, David Ramsey promised that long-time followers can be rewarded when it got here to Diggle’s potential future as a Inexperienced Lantern. Whereas a hoop ever emerges on-screen, it was hinted at, to say the least. In Diggle’s remaining scene within the present’s final episode, a mysterious object crashes on Earth proper the place he’s at. When investigating what had knocked him into his van, Diggle discovers a mysterious field which has a inexperienced glowing vitality shining inside. Despite the fact that viewers by no means see what Diggle was  contained in the field, it implied that he had been given a hoop. In a autopsy interview, Ramsey and government producer Marc Guggenheim said that solely time will inform the place Diggle goes from that second.

HBO Max’s Inexperienced Lantern


An enormous shock to return out of the latest crossover was when Oliver Queen revealed the brand new Multiverse to the viewers. Quite than simply restart the universe, the Spectre had really managed to reboot the Multiverse, which got here with a montage of the brand new Earths. Certainly one of them was Earth-12, which sees an individual flying in area with inexperienced vitality throughout them earlier than chopping to a shot of Oa with the Corps. Regardless of the footage getting used from the 2011 movie, this was to ascertain that Berlanti’s HBO Max present is formally set throughout the Arrowverse Multiverse. With Sinestro and two yet-to-be-revealed human Lanterns being the first focus of Inexperienced Lantern, maybe a crossover between Earth-Prime and Earth-12 will occur down the road.

Earth-2’s Alan Scott


Whereas Legends of Tomorrow received to function his son, Alan Scott has been established to have existed on Stargirl. Submit-Disaster on Infinite Earths, Stargirl was established to exist on a revived Earth-2 that includes the Justice Society of America. Through the early episodes, the Golden Age Inexperienced Lantern was revealed to have supposedly died with a number of different JSA members throughout their battle with the Injustice Society. Not a lot has up to now been specified about this Earth’s Emerald Knight aside from that Courtney Whitmore ended up taking the Inexperienced Lantern when starting to place collectively the era of the JSA. Despite the fact that Alan might not be seen, it has been confirmed that there are plans for the lamp which may be taking place in Stargirl season 2.

It is all the time attainable that Alan’s daughter Jade can be launched because the one to take up the mantle as the brand new JSA’s newest Inexperienced Lantern. Even when the opposite Arrowverse exhibits on Earth-Prime could not see the Emerald Knight in the interim, a minimum of Stargirl will discover the enduring hero in a technique or one other. The CW can be bringing again the franchise in January 2021, together with the debut of Superman & Lois. Whereas the writers can proceed to drop as many Easter eggs as they need, hopefully, 2021 would be the yr when Inexperienced Lantern will get a correct Arrowverse remedy.

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