Draco Malfoy’s 5 Finest Traits (& His 5 Worst)

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As a result of Draco Malfoy is a somewhat nuanced character in Harry Potter, he has many optimistic and in addition detrimental traits. Listed here are his finest and his worst.

Of all of the considerably villainous characters in Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy is among the most attention-grabbing and complicated as a result of he’s not only a villain. Not like most of the grownup antagonists of the collection, Draco is considerably of a sufferer who grew up with Loss of life Eater mother and father, however he is also liable for lots of his actions.

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Draco is a personality that many followers are fascinated by, and many individuals argue that he ought to have been given the extra apparent redemption storyline versus Snape. As a result of Draco is a somewhat nuanced character, he has many optimistic and in addition detrimental traits.

10 Worst: Insecure

Draco is the kind of bully who places on an enormous present of being assured and funky, however he’s positively masking up quite a lot of insecurities. He desires to be seen as the very best, so he makes use of his father’s social standing as a substitute of his personal deserves.

Whereas being insecure isn’t a terrific factor, it’s not at all times that huge of a deal. Nevertheless, in Draco’s case, he lets his insecurity drive how he treats others, and this isn’t okay.

9 Finest: Expert

Within the books, Draco is a pre-teen after which teenager, so we don’t see quite a lot of how he’s in maturity. Nevertheless, whereas he may not be high of his class like Hermione or significantly intuitive like Harry, Draco is a talented wizard.

He does do nicely in class, even when a few of his optimistic suggestions comes via manipulation, and he’s fairly fast at spellwork in a dueling scenario.

8 Worst: Prejudiced

Of all of the horrible traits an individual can have, being prejudiced towards different people who find themselves totally different than you is among the worst. That is nearly at all times a discovered trait, and it’s not onerous to see who taught Draco to evaluate and hate different folks.

Draco is sort of vigilant when he’s younger about parroting and believing the views his mother and father have, and he does and says some terrible issues as a result of he buys into all of this.

7 Finest: Pushed

Provided that Draco is a Slytherin, it’s no shock that he has ambition and drive. These are traits that Slytherin home is thought for, and Draco desperately desires to be seen as profitable. Whereas this isn’t at all times a superb factor, having drive generally is a optimistic factor.

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The issue with Draco is that he doesn’t direct this drive in the direction of really working onerous. He’s somewhat spoiled and entitled, and he expects issues to be handed to him.

6 Worst: Imply

There’s no denying that Draco is a bully in his youth. He takes out his points on different folks, and he’s pleased to select on those that can’t actually struggle again resembling Neville. He additionally calls folks like Hermione horrible names and is at all times mocking Ron as a result of his household isn’t wealthy.

Whereas it’s clear he was taught to behave like this and get away with it, there’s additionally a component of his character that appears to naturally be merciless.

5 Finest: Household-oriented

Draco and Narcissa

This can be a considerably difficult trait as a result of it may be each detrimental and optimistic in Draco’s case. Caring about household and looking for them is usually admirable, however given who Draco’s household is, it’s not at all times nice that he worries a lot about what he thinks.

Nevertheless, in the long run, his love of his mother and father is stronger than no matter attachment he has to the bigoted ideology of Voldemort.

4 Worst: Entitled

Slytherin and Gryffindor Quidditch Teams in Harry Potter

In some ways, Draco and Dudley are parallel characters. They each have mother and father which are terrible in some ways however that additionally spoil them on a regular basis. Draco’s mother and father are significantly highly effective and wealthy, and Draco hasn’t actually needed for something. He lets his dad purchase his place on the Slytherin Quidditch crew, and he will get particular therapy from Snape.

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Whereas the adults in Draco’s life are particularly responsible for instructing Draco to be spoiled and entitled, it positively makes him somewhat unlikeable and privileged.

3 Finest: Clever

Draco is perhaps lazy at instances, however he’s positively a sensible character. He doesn’t have a tough time studying materials when he tries, and he may be fairly sneaky and conscious of what’s going on.

After all, he doesn’t at all times use his mind to good ends, so it’s not at all times a optimistic factor. However, it’s a robust trait that he has and one which might be used for uplifting functions particularly as soon as Draco reached maturity.

2 Worst: Egocentric

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2 Draco Malfoy

Whereas Draco goes alongside together with his mother and father and Voldemort, he quickly sees the cruelty of Voldemort after he’s tasked with killing Dumbledore.

So, whereas he does change his thoughts and turns into much less dedicated to Voldemort, he principally does so as a result of he cares about himself. He noticed that he himself was at risk of loss of life, and he solely cared in regards to the struggling Voldemort inflicted when he was the one in ache.

1 Finest: Adaptable

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Draco and Scorpius

Whereas Draco does quite a lot of dangerous issues and has many detrimental traits, one in all his strongest attributes is being adaptable. That is positively a superb survival talent because it permits him to maintain himself afloat.

In maturity, he turns into a lot much less merciless and evil, and he is ready to adapt to stay a extra regular life. He even will get to a degree the place he does not actively hate Harry. 

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