Discovery Continues A Working Deep House 9 Joke

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Star Trek: Discovery made a reference to “self-sealing stem bolts” in its newest episode, persevering with a joke began in Star Trek: Deep House 9.

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 6, “Scavengers”.

Star Trek: Discovery referenced a bit of know-how that was first created by Star Trek: Deep House 9 as a working joke. Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 6, “Scavengers” offers with a rescue mission performed by Michael Burnham and Philippa Georgiou to assist Michael’s pal Cleveland “E-book” Booker. E-book has been taken captive by members of the Emerald Chain, a harmful Andorian/Orion syndicate, and is being compelled to work as a scavenger on a planet referred to as Hunhau, scouring destroyed Starfleet ships for helpful know-how.

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Disobeying a direct order from Captain Saru, Michael enlists Georgiou’s assist to takes E-book’s ship to Hunhau and rescue him from the Emerald Chain. The 2 arrive and are greeted with hostility by Tolor, the nephew of the Emerald Chain’s chief, Osyraa. Posing as retailers, they provide to commerce dilithium for a few of the tech Tolor has salvaged. In an effort to maintain their cowl, Michael makes reference to a number of items of tech they want, together with self-sealing stem bolts – a reputation which could have made Star Trek followers’ ears perk up.

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Self-sealing stem bolts had been first launched in Star Trek: Deep House 9, throughout the season 1 episode “Progress”, during which Jake Sisko and Nog purchase a big cargo of them in an effort to show a revenue. Apart from being a sort of bolt, the sensible software for a self-sealing stem bolt is left largely unclear, largely as a result of the stem bolts are utilized in “Progress” and in subsequent episodes of Deep House 9 as one thing of a working joke. Apart from the amusing title, the joke largely comes from the truth that when self-sealing stem bolts are first launched, nobody appears to know what they do or have any use for them.

Jake and Nog bumble their method via making an attempt to eliminate their cache of stem bolts throughout “Progress”, and in a season Three episode, Quark finds himself with a lot of stem bolts he has an equally onerous time eliminating. The bolts are additionally referenced in a handful of different episodes all through Deep House 9, and it appears the Star Trek: Discovery has chosen to proceed the custom of the joke, bringing self-sealing stem bolts into the 32nd century with the inclusion of them in “Scavengers”.

This isn’t the primary time in season Three that Discovery has made a reference again to a different a part of the Star Trek franchise. As a result of season Three is about within the 32nd century as an alternative of the 22nd, Discovery now has wider entry to items of Star Trek canon it didn’t earlier than and has taken full benefit of this by together with references to different Star Trek reveals, equivalent to the united statesVoyager-J and USS Nog, and the exploration of an alien race they might not have recognized about earlier than: the Trill. This has made Discovery season Three particularly thrilling for followers of reveals like Deep House 9 or Star Trek: Voyager, and has gone an extended technique to higher connecting Discovery to the broader Star Trek universe.

Whereas the reference to self-sealing steam bolts was a really minor a part of “Scavengers”, followers conversant in the title would have picked up on it straight away. Discovery’s choice to hold on the custom of the joke reveals their continued consciousness of how vital the broader Star Trek universe is, and the way a lot the artistic staff cares about staying related to it. Hopefully, followers can proceed to anticipate callbacks like self-sealing stem bolts from this season of Star Trek: Discovery.

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