Discovery Continues A Picard Romulan Concept

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The most recent episode of Discovery hinges on the Qowat Milat, a sect of Romulan warrior nuns launched within the first season of Star Trek: Picard.

The most recent episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “Unification III,” hinges partly on the Qowat Milat, a sect of Romulan warrior nuns launched within the first season of Star Trek: Picard. Whereas acclimating to their new actuality within the 32nd century – and whereas making an attempt to unlock the thriller of the Burn – Michael Burnham and Captain Saru study {that a} huge shift has occurred on one of many Federation’s oldest, foundational planets, Vulcan.

The Vulcans and Romulans started as the identical species on Vulcan, just for the Romulans to ultimately go away and reject the Vulcan lifestyle. The Romulans settled on a planet they named Romulus, and would place themselves as one of many Federation’s fiercest enemies. Within the 24th century, Ambassador Spock made efforts to start reunification of the 2 peoples, although he confronted appreciable resistance from each his personal individuals and many of the Romulan energy construction.

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Spock’s dream of reunification would ultimately occur, in no small half as a consequence of the underground motion he started on Romulus, established within the basic Star Trek: The Subsequent Era two-parter “Unification Elements 1 and a pair of.” One other key issue had been the Qowat Milat. After the destruction of Romulus, the warrior nuns had been mentioned to be a key drive in opening dialogue between the 2 peoples once more, and ultimately, they performed a vital function within the resolution to unify the 2 races.

The Qowat Milat was first launched within the Picard episode “Absolute Candor,” named for the order’s core perception – that blunt honesty was the one method to reside. A younger orphan boy named Elnor was taken in by the nuns, and he ultimately joined Picard’s mission to avoid wasting the android, Soji Asha.

However to Burnham’s shock, the reunified Vulcan – now known as Ni’Var – left the Federation behind after the Burn, partially as a consequence of a disastrous experimental propulsion challenge known as SB-19 that some blame for the Burn. In an effort to deliver them again into the fold and get extra details about SB-19, Burnham requires a T’Kal-in-ket, primarily a listening to to defend a idea – on this case, the speculation that the Burn was not attributable to SB-19. And if she hadn’t had sufficient surprises, Burnham’s consultant within the T’Kal-in-ket turned out to be her mom, Gabrielle Burnham, who joined the Qowat Milat order after her bounce into the longer term.

Star Trek: Discovery is in a novel place now. As soon as constrained by its prequel trappings, the bounce to the longer term now means the present can reference actually all of Star Trek lore because it all occurred tons of of years earlier than the present occasions of Discovery. Weaving these threads between Star Trek: Picard and Discovery is a brilliant method to create some connective tissue for a present that often appeared disconnected from the remainder of the Star Trek mythos. Will there be extra connections to Picard? Solely time will inform, nevertheless it’s a secure guess that the 2 exhibits will proceed to echo one another in delicate methods.

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