DC’s Forgotten Cheetah Was An Eco-Terrorist

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A number of villains referred to as Cheetah have attacked Marvel Lady, however the second girl to make use of the title was truly a brainwashed activist!

The Cheetah, one in every of Marvel Lady’s most fearsome villains, was as soon as an eco-terrorist. Followers as we speak know Cheetah as Physician Barbara Minerva, an archaeologist who was remodeled into the Cheetah, however there have been a number of totally different variations of the character. One in every of them was Deborah Domaine, a younger environmental activist (and niece of the unique Cheetah) who underwent a villainous transformation and used her new powers to hold out acts of eco-terrorism.

The Cheetah is one in every of Marvel Lady’s oldest foes, first showing in 1943, simply two years after Marvel Lady’s debut. Initially Priscilla Wealthy, a spoiled debutante who was upstaged by Marvel Lady, this model would tangle with Marvel Lady over time earlier than retiring to her mansion. Whereas Minerva would in the end develop into DC’s most well-known Cheetah – with skills and motivations extra tied to the mythological facets of Marvel Lady’s lore – it is truly Wealthy from whom the eco-terrorist incarnation is descended. In Marvel Lady #274 from December 1980, author Gerry Conway and artist Jose Delbo introduce readers to Domaine. Rich like her aunt, she turns into an environmental crusader and really befriends Marvel Lady.

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After visiting her aunt, who she was not conscious was the unique Cheetah, Domaine is kidnapped by operatives of KOBRA, a terrorist group within the DC Universe, and subjected to intense brainwashing. KOBRA had been attempting for years to recruit her aunt to the group, however she had at all times refused, so KOBRA’s chief selected the following smartest thing: her niece. Now totally conditioned to be a killing machine, KOBRA’s chief christens her the brand new Cheetah, and instructs her to “fill the world with terror.” This model of the character would battle Marvel Lady a number of instances within the years that adopted, however was in the end erased out of existence after Disaster on Infinite Earths. Barbara Minerva was launched as the brand new Cheetah then, with this new continuity establishing that Domaine was not an precise particular person – simply an alias utilized by Minerva to commit crimes.

Domaine Cheetah

In comparison with different variations of the villain, Domaine’s tenure because the Cheetah was temporary. But like the opposite variations, her story had a tragic overtone: she turned an environmental activist to make a distinction, however a madman twisted that want into one thing evil – and all as a result of she occurred to be associated to the unique Cheetah. Her humanity was stripped away from her, and she or he was pressured into the lifetime of a killing machine. Nonetheless, DC could have forgotten Domaine as a person, however her legacy lives on. The latest model of the character in recent times has proven an curiosity in ecological considerations, and that began with the Deborah Domaine model of the Cheetah. Whereas her present out-of-continuity standing will forestall her from returning to the pages of Marvel Lady anytime quickly, she nonetheless had a huge effect on who Cheetah is as a villain, regardless of her temporary run.

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