Cruella Trailer Pairs Completely with Joker Audio for an Eerie DC Meets Disney Mashup

February 23, 2021 0 Comments

The upcoming Disney movie Cruella presents a reimagining of the origin story of Cruella de Vil, the principle antagonist of the 101 Dalmatians franchise. The trailer for the film dropped not too long ago, prompting a spate of comparisons with the trailer for Warner Bros.’s gritty reimagining of Batman supervillain Joker’s origin in 2019’s Joker. Now, comic Matthew Highton has mixed the 2 trailers, and it is a bit creepy how nicely they mesh collectively. Highton posted the mixed trailer on Twitter with the next message.

“Seems in case you overlay the sound from the Joker trailer onto the Cruella one it suits so nicely you get a prequel movie about Joker’s mom.”

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The edited video proves that Cruella may simply as simply be the origin story of Cruella, as performed by Emma Stone, the mom of Arthur Fleck aka Joker, who, identical to her son, suffered from a psychological breakdown on account of her run-ins with excessive society, prompting her transformation into the maniacal Cruella de Vil.

Nonetheless, that’s the place the comparisons finish, since Arthur’s mom in Joker was a sickly secretary who died in poverty, whereas Cruella went on to develop into a wealthy tycoon who dreamed of constructing a coat out of the pores and skin of dalmatian puppies, earlier than moderately ignominiously being defeated by the identical puppies.

One can not help however suspect that the makers of Cruella had been greater than a bit of impressed by the success of Joker, each critically and commercially. It’s fascinating to think about how Cruella seeks to principally do for its principal character what Joker did for the Clown Prince of Crime, that’s, reinvent the backstory for an out-and-out villain to point out their descent into villainy was prompted by social elements moderately than them being inherently evil.

In fact, the largest distinction between the 2 films is that Joker was an R-rated film, that took full benefit of its ranking to point out grisly acts of violence. Then again, Cruella is a Disney product, so all of the violence that takes place within the film goes to be kid-friendly.

One factor that we all know is that this time round, Cruella will not be going to the principle villain. As a substitute, that position can be performed by Emma Thompson, whose character in Cruella has been described as “an antagonist to Cruella who’s considered pivotal in her transformation to the villain we all know in the present day”.

The Cruella trailer has already racked up spectacular numbers, with greater than 71 million views in lower than twenty-four hours. It appears audiences are actually invested within the journey of the cackling madwoman from 101 Dalmatians, who within the skilled arms of Stone, doesn’t seem like both cackling or mad, however moderately a smirking mastermind who will get as much as all types of hi-jinks in her quest to develop into an icon on this planet of high-fashion. Directed by Craig Gillespie, Cruella stars Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Paul Walter Hauser, Joel Fry, and Emily Beecham. The movie arrives in theaters on Could 28.

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