Cersei Lannister’s 5 Finest Speeches (& 5 Worst)

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Even in a present like of Recreation of Thrones, identified for creating polarizing characters, Cersei Lannister was one thing else. She was directly probably the most highly effective girl in Westeros and probably the most crafty, but she is also colossally short-sighted when it got here to her youngsters and her personal ambitions. In some necessary methods, she was her personal worst enemy.

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Nevertheless, she additionally appeared to have an acute understanding of the best way that energy works among the many mighty and, consequently, she has fairly a couple of nice speeches about that topic. On the similar time, she additionally has fairly a couple of speeches that simply don’t measure up.

10 Finest: Her Speech To Ned About The Recreation Of Thrones

That is maybe the most effective speeches that any character ever gave in all the collection. Whereas Ned insists on obeying the legal guidelines of honor and dignity and duty, Cersei reminds him that there’s actually just one legislation, and it’s win, or die.

It’s a blunt and sensible speech, and in some ways it is the thesis assertion for the collection as an entire (a minimum of till the very finish). It additionally reveals simply how a lot Cersei understands the best way that ruling works.

9 Worst: Her Blunt Evaluation Of Varys

cersei & varys game of thrones

Although the present, as an entire, has some fairly nice dialogue, there are a distressing variety of instances when one of many characters indulges in fairly coarse speak for apparently no different cause to shock the viewers.

Such is the case when Cersei indulges in some fairly vulgar dialog in regards to the causes that many individuals worry Varys, most of which comes right down to a sure lack that he has because of being a eunuch.

8 Finest: Her Speech About Herself And Her Monstrosity

Cersei is a kind of characters who stays one thing of an enigma. Whereas many of the characters appear to thrill in telling the viewers who they’re and what they’re considering, Cersei normally holds her playing cards near her chest.

On this case, nevertheless, she reveals a exceptional quantity of self-knowledge when confronted with Myrcella’s demise, in that she acknowledges that, in some ways, she’s a monster. On the similar time, she additionally appears to have a minimum of somewhat little bit of remorse about this truth (even when she doesn’t do a lot to alter it).

7 Worst: Her Speech About Doing What She Desires As a result of It Makes Her Really feel Good

On the similar time, there are additionally some moments of Cersei’s self-examination that aren’t fairly pretty much as good, and this speech is one in all them. On this occasion, she principally admits that she does the entire issues that she does just because it feels good (and this consists of murdering her husband Robert). It’s not that the speech is written poorly, essentially.

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Nevertheless, it does fairly scale back this fascinating character to nothing multiple large id, and Cersei is price greater than that.

6 Finest: Her Recognition Of The Excessive Sparrow’s Crafty

There’s little doubt that Cersei appears to take quite a lot of pleasure in creating hatreds and enmities with virtually everybody in Westeros. She’s simply a kind of individuals who actually does hate virtually everybody.

Nevertheless, even she has to confess that she’s evenly matched with the non secular zealot who turns into generally known as the Excessive Sparrow, and it’s fairly refreshing to see her admit that, in some necessary methods, he’s managed to outwit a number of the strongest individuals within the Seven Kingdoms.

5 Worst: Her Speech To Joffrey About Enemies

Considered one of Cersei’s most important, and damaging, blind spots has to do with the best way that she determined to boost Joffrey. She was so obsessive about being a mom to him that she generally forgot that it’s essential to self-discipline one’s youngster.

On this case, she fed into his personal paranoid creativeness by reminding him that anybody who wasn’t already part of Home Lannister is an enemy. It’s hardly one of the best recommendation to provide to somebody who’s going to should rule over a complete kingdom.

4 Finest: Her Sparring With Margaery

Margaery and Cersei Game of Thrones

From the very first second that they meet, it’s clear that Cersei and Margaery are going to be enemies. Nevertheless, one has to provide the latter credit score for a minimum of attempting to make the looks of friendship (Margaery at all times was crafty).

Cersei, nevertheless, has none of it, and after telling the younger member of Home Tyrell of the destiny of those that defy the Lannisters, she bluntly informs her that if she calls her sister once more, she’ll have her killed in her sleep. It’s pure Cersei, and it’s a speech that’s a real delight to look at.

3 Worst: Her Lacerating Speech To Jaime

If there’s one person who Cersei appears to like virtually as a lot as she loves her youngsters, it’s her brother Jaime. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that she’s averse to criticizing him. On this temporary however scathing speech, she principally says it’s his fault that their father (hardly probably the most loving paternal determine) died, since he was the one who allowed Tyrion out of jail.

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After all, this additionally highlights the truth that her unreasoning hatred of Tyrion is what set quite a lot of this in movement to start with, so it doesn’t precisely paint her in one of the best mild both.

2 Finest: Her Speech With Oberyn

Cersei and Oberyn Game of Thrones

Seeing Oberyn Martell and Cersei Lannister communicate to at least one one other is a kind of golden moments at which the collection excels, and Cersei’s speech right here is an effective instance of why she may have made such a great queen.

She’s crafty sufficient to comprehend that there’s rather a lot that binds the 2 of them collectively (regardless of their huge variations), notably the truth that neither of them was capable of save the one which they liked (he misplaced his sister and he or she misplaced her son). It’s a superb second, and it makes his later demise all that rather more poignant.

1 Worst: Her Metaphorical Speech About Weeds

Cersei and Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones

If there’s one factor this present loves as a lot as political intrigue, it’s overusing metaphors. Virtually no character is immune from this tendency, and that features Cersei.

In one in all her much less impressed speeches, she refers back to the many threats that she and the remainder of the royal household are going through as a bunch of weeds which may strangle her in her sleep. It’s a little bit of an overdone type of metaphor, and one may have wished for a greater speech for Cersei to provide on the topic.

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