Bruce Banner Really Wants Him

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Marvel’s Hulk might hate his human facet, genius scientist Bruce Banner, however he actually wants him. The 2 are one half to a complete.

Bruce Banner by no means needed the Unbelievable Hulk to dwell rent-free in his physique and has tried to kick him out for good a number of occasions. Hulk doesn’t wish to be Banner’s roommate both however each time both one strikes out they at all times come again collectively. Like a pair of catty roommates that may’t ever get themselves to separate as a result of they each love the drama, they each secretly like being collectively. 

Banner turned bonded to the Hulk after being uncovered to gamma radiation following an unintended explosion that ought to have killed him, however as an alternative, gave him a brand new shadow to his each step. Hulk takes over when Banner loses emotional management, usually as a consequence of bouts of rage, and goes on a damaging rampage. Through the years the 2 have typically cooperated, usually been at odds, and virtually by no means been buddies. Hulk lives as a separate entity inside Banner’s consciousness and has a number of occasions been cut up from his human host. 

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Often Banner is the one which initiates the separation. It’s at all times a messy divorce however Banner has had occasions of complete management over the simple-minded Hulk. In Unbelievable Hulk #130 by Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe, one among Banner’s outdated classmates develops a Gammatron aspiring to erase Hulk however simply divides the large inexperienced rage monster from Banner in order that Hulk might try to kill his former landlord. However each realized they’re tandem spirits and if one was killed they each would die. Different heroes have tried to remedy Banner together with Silver Surfer who siphoned off the gamma radiation to rid Banner of Hulk. However one thing at all times finally ends up needing smashing so Banner comes crawling again and merges as soon as once more with Hulk.

Hulk Banner

Hulk has tried to rid himself of Banner and with some success. Hulk had Physician Doom carry out mind surgical procedure and take away the grey matter that was Banner’s consciousness in Unbelievable Hulk #7.1 by Jason Aaron and Jefte Palo. With out the puny Banner alongside for the experience Hulk roamed the world, however even swimming with whales, spit-roasting sharks, and soaking in a sizzling tub obtained lonely and he needed Banner again – which was helpful as a result of Banner had reintegrated with Hulk by way of some unexplained means already and was simply dwelling in Hulk’s unconscious. 

It’s been theorized that Hulk embodies the traumatic feelings that Banner has repressed and become his personal hated monster. Projecting all his vile emotions on an unstoppable rage monster suggests Banner went by way of some traumatic stuff. Banner had a tough childhood due to his alcoholic and abusive father, Brian Banner. The Hulk could possibly be a manifestation of Banner’s damaging feelings that had been repressed because of the abuse he suffered. Banner really killed his personal father, unintentionally knocking his head into the gravestone atop his mom’s grave. Banner repressed the incident and satisfied himself the homicide didn’t occur, persuading himself that the 2 fought over his mom’s grave however that his father was later killed by muggers. 

Hulk and Banner’s story is a useful information to confronting damaging feelings. Hulk and Banner are inseparable as a result of they’re two elements of Banner’s emotional spectrum. Although Banner loathes Hulk and Hulk has no love for Banner, they want one another. Banner is the Ego to Hulk’s Id and so they every want the opposite to be a balanced particular person. Although they’re distinct personalities with distinctive views and ideas, they’re nonetheless two halves to a complete. 

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