All the things Disney’s Star Wars Sequels Took From the Previous EU

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Regardless of starting its life with the announcement that the Star Wars Expanded Universe of novels, laptop video games, and comedian books would not be thought of canon, Disney’s Star Wars sequel trilogy certainly not jettisoned or ignored the Star Wars EU fully. Whereas followers bemoaned the relegation of over 30 years of beloved Star Wars characters and tales to an extra-canonical standing, filmmakers and screenwriters assured the renamed Star Wars Legends materials wouldn’t essentially lie fallow and unused. Although bearing little resemblance in plot, character, and even material to the sequel sequence and spinoffs contained within the EU, Disney’s sequel trilogy nonetheless owes the Star Wars EU a major artistic debt.

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Whereas stating from the outset that the one canonical materials could be the six unique movies and The Clone Wars TV present, the usage of tales, characters, and plot parts have been by no means fully off-limits for the brand new crop of Star Wars movies and TV reveals. Star Wars Rebels has launched widespread characters comparable to Grand Admiral Thrawn into mainline Stars Wars continuity, and the more moderen Star Wars movies and reveals embody extra refined references to the EU like allusions to the EU’s Sith lore, and heretofore obscure Pressure powers.

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Regardless of huge variations between the revealed sequel and books and comics and the sequel movies launched previously 5 years, Disney continued this pattern by lifting fairly a bit of fabric from the EU for its sequel trilogy, giving the Star Wars Expanded Universe continued relevance regardless of its non-canonical standing.

Emperor Palpatine Returning As A Clone

Star Wars Dark Empire Palpatine Rise of Skywalker clone

Probably the most blatant lifting of EU materials got here within the concluding movie of the sequel trilogy, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. In a plot twist broadly derided by followers and critics alike, the principle antagonist seems to be a resurrected Emperor Palpatine, nonetheless bent on conquering the galaxy regardless of his failure all these many years earlier. Nevertheless, the Palpatine of the movie appears to be like far totally different from the character audiences first met in Return of the Jedi, seeming a decayed husk of his former self. It isn’t explicitly said within the movie that the decrepit-looking Palpatine is a clone and never the precise Palpatine Redivivus, nevertheless it does drop hints, primarily by means of the character design, that each one just isn’t because it appears. The movie’s novelization extra broadly hints on the chance, when it has Kylo Ren theorize about cloning because the doubtless cause for Palpatine’s reappearance.

The concept of a Palpatine clone is pulled from from 1991’s Darkish Empire comedian sequence, whereby Luke Skywalker, in response to the specter of Imperial remnants rallying collectively, discovers a youthful clone of Palpatine on the planet Byss, studying Palpatine has a just about limitless provide of our bodies into which he can switch his consciousness, successfully giving him immortality. The story between Palpatine and Luke proceeds equally to the Kylo Ren/Palpatine story within the remaining movie, with Luke succumbing to the temptations of the revivified Palpatine and changing into his apprentice, whereas Leia receives visions of Luke’s corruption and traverses the galaxy to avoid wasting him.

The Rise of Skywalker is probably the one sequel movie to take a plot factor wholesale from the EU materials. Why Disney selected to go on this route is, admittedly, a little bit of a thriller. Disney’s lack of a plan when creating the sequel trilogy is now frequent data, so maybe the reintroduction of Palpatine was a part of J.J. Abrams’ and Disney’s try to backpedal from Rian Johnson’s extra subversive and controversial story choices, and the tactic of resurrecting Palpatine from the Darkish Empire comics appeared like a logical methodology of returning him to cinematic life. 

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Leia Coaching As A Jedi

Star Wars Jedi Leia Rise Of Skywalker

Within the EU, after wrestling along with her legacy because the daughter of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Leia finally embraced the Pressure Sensitivity she briefly exhibited within the unique trilogy and educated along with her brother and a Jedi named Saba Sebatyne. Within the New Jedi Order sequence (1999-2003), Leia turns into a full Jedi Knight as her kids (three on this continuity) attain maturity, preventing for the New Republic alongside the reformed Jedi Knights. Star Wars: The Final Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker allude to Leia additional growing her pressure sensitivity, however in accordance with The Rise of Skywalker, Leia deserted her Jedi coaching after receiving a imaginative and prescient that advised her finishing her coaching would result in her son’s dying. Each the EU and the sequel trilogy incorporate the logical second-step of Leia exploring and coping with her Pressure-sensitive legacy, even coaching as a Jedi finally, however solely the EU had her full the coaching and turn into a Jedi Knight alongside her legendary brother.

Whereas the sequel trilogy does embody additional cases of Leia displaying Jedi-like management of the Pressure – from her unexplained, self-propelled rescue from the vacuum of area originally of The Final Jedi to utilizing the Pressure to name out to her son in her dying moments in The Rise of Skywalker – she continues the function she performed within the unique trilogy, as a diplomat and chief of a navy resistance motion. Regardless of the EU tending towards the Jedi for Leia’s character, the concept of Leia changing into a Jedi was by no means a very uncontroversial thought, with followers weighing in with legitimate arguments on each side of the controversy.

Disney then, in telling their very own story and attempting to appease followers on the similar time, in all probability determined to fulfill within the center on this challenge. Leia does develop her Pressure-sensitivity off-screen, exhibiting extra command of the Pressure than she displayed within the unique trilogy, however, by no means totally dedicated herself to the Jedi Order, selecting to stay outdoors it for causes each private (concern for her son) {and professional} (her tireless devotion to democracy and the Rebel). 

The Son of Han and Leia Turning to the Darkish Facet

Kylo Ren and Leia Organa

The notion of the Han and Leia marrying and having kids of their very own is nothing new, however the Star Wars sequel trilogy bears greater than a passing resemblance to the EU in together with a son of Han and Leia who turns to the darkish aspect. Within the EU, Han and Leia finally have three kids, twins Jacen and Jaina, and a a lot youthful son, Anakin. Jacen realized the methods of the Pressure from his uncle, Luke Skywalker, however was finally seduced to the darkish aspect by his expertise in conflict, changing into Darth Caedus, apprentice of Lumiya, the “Darkish Woman of the Sith.” 

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Kylo Ren’s arc does mirror Jacen’s descent into the darkish aspect: each are nephews of Luke Skywalker, each educated in Luke’s newly-formed Jedi academy, each have been finally drawn away from the trail of the straight and slim by the lure of their darkish ancestry and their frustration with the constraints of the Jedi code, taking up new Sith names, and each cemented their descent into the darkish aspect by murdering their family members (for Kylo, killing Han Solo, for Jacen, killing his aunt Mara Jade).

Nevertheless, the small print are sufficient to make them fully totally different characters. Jacen spends a very long time coaching as a Jedi and preventing evil alongside his household earlier than turning to the darkish aspect, whereas Kylo Ren is seduced away by Snoke whereas nonetheless coaching beneath Luke. Jacen’s torture and experiences in conflict are a major think about his flip in direction of the darkish aspect, and, regardless of all his ambivalence to the standard methods of the Jedi, Jacen by no means wholesale murders Luke’s Jedi academy as Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren did within the sequel trilogy. On the whole, Jacen’s transformation into Darth Caedus is a a lot slower course of than Ben Solo’s transformation into Kylo Ren. Whereas borrowing sure primary parts from Jacen Solo’s story within the sequel trilogy, Disney determined to maintain most of Kylo Ren’s descent into the darkish aspect within the background, conserving the query of how he grew to become evil a query of fan hypothesis, for higher or for worse.     

A Skywalker Little one Named Ben

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Kylo Ren Ben Han Solo

Additional, Kylo Ren’s actual identify is borrowed from Ben Skywalker, Luke’s son with former “Emperor’s Hand” Mara Jade, a personality created by Timothy Zahn in his 1991 novel, Inheritor to the EmpireA fancy and interesting character, she finally betrays her former employers and joins the Rebel and New Republic, and later weds Luke and has a son with him, Ben Skywalker. Because the prequel trilogy established that Jedi can’t marry and Anakin was responsible of an egregious breach of the Jedi code in marrying Padme Amidala, Luke clearly couldn’t identify a son after his beloved mentor, so the subsequent logical step for the filmmakers was to move the identify on to Han and Leia’s solely baby.

Within the EU, Han and Leia did identify a toddler after a well-known Jedi of their lineage, Luke and Leia’s grandfather Anakin, however in a universe whereby Jedi can sire kids with out vital controversy, Luke naming his son after Ben Kenobi arguably makes extra sense than Han and Leia selecting that identify for his or her son. Luke was a lot nearer, in life and in dying, to Ben than Leia ever was; whereas Leia did famously plead for Obi-Wan’s assist originally of A New Hope, by no means as soon as within the unique trilogy did she even communicate to Ben Kenobi, not to mention benefit from the sort of friendship that Luke loved with Obi-Wan. She and Han may need given their son his identify out of respect for her brother and his mentor, nevertheless it appears extra doubtless that, as within the EU, they’d select a reputation extra related to their lineage.

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Luke’s Jedi Academy

Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 watch his Jedi Temple burn

As within the movies, the EU novels, particularly the 1994  Jedi Academy trilogy by Kevin J. Anderson, featured Luke founding a Jedi Academy and coaching a brand new technology the Order’s data had been misplaced for many years, however within the EU it lasted longer and had a better success charge than Luke’s doomed college within the sequel trilogy. As within the movies, one among Luke’s college students, his nephew Jacen Solo, went rogue and have become evil, however in contrast to the movie, college students went rogue on a semi-regular foundation, with out Luke shedding coronary heart and dumping the entire enterprise based mostly on the failure of 1 scholar. A few of his rogue college students even grew to become fan favorites of types, with characters like Kyp Durron, one other of Luke’s college students who defected to the Darkish Facet, arguably offering inspiration or perhaps a template for Kylo Ren’s character arc.

Within the EU, Luke grew to become the forefront of a Jedi Renaissance of types, in contrast to within the movies, or at the very least in The Final Jedi, the place he appears disillusioned with the entire enterprise and sees little level in restoring or resurrecting the Jedi Order. The change in all probability comes from the distinction in how the story of the Jedi Order is advised within the EU versus the movies; within the EU, Jacen’s flip to the darkish aspect comes years after the Academy started, giving Luke sufficient confidence in his Academy to not let the failure of 1, or perhaps a handful of scholars discredit the entire endeavor. Within the movies, Ben Solo is his solely nephew and one among his first college students, so the failure hits him a lot more durable, particularly with no earlier successes to melt the blow. 

Disney will in all probability by no means straight adapt any story or novel from the EU, however none of that may cease present or future creators from borrowing plot parts, story concepts, motifs, and even complete characters, for its upcoming Star Wars films, reveals, and extra going ahead. The EU is way too expansive, far too beloved by followers, too wealthy in concepts and storytelling potential to be dismissed fully. If the sequel trilogy is any indication, followers will likely be seeing extra acquainted characters, tales, and concepts in new guises in new Star Wars content material within the close to future.

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