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Here is each trace and reveal from Agatha’s magical gateway/chamber in her Westview basement, and what it means for the MCU’s multiverse.

In WandaVision episode 7, Agatha Harkness lures Wanda into her basement that doubles as a magical gateway, which might be vital to the MCU’s multiverse. Strolling down a vine-laden stone hall, Wanda discovers a big round room adorned with arcane bric-a-brac, in addition to a couple of notable gadgets on which the digital camera focuses on for a couple of moments. This seems to be the seat of Agatha’s energy, and the numerous stone archways main out of the room make it look like a central hub, providing entry to quite a lot of completely different areas – or dimensions.

Along with being a disorienting state of affairs for Wanda to seek out herself in, Agatha’s magical gateway chamber additionally suggests a motive for the frequent adjustments the residents of Westview expertise. This central location in Westview may nicely be a nexus, a multiverse hub that enables all potential realities to fulfill. Such areas are locations of appreciable energy, which might additionally assist clarify the uncooked power that programs by the Westview hex. With Agatha apparently accountable for the nexus, she additionally states through music that she was behind quite a lot of the beforehand inexplicable occasions which have occurred in Westview.

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Agatha’s magical gateway itself is of explicit curiosity, nevertheless, as a result of it represents the only best tonal shift inside an episode of WandaVision inside Westview. Wherever Agatha’s basement lair is, it does not look like following the foundations of the sitcom style that has outlined Westview, and Wanda herself does not look like exerting any management over Agatha by any means. With rumors and options floating that Agatha has a hyperlink to Mephisto, the satan character of Marvel Comics, that is more and more ominous – particularly given the décor of Agatha’s dungeon-like basement.

Agatha’s Magical Gateway Design & Satan Teases

The aesthetic of the hallway main into Agatha’s predominant chamber – and the chamber itself – are removed from the lighthearted and aggressively suburban really feel Westview has had. Given WandaVision‘s side ratio adjustments when Wanda enters the room, it is secure to say the room exists exterior of the Hex, or is at the least not tethered to it. Moreover, the darkish stone hallway that results in the chamber is unlit, with small quantities of pure mild spilling in from Agatha’s basement walkout and from ceiling grates in the primary chamber. This marks one of many few instances that characters are dimly lit in Westview, which normally takes extraordinary pains to guarantee that faces, even in scenes which are set at night time or indoors, are in stylistic sitcom style. Not by the way, the sitcom sign of WandaVision enjoying on TV exterior of the hex cuts off for this episode.

Throughout the chamber, etchings on the partitions recommend a devilish or infernal patron that many theorists have posited to be Mephisto, or one of many different demonic entities that plague Marvel Comics heroes, reminiscent of Nightmare. As was evidenced by the Historical One’s pact in Physician Unusual, such entities are identified to imbue sorcerers with energy that can not be granted by merely learning, and so they can function a shortcut to extra energy. Provided that the Hex hasn’t solely managed these inside it but additionally wiped Westview from the recollections of these exterior of it, such energy could also be required. Whereas no particular person sigil or demonic aid has been positively recognized, their presence within the gateway is not a superb signal.

Agatha’s Magic E-book

One of many notable objects in Agatha’s gateway is a magical ebook on her desk, marked with an odd sigil that is not mirrored wherever else in chamber. Any merchandise that’s illuminated in a darkish scene will naturally be some extent of focus, and the ebook has an odd purple power round it. Extra importantly, the sigil upon it resembles the mark of Dormammu however is not the identical one, additional suggesting that this chamber permits entry to different planes and dimensions. The image seems to seem like two old style keys assembly within the center, a potential trace to it having to do with the multiverse, and the way the ebook permits Agatha to traverse it – if that is certainly what WandaVision is hinting at.

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Though there have been options that the ebook is the Necronomicon or the Darkhold, each of which have belonged to Agatha Harkness within the comics, Agatha’s origin story has modified from the supply materials, and the Darkhold has already appeared in Brokers of SHIELD with a really completely different cowl (although that collection is thought of to be MCU-adjacent). Regardless of the precise nature of the ebook is, it appears more likely to be associated to the character of the room itself, which is bigger than the basement footprint of Agatha’s home would fairly permit, additional suggesting that the room might exist exterior of the conventional actuality of Westview.

Non-Human Skulls And Curios

Agatha’s magical gateway has one different illuminated shelf, a glass cupboard containing what look like a collection of skulls and different bone artifacts, glowing with an eerie purple mild. Whereas the digital camera by no means correctly focuses on the cupboard, a few of the skulls are roughly the form of human skulls, however with distinctly non-human options. These might be animal or alien skulls (though one, notably, has no eye holes), however with MCU’s Part four specializing in the multiverse, human-adjacent however non-human skulls tackle a completely new that means. Given the encircling circumstances, the glow is more likely to be magical, however the purple glow is not the colour of Agatha’s magical energy.

By means of one other one of many archways, the digital camera captures a glimpse of what appears to be a reflective portal highlighted with a purple coloring just like that of Agatha’s magic. With as many magical mirrors as there are in Marvel Comics, figuring out this object is troublesome at greatest, however because the mirror dimension is one other main plot level in Physician Unusual, this might be one of many nexus intersections coping with this alternate dimension. It is actually magical – however what it does and even is, is speculative.

Between the foreboding aesthetic, the drastic distinction between the gateway room and the remainder of Westview, and the in-broadcast business “Nexus” reference, it is clear the hall to Agatha’s secret chamber – and the gateway chamber itself – have extra to them than initially meets the attention. With upcoming tasks promising to discover the Marvel multiverse, the imagery on this chamber might develop additional in significance, and WandaVision‘s last episodes will probably provide extra info as to what Agatha does down there.

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