5 Motion Heroes That May Defeat A Xenomorph (& 5 That Would Purchase The Farm)

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The xenomorph species is taken into account by many to be essentially the most lethal extraterrestrial monster in the whole galaxy. This biomechanical horror stalks its prey by monitoring pheromones and lunges in for a kill with razor-sharp claws, a piercing sickle tail, and a murderous set of projectile internal jaws.

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If this alien ever squared off in opposition to popular culture’s most iconic motion heroes, it could be a sight for the ages. Nonetheless, which of them would win, and which might purchase the farm? Listed here are 5 motion heroes that might win the day, and 5 which can be just too outclassed to take the creature on.

10 Would Win: John Rambo

John Rambo

Rambo is a killing machine not like some other. He is seen a number of excursions in Vietnam, confronted down Soviet forces in Afghanistan and gone toe-to-toe with essentially the most vicious Mexican drug cartels solely to emerge intact every time. His coaching is basically unparalleled, and his potential to suppose on his toes is what has stored him alive so many  years.

These strengths would undoubtedly serve him in a combat with a xenomorph. If Rambo had time to plant even one entice, it might considerably flip the tide of the battle. If he was pressured to run and gun, Rambo’s cool management, reflexes and huge assortment of lethal weaponry would make quick work out of his alien foe.

9 Would Lose: Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne

The Treadstone program created a few of the most elite sleeper assassins the world has ever seen, and Jason Bourne ranks the best amongst them. He is a blight on the federal government’s top-secret ops tasks, and his potential to deliver one-man warfare to the perfect intelligence groups on the planet is known.

Nonetheless, for all his expertise, he would not final lengthy in a combat with the xenomorph. Bourne’s ranged weaponry could be his solely probability to finish the combat earlier than the xenomorph closed on him. As soon as that occurred, none of Bourne’s normally-excellent shut quarter martial arts expertise would save him from the internal jaws of dying.

8 Would Win: Dutch Schaefer

Dutch Schaefer

For years, Schaefer led an skilled and extremely educated particular forces rescue staff that was thought-about the perfect of the perfect by the U.S. Authorities. His expertise had been put to the last word take a look at when the unique Predator started stalking and eliminating his crew one after the other. Schaefer overcame the creature’s superior energy and gadgetry to win the day.

For that reason, Schaefer would stand an opportunity in opposition to a xenomorph. It is one factor to be one of the elite troopers on the planet, nevertheless it’s fairly one other to defeat one of many galaxy’s most threatening extraterrestrial creatures. The Predator Yautja race considers xenomorphs to be the last word prey. That speaks volumes about Schaefer’s talents.

7 Would Lose: Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan

Tom Clancy’s uber-popular Jack Ryan might have fight coaching because of the restricted time he spent within the Marines, however he is no super-soldier. When push involves shove, he is greater than able to defending himself, however with out the hardened expertise gained by means of years of navy service, Ryan is greatest stored behind an analyst’s desk.

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Whereas he might theoretically observe and study extra a few xenomorph, Ryan could be up the creek if he ever squared off in opposition to one. One of the best he might handle is to run earlier than he was finally overtaken and slaughtered by the alien.

6 Would Win: John Wick

John Wick

Any man generally known as the Baba Yaga by buddy and enemy alike will need to have the talents to again it up. John Wick is a person no person desires to cross, and for good purpose. When let off the leash, he is a one-man military able to single-handedly taking down complete organized crime syndicates with bullets left over for the capturing vary.

Wick strikes quick, fires quicker, and is aware of easy methods to deal with a high-pressure scenario. Hardly ever unarmed, he’d undoubtedly be prepared with a large assortment of punishing weapons that might no less than wound the xenomorph, if not outright kill it. As soon as it retreated, the hunt could be on, and the alien could be the prey.

5 Would Lose: Beatrix Kiddo

Beatrix Kiddo

Kill Invoice’s Beatrix Kiddo is one among director Quentin Tarantino’s most fiercest feminine characters – one educated by essentially the most expert and lethal martial artist on this planet, and her killing methods are thought-about prime of the category. She laid waste to the Loopy 88, wreaked bloody revenge on her former associates, and succeeded in ending the dastardly Invoice with the world’s most secretive killing transfer.

However, a combat with a xenomorph would finish badly for the Black Mamba. Her martial arts expertise would show ineffective in opposition to the creature, which might drive her to fall again on her trusty katana. As soon as the limbs got here off, acid blood would fly in every single place, and The Bride would die a somewhat horrendous dying.

4 Would Win: James Braddock

James Braddock

Lacking In Motion’s Braddock survived essentially the most horrific situations as a Vietnam P.O.W., and he nonetheless got here again for extra. This bearded wrecking ball is a high-octane combination of machismo, brutal martial arts expertise and weapons data that spans many years. When lit up, he is worse than a Tomahawk missile gone rogue.

In opposition to the xenomorph, Braddock would undoubtedly be prepared with all of the aggression and high-grade firepower prepared to show it into xeno-giblets. Plus, the character is performed by Chuck Norris. Sufficient mentioned.

3 Would Lose: Riddick


Riddick could not rise up in opposition to a xenomorph and win, however he’d undoubtedly come the closest in comparison with the others on this checklist. Not solely is Riddick a talented killer, however his shine-job permits him to see in the dead of night with far larger readability than a traditional human. If that weren’t sufficient, he is simply as bestial as his xeno opponent.

He is additionally gone up in opposition to his justifiable share of extraterrestrial beasts, however none of them had been as lethal because the xenomorph. Although his eyesight would show extremely advantageous, his reliance on stabbing weapons would undoubtedly be his downfall. The xenomorph would win, however in all probability not with all its limbs intact.

2 Would Win: Alice


In her amped up T-Virus type, Resident Evil’s Alice would show to be greater than a match for the xenomorph because of a mix of lighting quick reflexes, tremendous energy and different uncanny talents. She’s confirmed that she will rise up in opposition to the worst horrors Umbrella’s genetic analysis division has to supply, and nonetheless come out on prime.

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Her probabilities of profitable dwindle drastically if one removes the T-Virus factor and places her again to plain outdated human Alice, nevertheless it’s extremely possible she wins in any case. Even when depowered, Alice confronted down hordes of the undead, zombie canines and fearsome mutated Lickers with out shedding her head.

1 Would Lose: Snake Plissken

Snake Plissken

John Carpenter’s super-popular Escape From New York launched audiences to Snake Plissken – a complete badass, and never somebody you’d wish to flip your again on. He is in it for himself, which suggests his pure survival instincts have been honed to absolutely the most. He is so good that the federal government despatched him in twice to cope with extremely delicate political threats.

Sadly, Plissken is not invulnerable, and he is been overwhelmed a number of occasions by his enemies. Whereas he is confirmed he can enter the sector and stroll out alive, his expertise aren’t fairly as much as the extent required to face down a xenomorph and win. There could be no “escape” from such a predicament.

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