5 Most Hilarious Fan Theories About Season 4 (& 5 That We Hope Flip Out To Be True)

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May Ruth Langmore be working for Marty Byrde and solely pretending to have sided with Darlene Snell to regulate Marty’s enemies? Perhaps, however that’s simply one of many numerous fan theories which have flooded Reddit and social media as followers await the fourth and doubtless ultimate season of Ozark.

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The crime drama has garnered a enormous following as Marty Byrde, performed by Jason Bateman, has was a TV hero of kinds with many evaluating him to Breaking Unhealthy‘s Walter White. Watching the Byrdes survive whereas laundering cash for one in every of Mexico’s most brutal drug cartels is thrilling. After the dramatic however inconclusive finish of the third season, followers could not assist however develop some hilarious theories for the fourth season.

10 Hilarious: Marty Dies

Marty has escaped dying for the reason that first episode of Ozark, however for the reason that fourth season often is the final one of many present, it might be time for dying to meet up with him in any case. Marty’s dying could be unhappy, and naturally, imply the tip of Ozark, however it might be a welcome finish if the editors do their job proper.

Contemplating the variety of instances the present has saved Marty, the fourth season is probably not an exception. Marty’s survival is the that means of Ozark, and killing him will imply that Marty’s household, Navarro, and the FBI have misplaced, which might harm the that means of the present.

9 Presumably True: Ruth Kills Darlene

Ozark-Darlene and Wyatt affair

Darlene manipulated Wyatt into having an affair along with her and infuriated Ruth (Julia Garner). Then got here Ben’s alleged dying, which made Ruth mad at Marty and Wendy, inflicting her to go away the Byrdes and be part of Darlene. Whereas Darlene killing Frank Cosgrove Jr purchased her some love from Ruth, there isn’t a method she’s going to let her reap the benefits of Wyatt.

The idea is that Ruth selected to work for Darlene to make some cash for the remaining members of her household however will then kill Darlene. Darlene’s dying will clearly depart the Snell fortune to whoever stays on the property, which could be the Langmore children. Darlene may additionally depart the land to them as a result of she hates foreigners taking management of the island, which she believes ought to be left to the unique inhabitants, and Wyatt and Ruth are her favorites.

8 Hilarious: Ruth Is Working Undercover For Marty

Julia Garner in Ozark season one

Earlier than Marty confirmed up in Ruth’s life, the Langmores did not have the slightest probability of fixing their lives for the higher, and staying as low-life criminals simply wasn’t working for them. Leaving Marty to work for Darlene appeared just like the lowest second of her life for the reason that starting of the present.

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Nonetheless, Ruth is a brilliant woman, and if she is aware of something, it’s how one can survive. She is aware of the power of the cartel and that Darlene does not stand an opportunity on her personal. Contemplating her earlier good performs, some followers theorized that her swap to work for Darlene was a part of a plot with Marty to lastly take out the Snells and take full management of the island’s enterprise.

7 Presumably True: Ben Is Nonetheless Alive

Ozark s03-Tom Pelphrey as Tom

Ben was a risk to everybody, however he loved Wendy’s love and safety. Wendy is mama bear wherever her household is anxious, and he or she would burn down the world earlier than killing her brother. When Ben acquired uncontrolled, the present made everybody really feel she was lastly fed up with him, however that is probably not the case.

We by no means noticed Ben die, solely ashes that will or might not have been his. Wendy used Ben’s alleged dying to purchase some love from Navarro, that means she needed to make it look actual, which is why it was very convincing. Since it’s Ozark; nobody is absolutely useless till you see them die, and Ben is probably not an exception.

6 Hilarious: The Ashes Belong To Sue

Marylouise Burke as Sue in Ozark s03

Bear in mind Sue? The therapist who took benefit of Marty and Wendy’s state of affairs to extort them? Effectively, her dying was unhappy however in all probability deserved, and nobody noticed the place her physique was disposed of after Helen’s goons wrapped it contained in the carpet.

Some followers sought comfort within the risk that Helen might have determined to make use of Marty’s crematorium to eliminate Sue’s physique. That principle is outright unsuitable and hilarious, although, since Wendy requested Marty “if his ashes have been heavy” after the cremation, that means whoever Marty cremated was a person.

5 Presumably True: The Byrdes Get Zeke Again

Ozark-Pastor Mason and Baby Zeke

The Masons have been an harmless church household that acquired caught up within the Snells vs Byrdes turf struggle. Darlene Snell killed Grace simply to ship a message to Pastor Mason. The poor pastor misplaced it and kidnapped Wendy, which in flip acquired him killed. In the long run, each the Snells and the Byrdes have been responsible for poor Zeke being an orphan.

Darlene is the one presently doing the parenting, however being a psychopath who misplaced the one different person who protected her on this planet, her dying is just not very far off. Whether or not she provides up Zeke willingly or by drive, she does not have a lot of alternative, and the Byrdes might get the prospect to make amends by elevating the poor boy.

4 Hilarious: Navarro Will get Arrested

The Ending of Ozark Season 3

Omar Navarro is the person behind all the cash that has brought on chaos within the Ozarks, and a lot of the deaths, in fact. He would have died within the cartel wars of Season Three, however the Byrdes saved him as a result of they wanted him, however that is probably not the case within the fourth season. Helen was keen to betray everybody else besides Navarro; the identical can’t be mentioned for Wendy and Marty.

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Handing Navarro over to the FBI could be an appropriate ending for the drug lord, with one principle suggesting that Nelson, the hitman, often is the man that turns him in.

3 Presumably True: Marty Goes To Jail

Skylar Gaetner and Jason Bateman in Ozark

Marty Byrde has revolutionized the that means of cash laundering on TV, which is why there’s a lot denial relating to the dialogue of his ending. Cash laundering is, in fact, a criminal offense, and doing it for Mexico’s most brutal cartel solely makes it worse. So regardless of the love all followers have for Marty, he has to face some penalties in the long run, and as standard, the one choices are dying or jail.

Demise would be the saddest ending for Marty, and since he is a superb father, the writers might select a special route. That’s the reason the idea of Maya bringing in Marty on some type of costs, even when it’s not cash laundering, is just not out of the image.

2 Hilarious: Maya Helps Marty Get Out

Jessica Dukes as agent Maya in Ozark Season 3

Roy Petty was too emotionally invested within the Marty Byrde case as a result of he blamed Marty for his mom’s previous with medication. He wasn’t interested by any type of justice for Marty, that means his tenure would have resulted in Marty’s dying. Maya, the brand new agent, seems to be extra composed and able to negotiate.

When Marty acquired onto the jet to Mexico, she tried to warn Marty as a result of Helen had turned on him. Except Maya is conserving some methods beneath that sympathetic however understanding look, which is unlikely, she could be the individual that saves Marty.

1 Presumably True: Marty Kills Navarro

Jacob and Darlene Snell and Marty Byrde in Season 2

Ozark is all a few mess that everybody wants a method out of, however they’re too invested to stroll away. Contemplating all the principle characters within the present, there is just one who’s expendable, so far as the followers are involved. Omar Navarro has to die.

Marty has been the person conserving every little thing collectively as a result of his life and that of his household rely on it. Issues have been getting tighter for the reason that first season, although, and if anybody can remedy every little thing, it’s Marty. He hasn’t killed anybody himself thus far, however each fan hopes he’ll kill Navarro, which can be one of the simplest ways out for everybody concerned.

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