5 Methods Veronica Is Completely different In The Archie Comics (& 5 Methods She’s The Identical)

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To a sure respect, Riverdale should not have to carry as much as the identical requirements as its authentic comedian e book kind within the Archie Comics. Why? As a result of the 2 are so vastly totally different that it’s unfair to each to make comparisons between the 2. One is lighthearted and enjoyable whereas the opposite takes on significantly darkish tones.

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Riverdale is for a contemporary age and fanbase, whereas the Archie Comics model is well-liked amongst nostalgic followers. With that stated, there are some things that Riverdale has stored the identical on the subject of the principle characters, particularly Veronica. Let’s discover out what’s the similar and what’s totally different.

10 Completely different: Archie’s Important Love Curiosity

The explanation why Archie is extra into Veronica than Betty in Riverdale most likely has to do with creating an edgier really feel for each Veronica and Archie. Veronica is not the standard lady subsequent door persona that Betty presents within the Archie Comics and on Riverdale.

Plus, it is not the stereotypical love triangle that one would count on from a teen drama. Regardless of the cause could also be, this distinction in Archie’s love life is a major change and one which followers of each the comics and Riverdale must get used to for higher or worse.

9 Identical: Background Nonetheless Relates To Being Wealthy

Veronica within the comics is thought for her flamboyant conduct, a conduct that fits her wealthy lady persona. Her father within the comics is at all times making an attempt to show her classes on learn how to be a good upright citizen that holds to sturdy ethical values.

Whereas the course her father leads her could be totally different in Riverdale than within the comics, that does not imply she does not have a wealthy background. In reality, she is sort of accustomed to getting what she needs when she needs and that is likely one of the few issues not modified within the TV collection.

8 Completely different: She Is not Spoiled

As beforehand acknowledged, Veronica within the comics was fairly spoiled. Her father beloved her immensely and noticed to it that his daughter had something and the whole lot handed to her. So, in fact, that meant infinite purchasing sprees that concerned shopping for the most recent traits or something she thought was cute.

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Nevertheless, the Veronica in Riverdale has a extra feminist nature about her. She does not need issues handed to her, as a substitute, she needs to earn them by performing to the very best of her skills on the subject of her teachers or enterprise life.

7 Identical: She Is Nonetheless All In On Archie

There are just a few issues that won’t change irrespective of how performed out they could be and a type of is Veronica nonetheless being head over heels in love with Archie. It is smart in each the comics and on the tv present why she is this fashion.

In any case, Archie is a star athlete with a really personable and well-liked demeanor. One thing meaning the whole lot to each variations of Veronica. The one distinction being that in Riverdale, Archie is nearly completely into Veronica reasonably than the Archie-Veronica-Betty love triangle.

6 Completely different: She Lacks Bangs

So, this may not be noticeable until one is a die-hard Archie Comics fan however the Veronica within the comics had bangs, whereas her Riverdale counterpart does not. This most likely has extra to do with when the Archie Comics have been first printed which was the type of the day again within the 1950s.

Riverdale sought to vary the notion of virtually all their characters by giving them a modern-day makeover. This may appear minuscule to most, however for these which are accustomed to her look within the comics could be a little bit shocked by the coiffure change.

5 Identical: Veronica And Betty Are Finest Pals

Veronica and Betty have been buddies in each the Archie Comics and in Riverdale. Nevertheless, within the comics, they’re extra rivals than buddies. In any case, they each are attempting to win the love of the identical boy, Archie. This oftentimes put them on reverse sides and introduced out their aggressive natures.

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In Riverdale, there isn’t a competitors for Archie as he already is in love with Veronica but there’s nonetheless an underlying trace that the three will quickly discover themselves within the precarious place of vying for one another’s affections.

4 Completely different: She Is Of Latino Descent

Again when the Archie Comics first come out, there wasn’t precisely an avenue for individuals of shade to be proven in such well-liked comics until it was for comedian aid. Nevertheless, through the years, this has slowly being phased out permitting for characters of all backgrounds and sexual orientations to take the lead in well-liked comics, exhibits, and flicks.

Veronica within the comics is the stereotypical wealthy, spoiled, well-liked white lady that each boy needs to be with. Nevertheless, within the present her background has been modified, making her of Latino descent. It is good because the actor solid for the position is Hispanic.

3 Identical: Her Father Is A Businessman

Veronica’s cultural heritage could be totally different in Riverdale in comparison with the favored comics however that does not imply the whole lot about her background has modified. In reality, Veronica nonetheless comes from a rich household the place she acquired something and the whole lot she ever dreamed of getting.

The household has come throughout dangerous instances however that does not change her aristocratic demeanor. Her father was nonetheless a profitable businessman that supplied the household with all of the wealth and glamour a young person may need. Like her father, Veronica is very clever and unbiased, desirous to comply with the same path of employment in her future.

2 Completely different: Her Father Is A Convict

Whereas it’s true that Veronica’s father is a businessman within the Archie Comics and in Riverdale, that does not imply his persona is similar. Within the comics, he’s loving and continually being fatherly by making an attempt to show Veronica life classes he feels she is devoid of due to her spoiled upbringing.

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Whereas in Riverdale, Veronica’s father is definitely a convict that has been arrested for committing white-collar crimes in an try and maintain the household afloat. He’s much less energetic in his daughter’s life resulting from his present circumstances preventing off federal expenses.

1 Identical: Veronica Is Nonetheless Well-liked

There are just a few issues that may by no means change. Most teen dramas have a wise, lovely lady who the principle male character is totally and completely infatuated with despite the fact that they arrive from two separate worlds.

This does not change from the Archie Comics to Riverdale, as Archie continues to be head over heels in love with the lady that’s too good to be true. Fortunately for Archie, Veronica at all times appears up for a romance with him in each the comics and present with the one distinction in Riverdale being that his infatuation along with her is purer of coronary heart.

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