5 Issues Mr. Krabs Taught Us About Class Warfare (& 5 Issues Squidward Taught Us)

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SpongeBob SquarePants is a kids’s animated present about an anthropomorphic sponge dwelling beneath the ocean. Collectively along with his different sea creature buddies, SpongeBob shares wacky adventures that solely a dwelling dishwashing sponge can take pleasure in.

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But behind the wacky humor, and the absurd characters (such because the underwater squirrel scientist, Sandy) Spongebob is a Marxist allegory on the significance of sophistication warfare and sophistication consciousness. It’s no shock that many episodes happen on the Krusty Krab, Spongebob’s office. Spongebob, his boss, Mr. Krabs, and his co-worker, Squidward, show that class warfare stays one of many largest issues in twenty-first-century society.

10 Mr. Krabs: Even The Greatest Employee Is Replaceable

In ‘Welcome To The Chum Bucket’, Mr. Krabs bets SpongeBob’s work contract throughout a card recreation with Plankton. Plankton, in his mad quest to acquire the Krabby Patty secret components, cheats. He hopes that by forcing SpongeBob to work on the Chum Bucket, SpongeBob will make Krabby Patties and drive up his enterprise.

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Spongebob, trapped between the egomania of two enterprise enemies, spends the episode crying and longing to be again at The Krusty Krab. His destiny is callously determined by Mr. Krabs who was glad to wager on SpongeBob’s happiness and monetary stability to win a bit cash.

9 Squidward: Worship The Firm, Or Be Changed

‘Krusty Krab Coaching Video’ is a basic SpongeBob episode. It’s a enjoyable, light-hearted, and hilarious tackle the worker coaching movies common in the course of the twentieth-century. Throughout a interval of mass capitalist progress within the US, the coaching video turned an impersonal strategy to practice loyalty and conformity into workers.

By creating conformity in employees, they’re simply changed. The narrator within the video warns workers sternly that “no worker needs to be a Squidward”. Staff are taught that it’s higher to share Spongebob’s idiot-like worship for the corporate’s dream. Actually, workers with desires that don’t profit their workplaces are evil Squidwards!

8 Mr. Krabs: Your Staff’ Effectively-Being Is Unimportant

Mr. Krabs loves cash. Though he has a passion for SpongeBob and Squidward, his love of cash dominates each considered one of his relationships – together with his relationship along with his daughter, Pearl. Because of this, everybody round him suffers.

The central rigidity in SpongeBob is commonly Krabs’ unfair remedy of his employees. In ‘Concern of a Patty’, for instance, Krabs instantly decides to open the Krusty Krab 24/7, with out hiring new workers. This ends in SpongeBob’s humorous psychological breakdown, the place he begins to hallucinate evil large, omnipresent Krabby Patties, making an attempt to eat his chewy flesh.

7 Squidward: By no means Sacrifice Your Effectively-Being For The Sake Of Your Job

In yet one more episode, Mr. Krabs sacrifices his workers’ well-being to make a minimal revenue in ‘Pizza Supply’. Simply after closing time, the Krusty Krab will get a name for supply pizza. Serving neither house deliveries, nor pizza, Mr. Krabs ingeniously comes up with each, forcing his workers to ship the merchandise, regardless of being off the clock.

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Squidward realizes that Krabs by no means inconveniences himself, however forces his workers to work insanely onerous for his personal revenue. He, due to this fact, refuses to offer something however the naked minimal. Squidward proves as soon as once more that he’s the anti-hero of the present. Conversely, SpongeBob works constantly onerous with nothing to indicate for it.

6 Mr. Krabs: “By no means Let Go Of A Dime”

Eugene Krabs refuses to spend his cash. He made his riches by exploiting others and appearing entitled to free issues from the world. In ‘Krusty Krab Coaching Video’, we see childhood Eugene stealing soda from a merchandising machine by tying a string to 1 / 4. He deviously pulls again the quarter as soon as he will get the soda can.

Once more in ‘Dying For Pie’, slightly than merely pay his workers a good wage, Eugene introduces “new age” administration types, forcing his workers to be proud of no employee advantages. He selfishly forces SpongeBob and Squidward to make do-it-yourself items for one another, out of their very own pocket.

5 Squidward: Stand Up For Your Rights

When revenue is down $Three from the earlier month, Mr. Krabs goes overboard in making an attempt to recoup his exorbitant losses. He payments Squidward for respiratory, and for standing on the money register. Squidward calls a strike in defiance. In retaliation, Krabs fires each males instantly.

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Regardless of Squidward’s socialist polemic on employee’s rights, prospects knock him right down to get to their valuable Krabby Patties. He beckons to the lots, saying: “No one offers a care concerning the destiny of labor, so long as they’ll get their prompt gratification.” The episode ends with Mr. Krabs conceding to Squidy’s calls for and begging him to finish the strike.

4 Mr. Krabs: Do Unto Staff, However Not Thyself

Beneath Krabs’ useful, jolly nature, there lies an overt darkish facet, overshadowed solely by Spongebob’s covert good facet. Audiences aren’t in a position to actually see Mr. Krabs in his full mild, due to Spongebob’s ever-forgiving and ever-understanding nature.

In ‘Graveyard Shift’ (and ‘Krusty Towers’), Mr. Krabs successfully tortures his employees for cash. Forcing his workers to work until they drop, he tells them, ‘I can not hang around right here all night time. I’ve acquired a life.” Krabs worships cash, however by no means works onerous. When he isn’t oppressing his employees, he’s sat in his workplace counting his money.

3 Squidward: Worker Of The Month Is a Vapid Recognition Contest

The Worker of the Month Award is a “rip-off”, in line with Squidward Tentacles. “Mr. Krabs offers you that award so you may work more durable for no more money!” SpongeBob’s class naivete is performed for jokes on this episode. He can not perceive why Squidward just isn’t serious about working more durable to win the award.

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For SpongeBob, worker of the month is an emblem of getting pleasure in his job as a fry cook dinner. However for Squidward, it’s a image of his disgrace at working as a cashier, trapped in an unrewarding job, when he all the time dreamed of creative success.

2 Mr. Krabs: By no means Belief Even Loyal Staff

Mr. Krabs’ fortunate dime goes lacking in “Can You Spare A Dime?’ He immediately accuses Squidward of stealing his fortunate dime, regardless of years of loyal service from the squid. Offended and betrayed, Squidward assaults Mr. Krabs and quits on the spot.

In a uncommon second of reflection, SpongeBob warns Squidward that “it is a chilly, chilly world on the market. No-one’s gonna serve you happiness on a silver platter.” By the top of the episode, it’s revealed that the fortunate dime was in Mr. Krabs’ pockets in spite of everything.

1 Squidward: Loyalty To Your Job Is A Idiot’s Errand

‘Can You Spare A Dime?’ is a miserable episode. Squidward quits within the hope of “unlocking his potential.” “The one mistake I ever made was losing my life on the Krusty Krab,” he tells SpongeBob. Though he quits after being betrayed and defamed by Mr. Krabs’, the episode doesn’t give Squidward a working-class triumph. Reasonably, audiences are proven the opposite facet of a chilly world ought to they select their dignity and rights above cash.

Squidward was loyal to his job however ended up homeless in an episode that teaches the significance of unions defending employees from the whims of terrible bosses.

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