5 Instances Raj Was Underrated (& 5 He Was Simply Plain Annoying)

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Rajesh Koothrappali is a part of the zany good friend group of The Huge Bang Principle. He is an astrophysicist who’s nice at his job, has a horrible observe file with ladies, and is a loyal and devoted good friend. Over the course of 12 seasons, Raj did not blossom like the remainder of his buddies, however he was slowly discovering his approach.

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In contrast to the remainder of his buddies, Raj by no means discovered love and put all of his vitality into discovering a companion. Regardless of how arduous he tried, he got here off too robust and too awkward to land a younger girl. The form of vitality he exuded got here off as needy and annoying to these round him (and followers watching him), however he wasn’t all that unhealthy, proper?

10 Underrated: He Deserves Credit score For His Work

raj and sheldon in the office - the big bang theory

Sheldon’s genius is so intoxicating that folks are inclined to neglect about Raj and his profession. As an astrophysicist at Caltech, Raj has an vital job that he truly loves doing. With the assistance of a staff, Raj helped design a house probe for Pluto. He additionally discovered a planetary object known as 2008 NQ17.His work was spectacular sufficient to catch the eyes of these over at Individuals Journal and later gained a Newcomb Medal. Raj deserves extra credit score for the work he was doing in house.

9 Annoying: Flip-Flopping Between Ladies

Raj desires a girlfriend so unhealthy that he turns into confused when multiple girl likes him. He is prepared to tarnish his current relationship as a result of the enchantment of being appreciated by somebody new excited him. It is unhappy, actually.

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His relationship with Emily wasn’t good however she was an incredible girlfriend to Raj. As quickly as Raj met Claire, nonetheless, he panicked and broke up with Emily so he could possibly be with Claire. Likewise, when he went on his first date with Emily, he was overcome with feelings when his ex-girlfriend Lucy wished to fulfill up for espresso. Raj deserves an incredible companion however he has to provide them the respect he additionally calls for.

8 Underrated: His Honesty Is Refreshing

rajs first date with emily - the big bang theory

Howard, Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj are trustworthy males. They’ve lived their lives within the shadows and do not know methods to be anybody else however themselves. (It is after they act like another person that they get themselves into bother.) That is one side of their lives (particularly Raj) that is neglected. Raj tells his white lies every now and then however he is primarily an trustworthy man who tells it like it’s, and that ought to be celebrated.

7 Annoying: The Final Whiner

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There is no good approach to put it: Raj is a whiner. He whines when he does not get his approach, when he is had a tough day, when his buddies are busy with their girlfriends… He is knowledgeable whiner. He is so used to getting his approach due to the cash he has however his buddies are the one group of individuals he cannot purchase.

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He whines each time a woman breaks his coronary heart; when Howard is just too busy with Bernadette, and when the group does one thing with out him. He does not know methods to deal with his emotions. All he is aware of is to cry and pout about it.

6 Underrated: He Minimize Himself Off From His Mother and father

The group discovered the reality about Raj’s household when Sheldon regarded over Raj’s monetary scenario and discovered that his dad and mom weren’t simply wealthy. They have been “Ritchy Ritch wealthy.” It seems that Mr. and Mrs. Kooterpali do extremely nicely in India and pay for all of Raj’s bills. The one factor Raj needed to pay for was his meals. Ultimately, Raj realized it was time to develop up and requested to chop himself off from his dad and mom. Contemplating how good he had it, he deserves some credit score for leaving thousands and thousands behind.

5 Annoying: He is A Spoiled Mama’s Boy

With each of his dad and mom paying for his insurance coverage and bills, Raj relied closely on his dad and mom. He went to them when he wanted help within the life and love departments. And whereas they have been harsh at occasions, they gave Raj the powerful love he wanted. Sadly, his dependence on his dad and mom made him a mama’s boy.

After his dad and mom bought divorced, he performed each side of the fence and requested them each for issues whereas dragging the opposite by way of the mud to get what he wished. Not cool, Raj.

4 Underrated: Raj Is The Most Affected person With Sheldon

Not too many individuals are affected person with the one and solely Sheldon Cooper. His brilliance is each a blessing and a curse to these round him. Sheldon does unimaginable issues with science however he is not the best particular person to be buddies with or date.

He can grow to be unintentionally egocentric and impolite when he does not get his approach or does not like an individual. Leonard, specifically, needed to take care of Sheldon in each side of life as a result of the 2 have been roommates, so his fuse with Sheldon was brief. Howard was solely buddies with Sheldon due to Leonard. However Raj… Raj had a delicate spot for Sheldon and listened to him.

3 Annoying: He is Petty When He Does not Get His Approach

Raj is not only a whiner, he is additionally petty and jealous. Whether or not it is his buddies or the girl he is relationship, Raj might be petty when he does not get his approach. He unfold lies about his relationship with Penny when the 2 “slept tother” (regardless that he knew they did not make it that far). He bought mad at Sheldon for hitting it off along with his blind date. And he turns into infantile when his buddies are busy dwelling their very own lives. If the world does not cease for Raj, his petty aspect comes out.

2 Underrated: He is By Far The Most Caring

Amongst Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Penny, Amy, and Bernadette, Raj is essentially the most caring and heartwarming particular person. Certain, he is whiney and petty however he has an enormous coronary heart and loves his shut circle of buddies.

When Howard and Bernadette introduced that they have been anticipating their first child, Raj acted as if it was him changing into a father. He was so excited for his greatest good friend and could not wait to rejoice life’s massive moments collectively. He was an incredible listener and genuinely cared about what was happening in his buddies’ lives.

1 Annoying: He is Good But Horrible With Cash

rajs electronics - the big bang theory

It may be conflicting for viewers as a result of Raj is a superb astrophysicist and but he is horrible with cash. He is a grown man who lives on his personal and but has every part paid for by his dad and mom. When he minimize ties financially along with his dad and mom, he needed to transfer out of his residence as a result of he could not afford it anymore. What’s bizarre about that is that even when Penny was down on her luck, even she may afford her hire. If Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon’s hire was reasonably priced sufficient for Penny, why did not Raj search for an residence of their constructing? As a substitute, he crashed with Leonard, Howard, and even Bert! Did he haven’t any financial savings? It is arduous to justify from a person who does so nicely at work.

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