15 Avengers Who May Kill Thanos, Ranked By Likeliness

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Regardless that Avengers: Endgame is now within the rear-view mirror and everybody is aware of who manages to take down Thanos, it’s definitely enjoyable to try different circumstances in how the dominant MCU character might have been defeated. From heavy-hitting characters to others who would use unimaginable methods, these are the 15 characters who’ve the power to take down Thanos.

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Up to date on November 21st, by Matthew Wilkinson: On the subject of Marvel villains, there is no such thing as a doubt that Thanos stands head and shoulders above the entire relaxation. He introduced an excellent mixture of dominance, aggression, and critical emotion that really made him so scary. however that does not imply that he is completely unbeatable. In reality, there are a couple of extra Avengers who might take him on and win.

15 Ant-Man

Ant-Man Avengers Endgame Role

We have seen Ant-Man in motion, and it is clear that he’d lose rapidly in a one-on-one with Thanos. Nonetheless, we have seen from Janet van Dyne that prolonged intervals of time contained in the Quantum Realm can provide somebody enhanced talents and powers.

His skill to alter dimension between being tiny and being an enormous is a large higher hand benefit to anyone who fights him and will definitely show an excessive amount of for Thanos. Plus, there’s the basic idea of getting into from an space no person needs to cope with to defeat him.

14 Drax

Purely due to how a lot emotional funding Drax has in eager to kill Thanos, he needs to be thought of as an possibility of somebody who might kill him. Drax’s household was killed by Thanos, and that has led to all of his anger, which he’s prepared to take out every time he will get the prospect.

Whereas he may not be as robust as Thanos when he has the entire Infinity Stones, if Drax received the prospect to struggle him when he was extra weak, he might show to be an important match.

13 Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is proven to have powers that warp and bend actuality to the purpose that she will be able to have an effect on Infinity Stones.

If anybody had been to discover a solution to overpower Thanos, it might be Wanda. And given the traumatic dying of Imaginative and prescient by the hands of Thanos, she’s clearly had an axe to grind that might gas her powers sufficient to take out the villain for good.

12 Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther

Black Panther is an unimaginable warrior and somebody who fights with tons of coronary heart and fervour. The truth that he can radiate the vitality from the beatdowns he takes could be an enormous benefit, particularly towards Thanos as that may permit him to struggle again with a variety of additional energy.

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Plus, the expertise that Wakanda has at its disposal would little doubt permit him to create an excellent weapon or swimsuit if he was conscious of Thanos and the ability that he has, which might give him a bonus.

11 Star-Lord

One other sufferer of Thanos’s Decimation, Peter Quill in the end dropped the ball and allowed Thanos to safe all of the Stones he wanted to wipe out half the universe from existence.

Quill is half-celestial, and we have seen earlier than that he can deal with the consequences of the Infinity Stone higher than most. And whereas he could also be lower off from his powers, he theoretically nonetheless has entry to them. This might imply that an indignant demigod Star-Lord might have gone for Thanos with a blaster in a single hand and his Zune within the different.

10 Spider-Man

Tom Holland in Spider-Man Homecoming on ceiling

When The Avengers handle to get their fingers on Thanos throughout Avengers: Infinity Struggle, Spider-Man proves simply how helpful he will be towards Thanos. He nearly manages to slide off the glove and causes points from afar by utilizing his web-slinging skill.

His flexibility coupled with the truth that he can hit Thanos from any course whereas rapidly darting out of the way in which make him a legit risk to Thanos if he was given a one on one likelihood.

9 Captain America

The First Avenger appears an unlikely candidate to make the killing blow towards Thanos. Steve Rogers makes it clear that he would not need to kill anybody proper earlier than he turns into Captain America, and he is carried out his finest to carry on to that excellent. However given the darker flip that followers have seen Steve Rogers take within the MCU, it isn’t out of line to think about that he has the power to kill Thanos.

Cap was in a position to maintain again an almost unstoppable Thanos with simply his naked fingers, a formidable bodily feat. Add within the skill to make use of his protect, and the truth that he can wield Thor’s hammer, and Cap is simply as succesful as anybody.

8 Physician Unusual

Avengers Movies In Chronological Order

Grasp of the Mystic Arts and Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Unusual was in a position to give a cryptic message to Tony Stark about how this was all a part of his “endgame” plan earlier than changing into a pile of mud. Proving that he was prepared to sacrifice himself for the better good.

When seeing the thousands and thousands of potentialities the place the Avengers tried to take down Thanos, Physician Unusual solely noticed one the place they could succeed. Whereas he wasn’t straight concerned in that, there isn’t any doubt he has the sheer talents to have taken him down in an alternate universe.

7 Imaginative and prescient

Positive, in the way in which issues performed out within the MCU, Thanos really killed Imaginative and prescient, the actual fact is that the 2 by no means encounter one another when Imaginative and prescient is 100% wholesome. As a result of he has one of many Infinity Stones as a part of his physique, it might have been very attention-grabbing to see them struggle.

He has unimaginable skill and powers and with the ability to struggle from totally different heights would have actually prompted Thanos some issues which is why it’s really a disgrace that Marvel did not present followers with this dream encounter.

6 Captain Marvel

Brie Larson in Captain Marvel

Followers have not actually seen what Carol Danvers can carry to the desk but. They’ve a good suggestion of her talents and powers, however there’s nearly definitely a lot extra mendacity in wait.

She has coaching from the Kree, who had managed to maintain Thanos in test for fairly some time. Much more telling, Nick Fury’s final act earlier than he disappeared from the Snap was to web page Captain Marvel for assist. If Nick Fury’s closing ideas had been to contact Captain Marvel for assist, then that is a fairly unbeatable endorsement.

5 Hulk

Avengers Movies In Chronological Order

The Hulk was a bit digicam shy once we noticed him in Avengers: Infinity Struggle. After squaring down with Thanos aboard the Asgardian ship, Hulk was unwilling to come back out once more afterward to struggle Thanos.

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However this wasn’t as a result of he was afraid; he did not like getting used as Banner’s get-out-of-jail-free card. As such, he did not really feel like combating Thanos or any of his minions. With Banner and The Hulk on the identical web page, and a completely educated and wholesome physique, Thanos could be hard-pressed to cease him.

4 Nebula

There’s one thing to be mentioned for Nebula’s persistent efforts to kill her adopted father. Even after having most of her physique damaged and destroyed, she managed to place herself again collectively time after time.

There’s virtually nobody within the universe that is aware of Thanos in addition to she does. To not point out after years of bodily and psychological torture at his fingers, there isn’t any one half as motivated or as able to bringing him down. Nebula additionally has comedian historical past backing her up; she was the one to take away the Infinity Gauntlet and defeat Thanos in The Infinity Gauntlet comedian sequence.

3 Gamora

Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy

As everybody learns throughout Avengers: Endgame, Gamora is now not useless, which was one of many highlights of the film. Whereas she is not technically Thanos’ daughter, she does develop up with him and has a transparent and distinct backstory as to why she’d need to kill him.

In contrast to the overwhelming majority of the characters within the MCU, Gamora is aware of Thanos inside out. She is aware of how he thinks, why he acts in sure methods, and that may result in her with the ability to expose these weaknesses to probably defeat him, particularly since she’s his largest weak level.

2 Thor

If solely he had aimed for the top. The Asgardian Son of Odin was extraordinarily near ending Thanos on the finish of Avengers: Infinity Struggle. After gaining the highly effective weapon Stormbreaker, Thor turns into the wielder of essentially the most highly effective weapon within the universe.

Stormbreaker is able to killing Thanos outright, and solely Thor is at the moment worthy of wielding it.

1 Iron-Man

Iron Man in Iron Man 3 with the Iron Legion

In fact, that is the person who is definitely in a position to defeat Thanos ultimately, sacrificing himself in an effort to kill him. He loses his personal life to do this, proving simply how unselfish he’s at his core, with Iron-Man’s energy and energy of character being the overwhelming energy for him.

Whereas different characters might need the power to take him down, there will be no arguing this one.

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