10 Unpopular Opinions About Deep Area 9 (In accordance To Reddit)

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Star Trek: Deep Area 9 is the fourth sequence within the long-running sci-fi franchise. The sequence ran for seven seasons and 176 episodes from 1993 to 1999, changing into some of the beloved sequels in all the Star Trek canon. Set within the 24th century, the story picks up when Earth turns into a part of a United Federation of Planets, the place many well-known crew members work on the Deep Area 9 house station.

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Prior to now 20 years for the reason that present went off the air, many fan theories, absurd postulations, and unpopular opinions about Star Trek: Deep Area 9 have circulated on the web and amongst popular culture circles. Scroll beneath for among the greatest (all hyperlinks through Reddit).

10 O’Brien Deserved His Destiny

Miles O’Brien is likely one of the most beloved Star Trek characters who ever lived. Nonetheless, in accordance with an unpopular opinion posited by HoffyTheBaker, he believes O’Brien deserved his final destiny on the sequence.

Whereas O’Brien is an adored everyman on the present who appears to have an inordinate quantity of fine fortune, his time on Deep Area 9 comes with no scarcity of struggling. He is arrested, reprimanded, and falsely accused of espionage. Nonetheless, few issues high the misfortune O’Brien faces when his worst worry manifests onboard within the type of Talarian Hook Spiders. Worse but, he is consigned to a lifetime of marriage with Keiko.

9 Dominion Struggle Was Picard’s Fault

Star Trek DS9 Picard

Though an ancillary gripe to the bigger DS9 narrative, Reddit person Narration claims the unpopular opinion that the Dominion Struggle got here on account of Picard’s ambivalence. Based on the opinion, Picard’s lack of urgency to evacuate his males straight led to their Cardassian seize.

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Had Picard correctly instructed the Federation colonizers from Doran V to flee in time, as an skilled chief most definitely would, likelihood is there could be no Dominion Struggle. Within the hyperlink cited above, Narration locations blame squarely on Picard for “getting the lethal ball rolling.”

8 Odo & Kira Was A Poor Pairing

Star Trek DS9 Odo Kira

One other unpopular opinion to spring up on Reddit with reference to DS9 is the poor pairing of Odo and Kira. Based on justanotherguy113, the romance between Odo and Kira was utterly unconvincing on account of their lack of pure onscreen chemistry.

Odo and Kira turned an merchandise after the latter ended her romance with Bareil Antos ended. Odo is a shapeshifter who had been eager for Kira for years and eventually bought his likelihood to make his fantasy a actuality. Sadly, for followers like justanotherguy113, the sappy romance lacked credibility to the purpose of detracting from the present.

7 Damar Is Cooler Than Garak

Damar DS9

Whereas many DS9 followers really feel strongly about Elim Garak being one of many coolest characters on the present, a vocal Reddit person named RUacronym begs to vary.

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In an unpopular opinion that immediately garnered a downvote, RUacronym claims that “Damar is the extra attention-grabbing Cardassian character than Garak.” Elim Garak is a banished spy who runs a tailoring enterprise on the house station. Damar is a Cardassian soldier who helps lead the resistance towards the Dominion.

6 Klingons Are Ineffective

Klingons DS9

Reddit thread creator HoffyTheBaker he provides one other unpopular opinion by claiming he skips each episode coping with the Klingons. Based on the gripe, “all the things Klingon appeared so bleak and one-note to me. They’re mainly GoT with warp drive, darkish and dreary…I could not get into it.”

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That’s definitely a line of considering that goes towards the prevailing Star Trek knowledge. Most followers adore the Klingons and the wealthy historical past, iconography, and custom they convey to all the franchise.

5 Mirror Universe Is Lame

ds9 Mirror Universe

One of many extra memorable features of DS9 is the Mirror Universe, by which members of the house station discover themselves in a parallel actuality. Whereas most preferred the Mirror Universe, at the least two Reddit customers really feel the alternative.

Though their person title has since been deleted, one Reddit poster famous that “the Mirror Universe had potential, however I discovered each mirror character boring save for Smiley. The ultimate episode was actually lame.” JangoF76 places it much more succinctly by itemizing his unpopular opinions with “F*ck the Mirror Universe.”

4 Dax Is Loathsome & One-Dimensional

DS9 Worf and Dax

Based on a Reddit person with the deal with RadioSparkz, Dax is a detestable character with out a lot complexity. The unpopular opinion is bolstered by eairy, who notes that Worf’s character turns into far worse on account of marrying Dax. Not even her standing as a symbiont might help their trigger.

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The Dax hate continues with examples pointing to her cringe-worthy sexual encounter with Dax in Mirror Universe, talking Klingon awkwardly, and populating a number of episodes that result in nowhere.

3 Dukat’s Villainry

Dukat DS9

Based on the aforementioned Reddit person justanotherguy113, one other unpopular DS9 opinion is that Dukat’s villainry ought to have been slowly revealed on the finish reasonably than overtly acknowledged at the start of the present.

To make the drama extra impactful, justanotherguys113 would have preferred to have seen Dukat present extra nuance earlier than his true evil nature is revealed. He sums his opinion up with the next assertion: “for a present that explored the grey areas of morality, it sadly did an excellent job of getting ‘completely unhealthy’ villains. His (Dukat) character ought to have been given at the least just a few redeeming qualities.”

2 Bashir’s Arc

DS9 Bashir

No less than two Reddit customers have posed unpopular opinions relating to the character of Julian Bashir. Based on sheveqq, all the arc involving Bashir turning right into a genetically modified super-genius utterly ruins his character and makes a number of subsequent episodes “cringe-worthy.”

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Reddit person ourobourobouros goes on to impugn Bashir as a predatory creep. The opinion factors to the episode by which Bashir has a sexual encounter with a genetically altered girl previous to performing surgical procedure on her as proof he is predatory. Bashir even takes sexual benefit of Ezri, who’s emotionally susceptible. Completely inexcusable behaviors.

1 Keiko Is A Nice Spouse With An Superior Character

Keiko DS9

One of the vital frequent complaints about DS9 is how annoying the character of Keiko is and what a horrible spouse she is to Miles O’Brien. Nonetheless, a Reddit poster named ididntpayforit has boldly claimed that “Keiko O’Brien was an excellent spouse and never annoying in any respect.”

It is onerous to take that assertion as something however sarcastic trolling, however there it’s. Keiko has largely been hailed as one of many worst characters on the present who’s whiny, condescending, and much too depending on Miles for her personal good. But, the Reddit submit posits that Keiko is misunderstood and ought to be counseled for sacrificing her personal future to permit Miles to pursue his dream job.

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