10 Religions within the Realm, Ranked By Their Reputation

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Faith is at all times an necessary a part of world-building in fantasy universes, as a result of in contrast to in the true world, mysticism is extra liberal or beneficiant there. Recreation of Thrones is not any exception, and some of the frequent traces viewers can hear from the characters is both their home motto or one thing about their pantheon.

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Suffice to say, there are a number of religions and non secular practices in Recreation of Thrones. So in case some viewers missed what to worship in Recreation of Thrones, listed below are the 10 most dominant religions in its fantasy realm.


rhoyne people

In Recreation of Thrones, religions centered round peace and nourishment typically overshadowed by larger religions or cultures. Mom Rhoyne is one such instance of this. She’s believed to be the goddess answerable for the Rhoyne river, which is the most important river community within the realm. She supposedly blesses the Rhoyne’s waters with nature’s bounties, which sustained the Rhoynar for a few years.

Too unhealthy the Rhoynar have been almost worn out by the Valyrians. It’s believed that Mom Rhoyne retaliated by flooding one Valyrian metropolis and cursed them with the Grayscale illness.


Viserys Targaryen Kissing His Sister Daenerys in Game of Thrones

The Valyrians, Daenerys Targaryen’s ancestors, had their very own faith earlier than they left their residence turf and began conquering Westeros. The Valyrian Gods have been fairly much like most polytheistic religions in historical past, such because the gods in Greek or Egyptian mythology.

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Every of them represents a facet of nature or life that the Valyrians probably wanted an evidence for. No matter how highly effective their pantheon is, it did not save Valyria from its personal doom, and when Aegon the Conqueror overtook Westeros he transformed to the Mild of the Seven. Nonetheless, some locations similar to Volantis have households that also worship the Gods of Previous Valyria.


Mirri Maz Duur

The Lhazareens are additionally one of many lesser-known teams from throughout the Slim Sea in Recreation of Thrones, particularly within the continent of Essos. They worship the Nice Shepherd. Not a lot is understood about them, however their fame of being peaceable shepherds precedes them. They nonetheless have their warriors and witches although.

The spotlight of their look within the present was throughout Season 1 as one of many teams that Khal Drogo conquered and enslaved. The “witch” that poisoned Drogo underneath the pretense of therapeutic him was a Lhazareen lady who broke her priestess vows to get revenge towards the Dothraki.


Daario Naharis on Game of Thrones

The present did not contact this faith an excessive amount of, but it surely had one consultant which made fairly the presence in Daenerys’ retinue: Daario Naharis. Within the books, his beard was extra majestic and even had an uncommon shade. That is as a result of he obtained concerned with the Bearded Clergymen of Norvos.

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He even instructed Daenerys that he was educated to combat like them. The Bearded Clergymen are a secretive group who guidelines town of Norvos theocratically, and their members encompass an odd amalgam of warrior-priests. Given Daario’s talent in fight, the Bearded Clergymen are a power to be reckoned with. Their religion, nevertheless, is peculiar, as even the individuals they govern do not know who precisely they worship, simply that they symbolize whoever that’s.


Jaqen H'Ghar in Game of Thrones

The Many-Confronted God ought to be fairly a well-recognized identify by now, particularly to Arya Stark, who worships him/her/it for a time with the intention to turn out to be a mystical shape-shifting murderer.

The Many-Confronted God is a deity distinctive solely to Braavos. It is followers primarily honor or worship the illustration of dying of their tradition when praying to the Many-Confronted God. Their followers consider that solely dying is the one true god although it might take many types, making the Many-Confronted God each inclusive and violent on the identical time.


Game of Thrones - Euron Greyjoy and The Silence

The Drowned God is featured prominently in the course of the episodes involving the Ironborn or the Greyjoys. In that regard, they’re an outlier in Westeros for worshipping such a deity. The consecration ritual of the Drowned God faith entails drowning and resurrection.

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That is why any king within the Iron Islands will get drowned and resuscitated earlier than getting the respect of his followers.


Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game Of Thrones

The Dothraki are little question closely influenced by Mongolian hordes led by Genghis Khan, and are famed for his or her talent in mounted fight. That is why it is solely becoming for the Dothraki god to be a horse, particularly the Nice Stallion.

For the Dothraki, this Nice Stallion represents the power of their tradition as they owe lots to horses. Given how huge the Khalasars are, it is secure to say that this is likely one of the most mandatorily well-liked religions within the continent of Essos.


As some of the prevalent perception methods in Recreation of Thrones, the Purple God, or in any other case generally known as the Lord of Mild or R’hllor, is a faith that believes in a prophesized messiah.

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Followers of the Lord of Mild additionally solely reply to pink monks as official clergies of the faith, probably the most notable of which is Melisandre. The Lord of Mild additionally appears to be some of the clear and current gods within the present, probably resurrecting Jon Snow and Beric Dondarrion.


Game of Thrones weirwood

Also referred to as the Previous Gods of the Forest, this faith is a pantheon of numerous nature spirits. They’re the dominant perception system within the North of Westeros, from past the wall to the Starks’ dominion. It intently resembles paganism in the true world.

They don’t have any official temples, however nonetheless pray to bushes of their godswoods, which have a weirwood coronary heart tree within the middle. The Youngsters of the Forest have been those who carved faces on the weirwood bushes and made them designated worship areas. It is not simply the Northmen of Westeros who worship them, however Wildlings and different races past the Wall.


Final however not least, the most well-liked faith within the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the Religion of the Seven. They encompass seven gods, every representing totally different values and walks of life. Followers of the Seven consider that whereas they do solely have a single god, it’s divided into seven totally different features, type of just like the Holy Trinity.

They’re additionally referred to as the New Gods, and the overwhelming majority of the kingdoms subscribes to this specific faith.

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