10 Questions About Eobard Thawne, Answered

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Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash has been a charming villain to date within the Arrowverse. Regardless of his infinite obsession with the Flash, Thawne tends to face off in opposition to different heroes on a frequent foundation too. And since Thawne makes use of totally different individuals as hosts, the character has been portrayed by 4 actors to date within the Arrowverse.

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Eobard Thawne can also be the one character to have been a major villain in two totally different seasons of Arrowverse reveals. He was the chief antagonist in  Season 1 of The Flash​​​​​​​ in addition to Season 2 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow​​​​​​​. And whereas viewers are conversant in most particulars about him, there are nonetheless a number of inquiries to be raised from the complicated character. Listed here are some, and their solutions.

10 Who Is Thawne Possessing Now?

Thawne is at present possessing nobody. Within the Season 6 episode of The Flash titled “The Exorcism of Nash Wells,” it was revealed that Thawne was not capable of possess anybody and use the Unfavorable Pace Drive until that individual was utterly overwhelmed by his powers.

It is because he had died throughout the “Disaster On Infinite Earths” occasion, after which he had been lowered to detrimental tachyons. Since his bodily physique was not current, he nonetheless had the power to get a brand new host, however that host needed to be overwhelmed first. He this hasn’t been capable of overwhelm anybody else since dwelling his final host.

9 Does He Nonetheless Bear in mind Something Earlier than The Occasions Of Disaster?

Eobard Thawne Reverse Flash Crisis on Infniite Earths Arrowverse

In response to the Season 5 finale titled “Legacy,” adjustments within the timeline of the universe do not have an effect on the Unfavorable Pace Drive. Since Thawne was preserved throughout the Pace Drive, he ought to nonetheless have his recollections earlier than Disaster.

The extent of the harm to Thawne will doubtless be revealed in future seasons. For now, his solely main setback resides and not using a host. Given his resilience, that is one thing he’s prone to overcome quickly.

8 How Quick Is He?

In “Disaster on Earth-X, Half 3,” Thawne acknowledged that he can run quicker than Superman. This makes him one of many quickest beings in the entire universe.

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In the course of the occasions of 2014 to 2015, Thawne was seen shifting at speeds of above Mach 2.2. He even managed to exceed Barry Allen’s restrict. Barry even described him as any person he could not sustain with. Caitlin Snow acknowledged that the tachyon particles in Thawne’s physique enable him to spend little or no time on the bottom earlier than propelling himself ahead.

7 Can He Alter Historical past?

Eobard Thawne aka Reverse FLash

Thawne can use the  Unfavorable Pace Drive to conduct chronokinesis (temporal manipulation) and transfer by means of time. However his skill to make use of the Pace Drive is a lot better than that of strange speedsters.

Thawne can change historical past and erase people at will. That is one thing different speedsters have been unable to do with out inflicting a lot harm. This skill has enabled Thawne to live on even after he has been killed. Often, shifting by means of time has had penalties for him like when his remnants have been deleted by Black Flash.

6 How Clever Is He?

Thawne is claimed to be a genius in his period. Since he first exists within the late 22nd century (an period that’s extra superior) he’s in all probability smarter than everybody that existed within the 21st century. He’s expert within the fields of Drugs, Laptop Programming and Engineering. He even oversaw the transplanting of Supergirl’s coronary heart into Overgirl.

And as a the boss at S.T.A.R Labs, he was capable of work on a number of science tasks unexpectedly. Eobard additionally is aware of every thing about mystical artifacts. He recognized the Askaran Amulet and related it to the Spear of Future. Earlier than the occasions of Disaster, he was mentioned to be the neatest particular person on Earth-1.

5 Can He Actually Beat The Flash?

It relies upon which model of The Flash he’s dealing with. Although he’s an knowledgeable in hand-to-hand fight, Thawne, was crushed by the Flash from 2016. When he confronted the Flash of 2024. the 2 have been equal and none emerged the victor.

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Nonetheless, Thawne was capable of defeat the a lot youthful Flash of 2014 in a number of. fights. He additionally defeated the 2017 Flash twice earlier than being defeated throughout their third struggle. He has thus confirmed to be a formidable opponent for the beloved hero.

4 Can Anti-Speedster Weapons Hurt Him?

Reverse Flash in Flashpoint episode

Regardless of proving environment friendly in stopping different speedsters, anti-speedster weapons utilized by the Legends proved fairly ineffective when used in opposition to Thawne. That is in all probability as a result of he’s the one who invented the weapons.

The weapons have been capable of sluggish him down for a short time however he was capable of get well in just some seconds. This may need additionally been the case as a result of Thawne’s endurance is way better than that of different speedsters. He can stand up to direct hits to his physique. And even when he’s injured, he recovers simply.

3 Can He Transfer Quick In House?

Elseworlds Tom Cavanagh as Eobard Thawne Reverse Flash

Within the Season 2 episode of Legends Of Tomorrow titled “Moonshot,” Thawne was unable to maneuver rapidly whereas in house. This cannot be due to gravity as a result of even whereas on the moon, he was unable to vibrate.

It is thus evident that Thawne can solely be capable to entry his full powers when he’s at a spot with Earth’s stage of gravity. When he entered the Waverider, which had Earth’s stage of gravity, he was capable of entry his full powers as soon as once more.

2 Why Did He Lose His Connection To The Pace Drive?

Reverse Flash in Arrowverse

In some unspecified time in the future, Thawne misplaced his connection tot the Pace Drive. The reason given by Gideon was that Thawne had abused his powers. This was after he went again in time to homicide Barry Allen’s mum.

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Nonetheless, it was additionally later revealed that Thawne misplaced his connection after altering the timeline an excessive amount of till there was no extra inspiration for his pace. Provided that Wally additionally misplaced his connection this fashion, it’s assumed that that is what affected Thawne too.

1 Is His Go well with Related To That Of The Flash?

Eobard and Barry Allen in The Flash

Thawne’s go well with is just like the longer term go well with of the Flash. It has lightning-bolt formed earpieces on all sides of the pinnacle. It additionally has wi-fi communication know-how although he’s hardly ever seen utilizing it as he prefers to speak with Gideon.

Along with that, Thawne’s go well with is ready to venture Gideon by means of a hologram from the middle. As for the half-face masks, it’s retractable, identical to that of the Flash. However on Earth-X, he was seen carrying a masks that lined most of his eyes, leaving solely the glowing eyes uncovered.

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