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Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mom is many issues — a hot-headed gun-owning broadcaster, a cynic, a Vancouver Canucks fan, a proud Canadian — however her most dependable trait is maybe her capability to burst bubbles and bust myths.

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Robin is a realist and is the least gullible individual on her squad, so she typically says issues out loud which others could not have the braveness to say. She had the uncanny capability to say relatable issues which the viewers had been considering.

10 Sisters combat, Ted!

How I met your mother Robin Patrice

Robin is usually a actually nasty roommate, particularly if somebody doesn’t combat again. When her candy, forgiving and overly good good friend and colleague Patrice begins relationship Barney, Ted factors out that Barney is ‘over-correcting’ and solely relationship Patrice since she is so starkly totally different from the unreliable and considerably indifferent Quinn.

Robin remarks that she loves Patrice and so they’re like sisters. And when Ted factors out that she has by no means had one alternate along with her with out screaming, Robin yelled, “Sisters combat, Ted!” This notably could have resonated with followers who’ve shared rooms or garments with their sisters, and have screamed at them for minor annoyances regardless of loving them. 

9 Aren’t you bored with ready for future, Ted? Is not it time to make your personal future?

That is one thing each HIMYM loyalist has considered screaming at Ted sooner or later. For somebody who claims to be self-aware and needs to work on himself, Ted was fairly delusional about his personal priorities. He merely knew that he needed to spend his life together with his soulmate and believed that his future would grant him that.

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This assumption has really stood in the best way of him making sound selections and in Season 7’s fourth episode when Robin lastly tells Ted that he’s been devoting an excessive amount of of his power on merely ready for issues to occur to him. 

8 We Share Appetizers!

Robin’s disgusted response makes higher sense below the appropriate context, after all. Marshall as soon as shared with the gang, “I used to be as soon as with this chick, who appreciated to do hand stuff beneath a jacket, whereas we had been all sitting round our favourite sales space at MacLaren’s.”

He was in all probability speaking about Lily however this data immediately clicked with Ted and Robin who had been listening to Marshall’s story. “We share appetizers!” Robin remarked, citing her very relatable annoyance with Marshall’s disregard for primary hygiene at a communal desk.

7 I do know I’ll not love you the best way you’re keen on me, however I DO love you. Is not that value hanging on to?

Technically these phrases had been spoken by Robin’s apparition that appeared in Ted’s thoughts. HIMYM acknowledges the truth that there will be many types of love, particularly if a relationship has a powerful basis of friendship. Ted felt unhappy as a result of Robin didn’t reciprocate his emotions at that time, although she cherished him fairly a bit. Followers of the present have additionally commented how Robin and Ted’s relationship was fairly aspirational, besides after all, how Ted would all the time attempt to pigeonhole their dynamic as a romantic one.

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“I do know our relationship is not precisely what you need it to be, and I do know I’ll not love the best way you’re keen on me, however I do love you. Is not that value hanging onto?” Robin asks in season 7’s twenty-second episode.

6 Properly, possibly this is not a breakup. Possibly that is two mates getting again collectively

It needs to be acknowledged that Robin and Barney’s relationship was rather a lot more healthy than Robin and Ted’s, primarily as a result of Barney and Robin went with the movement and had been clear with one another, whereas Ted and Robin had been merely in two very totally different locations throughout their relationship.

So, Barney and Robin’s breakup was additionally rather a lot much less poisonous as a result of not like Ted, Barney had by no means seen Robin as ‘the one’ or his soulmate and took their cut up as a private rejection. They might simply be mates, even after their divorce as a result of they merely needed to be in one another’s lives. So, when Robin stated “Possibly that is two mates getting again collectively,” the viewers actually associated to this logic.

5 If? Ted, The Children In That Film Jumped Into A Portray And Spent 15 Minutes Chasing A Cartoon Fox. Spoonful Of ‘Sugar’? Develop Up

Even when the viewers weren’t considering it, Robin’s perception is certain to have given them rather a lot to consider their beloved childhood traditional. In season six, When Ted compares Robin’s purse to Mary Poppins’ purse provided that it was stuffed with medication, Robin questions the incredulity of your entire film which had the children breaking right into a portray, and implied that one thing aside from a “Spoonful of Sugar” (as per the tune within the film) was at play within the movie. 

4 We’re Speaking About A Lady Who Acquired Barney Stinson To Truly Commit… I am Guessing Narnia.

Each viewer regardless of their age and their opinions on Barney was in all probability considering what Robin was saying out loud within the fourth season. The gang turns into suspicious of Barney after he retains disappearing on them, and everybody thinks he could have a secret girlfriend someplace.

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So after they’re in a automobile following Barney, Robin and the others discuss in regards to the prospects of Barney’s secret lover and the place she might be from. To which Robin remarked, “We’re speaking a few lady who acquired Barney Stinson to truly commit… I am guessing Narnia.”

3 For who? A witch constructing a home within the forest?

To be truthful, the deserves of sugar as a stress-buster particularly throughout exams are unchallenged, however Marshall’s pre-exam weight-reduction plan was a bit an excessive amount of as a result of it was merely an inconceivable quantity of sugary candies.

In season 3’s eighth episode when the gang tries to search for Marshall’s password so he might test his examination outcomes, they discover his grocery checklist that includes jelly beans, fluffernutters, gummy bears, and ginger snaps. When Marshall reveals it’s a grocery checklist, Robin’s sarcastic remark got here throughout as tremendous relatable. “For who? A witch constructing a home within the forest?” she remarked, implying clearly that Marshall buys sweet like a folkloric witch who would attempt to lure youngsters to her sweet home.

2 I Can’t Lie To My Telephone!

This may increasingly have been one of the crucial hilarious and relatable issues Robin has ever stated, and will certainly resonate with anybody this present day. When Robin will get dumped by Don, she does not cope properly, particularly as a result of he had left her to take a job in Chicago that she was provided first.

Consequently, Robin would depart indignant, drunk and somewhat violent messages on his voicemail. Lily requested her to delete Don’s quantity however was shocked when she discovered the following day that she nonetheless had Don’s quantity. “I attempted to (delete his quantity). However this factor popped up on my cellphone that stated ‘Are you positive?’ And I wasn’t positive, I can’t misinform my cellphone!” remarked Robin.

1 No Girl In The Historical past Of The World Is Ever Simply Sitting Round Studying Structure Magazines In My Previous Cheerleading Uniform

After all, nobody ever solutions really when requested, “What are you carrying?” and textual flirting generally will be fairly deceiving. However the gullible Ted hadn’t gotten this memo as a result of the girl he was texting gave the impression to be saying all the appropriate issues which made her too good to be true.

Fortunately, Robin occurred to be within the room to burst his bubble. “Yeah, no matter it’s, I can assure you she’s not carrying it, she’s mendacity to make you want her. As a result of no girl within the historical past of the world is ever simply sitting round studying structure magazines in my outdated ‘cheerleader uniform,’” she tells him.

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