10 Issues You Missed In The First Season

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In 2007, The Massive Bang Concept launched its first season, with 17 episodes. Detailing the lives of Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Penny, followers could not get sufficient of the brilliantly awkward group of pals. Alongside the way in which, the present launched girlfriends, boyfriends, and relations, however followers have a gentle spot for season 1’s storylines.

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The primary season gave viewers perception into the enjoyable dynamic between Penny and a gaggle of geniuses. Leonard’s crush on Penny grew with time, Raj could not converse to ladies with out alcohol, Sheldon was fired, and Howard fell for a pal of Penny’s. However after 13 years, there a bunch of issues that followers forgot about season 1.

10 Raj’s Hat

Big Bang Theory Raj and Penny

Raj is a person who takes satisfaction in his fashion and skincare routine. For the sum of money Raj’s household has, it is stunning he would not put on extra garments from high-end designers. He tends to stay to sweaters, zip-ups, and cargo pants.

However in season 1, he performed round with hats, significantly a purple baseball cap with the quantity 42 on it. However after the primary season, Raj stopped sporting hats and viewers by no means noticed this one once more.

9 The place’s Penny’s Kitchen?

Within the pilot episode when Penny is transferring into her house, Sheldon and Leonard cease of their tracks as they watch her unpack.

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The view of Penny’s house from the hallway often reveals Penny’s kitchen within the background or at the least the window. However within the pilot, the view of Penny’s house is totally totally different. The structure shifted and the one factor behind her is a clean wall.

8 Sheldon Did not At all times Knock Three Instances


One in every of Sheldon’s greatest quirks within the collection is that he knocks thrice on a door earlier than permitting himself to enter a room. He does this as a result of as a baby, he by accident walked in on his dad being intimate with a girl that was not his mom.

To avoid wasting himself from ever experiencing that once more, he knocks thrice on the door. Nevertheless, within the episode “The Hamburger Postulate,” Sheldon runs throughout the corridor to Penny’s house when there is a tie hanging round Leonard’s doorknob. As an alternative of  “knock, knock, knock, Penny?” he knocks a bunch of occasions on her door and waits silently for her to reply.

7 Did Sheldon Like Penny?

The collection pilot was a singular episode for Sheldon. It is apparent that the writers had been nonetheless figuring out Sheldon’s kinks and his backstory as a result of there are issues he did within the collection pilot that he would by no means do in season 12.

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When Penny is impressed by the whiteboard in Sheldon and Leonard’s house, Sheldon seems to be flirting together with her as he leans on his whiteboard and tries to point out off his intelligence to her. As followers know, Sheldon and Penny have a brother-sister relationship within the collection. It was by no means romantic.

6 Penny Had A Balcony

people on pennys porch - the big bang theory

In “The Center Earth Paradigm,” it is Halloween, and Penny is internet hosting a fancy dress occasion for all of her pals. She invitations the gang to affix the enjoyable however Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Leonard had been fully out of their aspect. They did not know how one can work together with Penny’s engaging group of pals and sat on the sofa awkwardly.

Within the background, nevertheless, there are two folks wearing costumes dancing on Penny’s balcony. However wait a minute… Penny has a balcony?! It was by no means proven once more within the collection.

5 Sheldon Permits Penny On His Spot

penny sleeping on sheldons couch - the big bang theory

Everybody is aware of how Sheldon feels about his spot on the sofa. To him, it is the proper spot in the home to take a seat or lounge due to its proximity to the TV, to others, and to the cross-breeze. Anytime somebody sits in his spot, a verbal warfare happens. Nevertheless, in “The Dumpling Paradigm,” Sheldon inspired Penny to put in his spot.

When Howard is throughout the corridor in Penny’s house making love together with her pal, she spends the night time on Sheldon and Leonard’s sofa. However when she sleeps together with her head not dealing with the door, Sheldon tells her it is a horrible thought as a result of she will not be capable of see who walks in throughout a break-in. So, he is basically telling her to position her head on his spot!

4 An Inconsistency With Howard’s Household Life

continuity issue with howards parents - the big bang theory

Within the first season, the viewers continues to be attending to know the relations and the private lives of the primary characters. However after binging 12 seasons of TBBT, followers knew that this season 1 second between Howard and Raj was inconsistent with Howard’s household life.

Howard’s dad left his household when he was only a child. His mother remained single and created an unhealthy attachment to Howard due to her loneliness. Within the episode, “The Grasshopper Experiment,” nevertheless, Raj is complaining about being arrange on a date by his mother and father. He defined that he’d by no means speak to her as soon as they had been married. And oddly sufficient, Howard mentioned it labored for his mother and father, however followers know that it did not. 

3 CBS Actually Put Leonard & Sheldon’s Argument On YouTube

sheldon and leonard on youtube - the big bang theory

Within the episode “The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization,” Sheldon and Leonard had been gearing as much as give a presentation on a paper they wrote collectively. However when the 2 start arguing, Sheldon refuses to show with Leonard and decides to take a seat within the viewers as a substitute. In the course of Leonard’s lecture, Sheldon stands up and begins bickering with him in an outlandish manner.

Howard movies the entire thing and places it on-line. He later instructed the 2 grown males that their combat went viral on YouTube and was known as “Physicists Gone Wild.” Humorous sufficient, CBS truly did put a video of their combat on YouTube underneath the identical title!

2 Howard Used To Have Co-Employees

howards lab with sheldon in the big bang theory

Every time the fellows are working at Caltech, they’re sometimes seen alone. If they are not by themselves then a member of the pal group is often there speaking to them. Nevertheless, within the episode “The Jerusalem Duality,” Howard’s lab is proven and it appears like he has co-workers! There are two males working silently within the background as Sheldon stopped by to speak to Howard. Who’re they? What occurred to them?

1 A Continuation Between Seasons

tbbt - continuation from season one to season two

The Massive Bang Concept would not all the time finish an episode or a season on a cliff-hanger. However that wasn’t the case on the finish of the primary seasons. Within the episode “The Tangerine Issue,” Leonard and Penny go on their first official date. It goes effectively however Penny needs to take issues gradual because it’s new for each of them. As an alternative of season 2 beginning off with a brand new storyline, it continues the place season 1 left off, with Penny and Leonard kissing within the hallway after their date.

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