10 Issues That Make No Sense About Marie

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There is no scarcity of amusing characters within the hit sitcom All people Loves Raymond, significantly in relation to the celebs of the present – the Barone Household. Amongst this dynamic solid is the manipulative, overbearing, however loving mom of the present’s foremost lead, Marie.

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Whereas she definitely has her faults – simply ask her arch-nemesis Debra – the Barone matriarch proves a likable and humorous character as a rule. She’s been the middle of a number of the present’s funniest moments, and has had her share of humorous strains. All through the present’s future of 9 seasons, she’s additionally had some head-scratching moments, in addition to some basic oddities hooked up to her character.

10 Her Beef With Debra’s Braciole

Throughout the episode “Debra Makes One thing Good,” it is established that there is fairly a little bit of historical past and significance behind Marie’s braciole.

She will get angered by Debra “stealing her thunder” after it is discovered, to Ray’s shock, that she will be able to truly whip collectively a scrumptious meal. Sadly, that meal simply occurs to be the primary dinner Marie cooked for Frank, which was apparently so good that it coaxed the smitten man into eager to marry her.

What’s tough to consider is that – regardless of this being such a favourite dish of Frank’s, Marie does not even make it anymore. It is significantly odd given how defensive and threatened she feels by Debra fixing her personal model of the dish. Marie’s partly sympathetic right here, however her conduct is each odd and offputting.

9 Disrespecting Ray Regardless of Her Favoratism Of Him

Everybody Loves Raymond Turkey or Fish

Marie certain appears to slight her son fairly a bit, contemplating how a lot she obsesses over him and continues to spoil him even in his 40s…

She disrespects his spouse Debra at nearly each flip, for starters. However on high of this, she barges into their home unannounced, interrupts social gatherings, rummages by their fridge, and has even smashed a automotive by their front room with seemingly little care. These actions aren’t precisely in step with a supposedly caring, respectful mom.

8 Her Reluctance To Settle for Presents From Her Youngsters

One other inconsistency with Marie’s character is her ongoing reluctance in accepting presents from Ray and Robert, regardless of the love she clearly has for them.

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An instance of that is the fruit baskets, whose presence she principally likens to a disaster. One would assume a loving mom would settle for the presents of her children – significantly Ray – with open arms and gratitude. However as a rule, it appears to be the alternative.

7 The Tofu Turkey…

It is one thing of a bizarre, out-of-character transfer for Marie to be so centered on the wholesome nature of her meals, particularly when it comes on the nice expense of style. However such is the case within the episode “No Fats,” wherein she presents a fairly grotesque wanting gelatinous turkey. What’s even tougher to consider is that she obliviously thinks her household will truly like this factor.

It is also significantly unusual provided that an precise turkey is not significantly unhealthy within the first place.

6 Retaining Robert’s Actual Birthday A Secret For So Lengthy

Going again to the laugh-out-loud episode, “Good Ladies,” it is revealed that Marie and Frank had saved Robert’s actual birthday a secret – as she was apparently ashamed he was conceived earlier than marriage. Thoughts you, that is regardless of her wanting down on Debra for not being a virgin earlier than being with Ray…

This revelation is clearly meant to set the stage for some laughs on the finish of the episode, although it additionally invokes some questions relating to Frank and Marie. One would assume that, given their present age, they might get past such issues – particularly because it meant leaving Robert in the dead of night about his actual birthday for a long time.

5 Her Plastic-Lined Couch

A defining trait of Marie is her need to maintain issues clear and tidy – as she conveys by insulting the obvious unkempt nature of Ray and Debra’s house. Such a personality quirk may clarify the odd plastic overlaying over her couch.

But, it stands to purpose that Marie would finally discover such an adjunct pointless and distasteful, particularly since she not has younger children in her house to create messes. Marie could worth cleanliness, although she additionally appears to favor consolation and homeliness – two issues that the chilly, unappealing cowl are inclined to sap from their home.

4 Her Odd Conduct In “Fortunate Swimsuit”

Out of all of the characters on the present, it is laborious to think about a shift in conduct so drastic as Marie’s within the Robert-centric episode, “Fortunate Swimsuit.”

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In the middle of twenty minutes, she shifts from sabotaging Robert’s possibilities in touchdown his coveted FBI job – to virtually begging the agent to rent him on. In fact, one might level to Robert’s quite harsh response to her actions because the turning level. Nonetheless, it is odd to see her so instantly go from one excessive to the opposite.

3 Her Hypocrisy In Criticizing Ray And Debra’s Unkempt Home

Doris Roberts as Marie Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond

For a girl so obsessive about cleanliness and hygiene, she does not appear to observe what she preaches in relation to her residence. In equity, it is not like Frank and Marie’s home is a catastrophe space, nevertheless it does not precisely scream “pristine” both. Together with the eyesore that’s the aforementioned sofa overlaying, their home is commonly proven with a good bit of litter.

On the very least, it is just about similar to Ray and Debra’s home – and that is with out having three younger youngsters current!

2 Sabotaging Debra’s Meatballs

Marie’s largest, most defining ardour is nearly unquestionably her cooking. She spends a lot of the sequence mentioning her succulent dishes, cooking for her household – and typically criticizing Debra’s cooking.

This obsession reaches one thing of a “boiling level” in an episode that sees Ray’s spouse trying to cook dinner Marie’s meatball recipe. In fact, this apparently threatens her and he or she decides to sabotage the dish by coaxing a false ingredient that is certain to make the meals style unhealthy.

This can be a head-scratching transfer for various causes. One specifically has to marvel – if Debra had succesfully made this dish, why Marie can be threatened by her, contemplating it was her personal recipe… If something, it might be a testomony to how nice a cook dinner Marie is; that even Debra might muster a very good consequence from her recipe!

1 Her Close to-Divorce With Frank

Frank and Marie Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond

Viewers of All people Loves Raymond are often given glimpses into the unusual backstory of Frank and Marie. Within the episode, “Anniversary,” it is revealed that Ray’s of us almost acquired divorced, and that the fractured relationship was basically saved by a younger Ray falling off his bike and breaking his arm. This accident introduced Frank again to inspect him, which led to the 2 patching issues up.

It is weird that this is all it took to get again collectively – and stay collectively after a long time, particularly given how a lot friction there may be between the 2 of them.

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