10 Hidden Particulars About Leonard Everybody Missed

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Leonard Hofstadter is one in every of 4 Huge Bang Principle characters to look in each single episode of the sitcom, together with Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wolowitz, and Raj Koothrappali. Similar to Sheldon, Leonard is called after the late legendary TV producer Sheldon Leonard Bershad.

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Johnny Galecki—who portrays Leonard—was initially provided the function of Sheldon however he felt that he’d be extra snug enjoying the physicist. For his performances, Galecki acquired an Emmy nomination in 2011. The next are particulars that viewers missed about Leonard

10 His IQ Rating

Johnny Galecki as Leonard, Jim Parsons as Sheldon, Simon Helberg as Howard and Kunal Nayyar as Raj in The Big Bang Theory

Regardless that he acquired a Ph.D. on the age of 24, Leonard’s IQ is rarely acknowledged within the sitcom. Nevertheless, an announcement made by Sheldon within the pilot episode makes it simple to find out the precise determine. In that particular episode, Sheldon states that he and Leonard have a mixed IQ of 360.

Since Sheldon’s IQ is revealed as 187, it must be assumed that Leonard has an IQ of 173. This makes him extra clever than Albert Einstein who had an IQ rating of 160. In the mean time, psychiatrist Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis has the very best examined IQ on the earth (198).

9 He Is A Enormous Superman Fan

Johnny Galecki as Leonard Hoftstadter in The Big Bang Theory

Leonard is the largest fan of Clark Kent. He has DVD and VHS copies of all Superman films. He additionally owns a complete of 2600 Superman comics. To make it even higher, he has a pair of Superman underwear.

There’s extra to his collections. Leonard owns a Superman costume with pink high-heeled boots that add about three inches to his top. He donned the costume at a New Yr’s Eve occasion when he and his buddies confirmed up because the Justice League. Nevertheless, Sheldon claimed that Leonard was boring at events so he changed him along with his enemy Zack.

8 The Laptop Fashions He Has Owned

sheldon and leonard at the sperm bank - the big bang theory

Similar to Sheldon, Leonard loves his devices. One in all his most cherished possessions is his pc. His first laptop computer within the sitcom is a black Dell XPS M1710. This element is revealed within the Season Three episode “The Bozeman Response.” In the identical episode, he will get a brand new laptop computer, a Dell Adamo XPS.

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Within the episode, Sheldon and Leonard purchase new laptops, TVs, and gaming consoles. As for Sheldon’s laptop computer, he upgrades from a pink Dell XPS m1710 to a pink Alienware M17x.

7 His Peak

Johnny Galecki is 5’5 (1.65 m) tall. Because of this Leonard is similar top. This truth is confirmed within the Season 6 episode “The Egg Salad Equivalency” the place Sheldon makes enjoyable of him by stating that his “quick, bespectacled colleague is strutting round like he’s five-foot-six.” This implies Leonard is shorter than 5’6.

Sheldon additionally tells Penny that whereas Leonard is not thought of tall in the US, he’ll be thought of common in North Korea. The typical male top in North Korea is definitely 5’5.

6 His Courting Statistics

Leonard has had probably the most romantic companions among the many male characters within the sitcom. Total, Penny is the character with probably the most companions. By means of his calculations, Sheldon established that she had been 193 males.

Regardless of showing as considerably shy, Leonard has dated eight ladies. These embody Joyce Kim, Penny, Leslie Winkle, Stephanie Barnett, Priya Koothrappali, Karen Berberick, Geraldine Coco an unnamed French girl who he fell for as a result of she had a Ph.D. in literature. His longest relationship has been with Penny.

5 The Inspiration Behind His Title

Leonard’s surname (Hofstadter) is taken from the legendary physicist Robert Hofstadter, who’s famend for his exemplary work in Nuclear Physics. Robert gained the Nobel Prize in Nuclear Physics. Like Robert, Leonard is a physicist. He additionally has goals of profitable the distinguished Nobel prize someday.

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Robert earned his Ph.D. diploma on the age of 23 which is about the identical age as Leonard. And identical to Robert, Leonard has various accolades to his title, together with the Newcomb Award.

4 He Wished To Be A Rapper

sheldon and leonard bullied by pennys ex - the big bang theory

Within the Season 6 episode “The Contractual Obligation Implementation,” a pupil asks Leonard why he determined to be a physicist. He claims that he was pressured to be one by his mother and father. His curiosity grew after watching Professor Proton, a scientist identified for demonstrating scientific ideas utilizing primary objects.

Initially, Leonard needed to be a rapper like Snoop Dogg, When he tells the scholars this and tries to talk like a rapper, they snort. There isn’t any doubt that science was a greater match for him.

3 His Passwords

Leonard as soon as mentions that his iPad password is his birthday. The password can also be 4 digits lengthy. Since his birthday is Could 17 his four-digit password can be 0517.

It seems his iPad is the one totally different one, in comparison with these he makes use of in all places else. Sheldon as soon as mentions that Leonard makes use of the password “Kal-el” for each place he must log in. As soon as once more, this proves his love for Superman who was named Kal-El when he was born on the planet Krypton.

2 Relationship With Penny

Leonard’s relationship with Penny is the one relationship within the sitcom that is not arrange by somebody or via a relationship web site. For instance, Penny arrange Howard and Bernadette whereas Howard and Raj arrange Sheldon and Amy through a relationship web site.

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Leonard’s relationship with Penny can also be the one one which develops fairly slowly. He develops a crush on her from as early because the pilot episode however does not get to sleep together with her till Season 3. He additionally does not suggest to her till Season 5. The 2 do not get married till Season 10.

1 He By no means Celebrated A Birthday Till He Was 28

Within the Season One episode “The Peanut Response,” Penny finds out that Leonard has by no means celebrated a birthday in his complete life therefore he decides to throw a celebration for him. He’s turning 28 on the time. That is additionally the one episode in your complete sequence the place the birthday of a significant character is widely known.

Leonard by no means celebrated a birthday as a result of his mom Dr. Beverly Hofstadter most popular celebrating main achievements, and born was not thought of an achievement. In the course of the occasion, Penny provides Leonard a birthday kiss. That is the primary time she kisses him whereas not drunk.

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