10 Aspect Characters Who Ought to Have Grow to be Half Of The Gallagher Household

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The Gallagher household in Shameless is completely flawed, however they after all do have lots of love for one another. Battle has been a typical theme between all of them because the very starting, however they typically have been capable of finding methods to push by means of it. Thus, this has been in a position to make them a really enjoyable household to comply with, because it definitely has been in a position to present lots of realism. That is even the case nonetheless with the present being in its remaining season.

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Nevertheless, there have been lots of earlier characters who may have been intriguing suits within the household. In some instances, they had been earlier companions who ought to have been round extra, whereas others could have simply been smaller characters who supplied lots of humor when round. The present definitely built-in Kev and V as part of the household, however different characters may have been glorious as long-term members too. It may have supplied lots of intriguing storylines if the showrunners determined to go down this avenue a bit extra.

10 Mikey

Mikey and Frank

The friendship between Mikey and Frank was so robust. It was a disgrace that it was short-lived although, as Mikey purposely went again to jail to obtain free medical care. Mikey wanted to be a much bigger a part of the household.

Though Mikey was flawed, it might have been cool if he engaged with the opposite Gallaghers extra. It was clear that he meant lots to Frank and it might have been hilarious if he partook in loopy hijinks of their home.

9 Mandy

Lip and Mandy

Mandy was the one who bought away with Lip. It was arduous seeing her go away the sequence, as she clearly cared about Lip greater than anybody else. This was evidenced by her doing every part for him, even when it was not appreciated within the slightest.

Though Lip ended up having a child with Tami, it may have been good in the event that they determined to make Mandy a much bigger a part of the Gallagher household. This didn’t come into fruition, however it definitely was warranted given how a lot Mandy cherished Lip.

8 Jimmy

Fiona Jimmy

Jimmy was part of the household through the starting seasons of the present, however it shortly ended. This was disappointing, as his reference to Fiona was merely the strongest out of any of the opposite males she dated.

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Given the truth that he additionally devoted lots of time to them, it was unusual that his story took such a darkish flip. Nevertheless, his felony exercise made it inevitable. Had he opted to keep away from that life and caught to medical college, maybe he and Fiona by no means would have damaged up.

7 Sheila

Sheila from Shameless

Sheila may have been the motherly determine that the Gallagher children wanted. It could have put much less stress on Fiona if Sheila had caught round longer, however alas, this simply didn’t happen.

Sheila additionally was companion for Frank, regardless that he took benefit of her far too typically. Her type nature would have been change for the household, as they weren’t like that more often than not. It is a disgrace that she was not a much bigger a part of the household, even when she did get a contented ending together with her character.

6 Professor Youens

Youens and Lip

Professor Youens was mentor for Lip whereas he was in school. His downfall with alcoholism was terrible to see, as he was as soon as a glimmer of hope for Lip and his future. The present ought to have prevented this storyline and gave him a extra outstanding function for the remainder of the household.

The Gallaghers positively would have benefitted from him being their mentor. His knowledge may have helped all of them not solely academically, but additionally with all elements of life. It was a disgrace that the sequence made him a short-term character on the finish of the day.

5 Tommy

Tommy Shameless

For someone who was within the sequence from the start, it is unusual that Tommy didn’t have extra interactions with the remainder of the household. He primarily hung out with Frank on the bar however did present some curiosity in what was occurring in Lip’s life.

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Tommy actually deserved a much bigger function inside the Gallagher household, as he in the end had seen all of them develop up from afar. Additionally, he appeared to be a greater particular person than Frank, so he may have supplied recommendation and assist the youthful Gallaghers particularly.

4 Amanda

Amanda and Lip

Amanda was a short-lived girlfriend of Lip’s. She had her flaws, certain, however she may have been given a extra outstanding function with the household. She got here from a rich household, so it was arduous for her to narrate to the others, however she did care about Lip deeply.

Amanda was one other woman of Lip’s who he handled reasonably poorly, however she didn’t deserve it. She was fairly good to Lip for essentially the most half, so it may have been good in the event that they gave her extra scenes with the Gallagher household.

3 Derek

Derek and Debbie

Derek was Franny’s father, so he completely wanted to be extra current with the Gallagher household. Debbie could have compelled the being pregnant when she purposely stopped taking her drugs, however Derek outright refused to assist with the child in any respect.

Derek in the end ought to have been a much bigger a part of Franny’s life. He had each proper to be upset with Debbie over how this case occurred, however he ought to have at the very least been there for the child. General, this was only a mess of a storyline from the sequence on the finish of the day.

2 Mike

Mike and Fiona

Fiona and Mike had the potential to be relationship, however that simply didn’t occur. Fiona infamously attached with Mike’s brother, Robbie, which led to the completion of their relationship.

Mike was the one that may have gave Fiona and regular life. That might have meshed with your entire Gallagher household as a result of they wanted it badly. Alas, this didn’t find yourself occurring, as Fiona royally tousled among the finest alternatives for her.

1 Karen

Karen talking to Lip

Karen was a flawed character, as she after all was reasonably abusive in direction of Lip. Nevertheless, she did change into very shut with him and may have been given the prospect to have a bigger function inside the total household.

Karen was Lip’s past love and on the home typically, however didn’t spend lots of time with the remainder of the household. It was a disgrace that her character ended up having such a tragic finish as a result of Mandy, as her being round extra had the prospect of offering lots of cool storylines for the sequence.

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